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State Rankings Place Louisiana as #1 Pro-Life State
Louisiana Right to Life Appreciates Recognition, But Pledges to Continue Efforts

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#1 But Not Done

Baton Rouge, LA: Released today, Americans United for Life (AUL) has ranked Louisiana as the most pro-life state in their annual "Life List".  AUL's "Life List" ranks all 50 states based on the way each deals with a comprehensive list of life issues, ranging from abortion to euthanasia.  


See the AUL state rankings here. 


Benjamin Clapper, Director of Louisiana Right to Life, shared the following, "Since 1970, Louisiana Right to Life has worked diligently to ensure that Louisiana law protects human life as much as possible.  AUL's ranking recognizes this great undertaking, and the success we have achieved in defending life at our state legislature."


"Specifically, we have made great strides over the past five years to reach this #1 position.  Our legislation has been cutting-edge, and it is saving lives today."


"We are appreciative to our allies in the state legislature that form our coalition: the Bioethics Defense Fund, the Louisiana Family Forum, the Louisiana Baptist Convention, the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, The Hippocratic Resource, and many more.  Our coalition is a model for state pro-life advocacy, and should be replicated across the nation.  We also acknowledge the great effort of Governor Jindal and the the many pro-life legislators that make these laws possible." 


"While we are pleased with a first in the nation ranking, we know our work is far from complete.  We will not rest until Louisiana is abortion-free and all innocent human life is protected under law."




 Pro-Life Laws Passed in Last 6 Years in Louisiana

  • Signs of Hope Act (2011)
  • Obamacare Abortion Opt-Out (2010) 
  • Ultrasound Before Abortion Act (2010) 
  • Abortion Facility Closure Ability (2010 
  • Health Care Rights of Conscience Act (2009)
  • Human-Animal Hybrid Ban (2009)
  • Choose Life License Plate Re-Authorization (2009)
  • Cord Blood Donation Education Act (2008)
  • Ban on Public Funding of Human Cloning (2008)
  • "Trigger" Law Banning Abortion on Overturn of Roe v Wade (2006)   

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