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Crowd at LLM

Over 3,000 at first Louisiana Life March!

750 Louisiana Pro-Life Students also Gather at Geaux Forth in DC 

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 Message is Clear: March for an abortion free Louisiana.I am returning this evening from Washington after a fast-paced few days in the fight for life.  And what a few days it has been!

In DC, the atmosphere was outstanding, as it was clear people sensed the pro-life movement was gaining ground.  We had the opportunity to meet with a number of the new Congressional class, and their passion instills our movement with new confidence to defeat the abortion advances in the Capitol City.

But the best part of being in DC was knowing that the energy was not only found there.LLM Leading Banner

Louisiana Life March

Like most others, I was blown away by what happened on Saturday at the first Louisiana Life March.  The Capitol police estimated over 3,000 people united to march for an abortion-free Louisiana, by far the largest pro-life gathering in Louisiana in at least the past 15 years.

The message was clear: its time to create an
Dr. Richard Land excites the crowd!
Dr. Richard Land
abortion-free Louisiana, both by changing the law and changing the culture.  No longer can we sit back and wait on leaders to make changes- we must be willing to enter our communities and build a culture of life from the bottom-up.

As we left the Old State Capitol and marched down Fourth Street, it seemed like the people just continued to come around the corner.  At one point, the march easily stretched six city blocks.

On the steps of the Capitol, the crowd was electric.  Whether it was the beautiful 'Voices of
Clapper at LLM
Benjamin Clapper
Louisiana College', the bell memorial by Gene Mills, Dr. Richard Land's inspiring message, or Michelle Durand's heartfelt testimony, the event left an impact on many people.

See photos from the LLM.

Sure, it was a first time event, and there were a few things that could be done differently in the future (Saturday January 21st, 2012 to be exact), but overall, the Louisiana Life March exceeded expectations.

Thanks to the many, many sponsors, speakers, and volunteers who made the event possible.  I am confident we are moving closer to making our state abortion-free!

Geaux Forth in Washington DC


But, as if that was not enough, later that evening in Washington DC, nearly 800 high school and

Crowd at Geaux Forth

college students from Louisiana gathered at our "Geaux Forth 2011 Preaux Life Youth Rally". 


Begun last year, the Geaux Forth event is our way to challenge our amazing pro-life youth to return home after the March for Life to be actively pro-life.  Our band, comprised of Chris Cole and Adam Trufant, was great, and guests such as Congressman John Fleming provided great education to the students.

But, without question, the highlight of the event was
Archbishop Aymond speaking at Geaux Forth
Archbishop Gregory Aymond
Archbishop Gregory Aymond's keynote address which, according to a student, "rocked the house".  Thanks Archbishop for inspiring the students to be actively pro-life!

And, if you are wondering, I cannot bi-locate. 
Kacie Hampton, our Youth Programs Director on staff, coordinated the Geaux Forth event in DC.  Great job Kacie!

March for Life and other stuff

I did arrive Sunday to DC for a few meetings and events, and joined the Louisiana crew on Monday for the March for Life and our Congressional Reception afterwards.  Thanks to Senator Vitter, Congressman Scalise, and newly elected Congressman Landry for joining us!

I also had the opportunity to speak to a coalition of pro-life students from Jesuit colleges and universities called the "Ignatian Pro-Life Network" on the National Mall today.  This fantastic group of students from across the nation labors to remind the Ignatian community (I am a graduate of Loyola New Orleans!) that the task of creating a just society muLARTL Banner in Front of Supreme Courtst begin in the womb. Kudos to these students!

After a long meeting today, I am glad to be coming home to be with my family, and looking forward to capitalizing on the excitement generated this weekend. 

Let us not be weary in advocating on behalf of the innocent!!  I believe, together, we can create an abortion-free state!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director
Louisiana Right to Life

P.S. As you noticed above, we are planning to hold the Louisiana Life March next year on Saturday January 21st, 2012Give us your feedback on the event using this survey form (click here)!

P.P.S.  Need more reason to fight for life?  Check out this awesome ultrasound of our new baby, only ten weeks old in the womb!  Life is beautiful!  Kristen, Kate, and I are so excited!

Little Baby Clapper!


*Note: The organizers of the event were not aware of participants in the march calling protesters "killers" or "murderers", nor did we condone it.  We do not believe that is the way to change the hearts and minds of people in our culture.

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