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Thursday March 1st 2012                       Contact: Margaret Johnson
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Blunt Amdt Fails; Senate Votes 51-48 to Keep Mandate 

Senator Landrieu Again Votes Against Louisiana Pro-Life Values

New Orleans, LA: The Senate voted today 51-48 against the Blunt amendment to restore the religious liberty protections for employers who don't want to be forced to pay for abortion-causing drugs and other services in their employee health plans.


In Louisiana, Senator Vitter voted in favor of the amendment, while Senator Landrieu voted against the Blunt Amendment. Nationally, three Democrats, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe Manchin off West Virginia, and Ben Nelson of Nebraska, voted with the Blunt Amendment. 


Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, said:


"Senator Landrieu voted today, once again, to give the Obama Adminstration sweeping authority to require insurers and employers to cover services, including abortion-causing drugs, that violate the conscience of Americans.   


Contrary to the manner this is portrayed in the national media, this issue is not only about contraception.  President Obama's healthcare law provides statutory authority to  mandate even more drugs or services, including abortion coverage. 


The President continues to push us down a slippery slope, and Senator Landrieu's votes continue to grease his path."  





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