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LA Right to Life Opens New Center for Medical Ethics
Invite Ryan Verret, Director, to Enlighten Your Church or Group


For years, Louisiana's pro-life movement has focused the majority of its

Ryan Verret
energies on the destruction of life through abortion. However, inadequate education and misinformation has led to confusion surrounding questions dealing with the ill, disabled, and elderly.   


In light of efforts to expand assisted suicide outside of Oregon and with the institution of new federal health care mandates, our mission to protect our citizens at these stages is a priority.  


Louisiana Right to Life's new Center for Medical Ethics will address these issues in Louisiana through public education and proactive legislation.  We must act strongly to encourage a life-affirming medical ethic at all stages of life.  


Please consider helping us to get this very important information out to individuals in your communities. Ryan Verret, Director of the Medical Ethics Center, is offering presentations and seminars to churches and other community groups (learn more about Ryan).


Among other formats, the Center for Medical Ethics is offering "Senior Concerns" seminars that will cover a wide variety of topics, including ethical and possible financial matters.  Groups can choose to structure these presentations around a meal or other community event.   


In addition to the "Senior Concerns" seminar, Ryan will also facilitate conversations for all age groups pertaining to the following topics:

  • Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and Denial of Treatment
  • Rationing in General and within the Affordable Care Act
  • Wills to Live, Advanced Medical Directives, and Healthcare Proxys 
  • Medical Discrimination against those with Disabilities
  • Healthcare Rights of Conscience 

The Center for Medical Ethics will be working to clarify these issues and inspire Louisianians to treat the weakest among us with respect and dignity. We also will take a close look at Louisiana law and offer ways to ensure that the protection of life is a priority.


For more information on bringing the Louisiana Right to Life's Center for Medical Ethics to your church or group, please see or contact Ryan Verret at 337-257-3029 and


For a Pro-Life Louisiana,


Benjamin Clapper

Louisiana Right to Life  


Download Center for Medical Ethics Information Flyer

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