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Where Does Your Candidate Stand on Life Issues?   

2011 Candidate Voter Guide & 2008-2011 Legislative Scorecards Released! 



It is through your dedication and vigilance that Louisiana has made major legislative strides in the pro-life arena in the past four years.  We must continue the momentum we have developed.  With state elections approaching in November, pro-lifers across the state need to be aware of where candidates stand on life issues in order to make sure our legislature and state government remains pro-life.

Listed below are a few tools that can help you navigate through election season:
LARTL Elections Central
  • 2011 Voter Guide / Candidate Questionnaires: Our questionnaire has been distributed to all candidates running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Representative, and State Senator. These questionnaires are our most consistent way to assess how candidates stand on life issues. Results have been posted online! Click here to view responses. If a candidate has not responded, please contact them and ask them why! 
  • 2008-2011 Right to Life Legislative Scorecards: Over the past four legislative sessions, Louisiana Right to Life tracked 13 votes in the State House and 11 in the State Senate that we consider essential pro-life votes. Our scorecards show what percentage of the time the Senator and Representatives voted pro-life.  These are quantifiable proof as to how your elected officials have represented life in the past four years! Check out how your candidate has voted on life issues by viewing the Right to Life Legislative Scorecards. 
  • State Legislative Awards: For the first time ever, we are presenting special legislative awards to those Senators and Representatives that have excelled in the protection of life.  These awards cover the 2008-2011 Legislative Term.  Here are our two awards:
    • Defender of Life Award: A Defender of Life indicates a State Senator or Representative that has gone above the call of duty on a specific piece of legislation, issue, or situation.  Congrats to our 16 award recipients for 2008-2011 (click to see)!  
    • 100% Life Advocate Award: A "100% Life Advocate Award" is given to a State Senator or Representative that

Please help spread legislative and candidate awareness to those in your community by forwarding this email to your friends, families, and colleagues. Thank you for all of your efforts to build a pro-life culture in Louisiana, and we'll see you at the polls!     




For a Pro-Life Louisiana,


Benjamin Clapper

Executive Director, Louisiana Right to Life  


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