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Saturday January 21 | 10 AM - Noon | Baton Rouge


9:50 AM: Welcome at Galvez Plaza behind Old State Capitol
10:00: Louisiana Life March leaves from Old State Capitol (march is 0.8 mile long)
10:50: Presentations on Capitol steps begins
12 Noon: Presentations end, and Life Ministry Mobilization area opens (people free to leave)
1:00 PM: Life Ministry Mobilization area closes
(Times are approximate)

- March to be led by Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums
- Music by "Voices" Chorale of Louisiana College
- Memorial to remember lives lost to abortion

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LLM Video
Click to see Louisiana Life March video!!

The Louisiana Life March is only a few days away--join us this Saturday, January 21st!

We will be marching for an abortion-free Louisiana and a stronger culture of life across our nation.  If you believe this is a worthy goal, then please come to break the silence of the culture of death!

If you are looking for transportation to the Louisiana Life March, there might be a bus heading that way in your neck of the woods!  Click here to see a list of buses we know about that are heading towards Baton Rouge for the LLM.  Contact them and jump aboard!

If you need information on parking, please click here and scroll down.  Any parking for cars we have is first come first serve.

Although there is a chance of rain this Saturday, the march will continue as planned. We recommend that marchers bring umbrellas and rain jackets! If lightening prevents us from gathering outside, we will move into St. Joseph's Cathedral two blocks from the Capitol. Messages will be distributed via Facebook, email, and at the event.

If weather permits, there will be a surprise at the end of the march! Please pray for great weather!

Spread the word, and invite your family and friends! This Saturday we will make our voices loud and clear--we will not be silent until Louisiana is completely abortion-free!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director
Louisiana Right to Life

P.S. On Facebook?  Visit our event page and confirm you are coming!

Visit the Louisiana Life March Facebook Page

Details and Resources:

  1. Flyers and other Downloads: You can find a whole slew of downloads for the LLM, such as flyers, web banners, etc, at this link.  Please download and print the LLM Flyer

    and pass it around to others!  If you need some printed, contact us!

  2. Bus Details:

    Be sure to take advantage of the great deals made available through Calco Travel and Hotard Coaches for a special 25% discount.  You can also visit this link to find out if there are any bus trip heading to the LLM from your area.  Contact them now:

  3. Life Ministry Mobilization: After the presentations on the Capitol steps, participants can meet and greet with pro-life ministries to learn how to get involved.  Groups can apply

    and learn details at this site. 

  4. Parking, Maps, and Logistics: Please visit this page on the website to learn about logistics, parking, and map directions.    

  5. FAQ: Click to see our constantly updated list of frequently asked questions

    about the LLM.

  6. Facebook: Who could forget Facebook!  Visit the LLM Facebook event and invite friends.
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