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Hope Moves Forward at State Legislature!
HB 636 (previously HB 586), the "Signs of Hope Act", Passes State House 




Image after House Passage
From L-R: Mimi Hedgcock from the Governor's Office, Rep. Frank Hoffman, Dorinda Bordlee of the Bioethics Defense Fund, and Ben Clapper of LA Right to Life

Yesterday, HB 636 (the legislation formerly know as HB 586) passed the State House of Representatives by a whopping margin of 93-0. 


HB 636, now popularly known as the "Signs of Hope Act" thanks to Cindy Collins' testimony in committee, places multiple copies of our life-saving sign prominently in every abortion facility in the state. 

HB 636 Sign
Click image to see in more detail!

We are only half-way through the game, but we look forward to having these signs and the new DHH website immediately begin saving lives and offering women help and support.


From here, we move on to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee in a week or two, which is typically a more difficult committee to navigate.   


You can help the passage of the bill by contacting the members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and asking them to support HB 636 without changes. 


See the Senate HW Members Here 


In addition to HB 636's passage, a resolution supported by Louisiana Right to Life calling on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood passed the House Health and Welfare Committee this past Wednesday.  Though Planned Parenthood's lobbyists were present to oppose, we were able to show the full truth on Planned Parenthood's destructive efforts.


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For a Pro-Life Louisiana,


Benjamin Clapper

Executive Director 

Louisiana Right to Life   


P.S. Don't forget to spread the word about the Joshua Leadership Institute to be held from June 26-July 1 in Baton Rouge.  Please invite high school and college students to apply!!  See the JLI Video here!


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