Checking in at the University of Washington
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Hello again,
This is the second in a series of orientation emails for new international students at the University of Washington from FIUTS.
FIUTS works closely with the office of International Student Services (ISS) to help you prepare for your arrival at the UW.  Please read below for information about the special check-in process for international students and employment in the US.
Checking in

All new international students with "F" or "J" visas are required to complete a two-part check in process: all students must complete the ISS Online Information Session AND Report to ISS by submitting photocopies of immigration documents upon arrival to campus.  


1) Online Information Session: Before you can register for clases, you must complete the required ISS Online Information Session. If you have already done it, great! If not, visit the ISS website anytime to get started!  


2) Report to ISS: officially check in at the UW. This step is required by the U.S. immigration regulations. When you arrive on campus, you must visit the International Student Services Office in 459 Schmitz Hall to drop off copies of your immigration documents. You need to make photocopies of the following documents and bring them with you to complete immigration check-in. The ISS Office cannot make any copies for you. Visit the ISS website for details and samples of each document.

  • Passport biographical page (and expiration date page, if different from bio page) 
  • F-1 or J-1 Visa
  • I-94 Card (you will receive this on the plane - keep it stapled into your passport at all times)
  • I-20 (if you have an "F" visa) - photocopy after you arrive in the U.S. so that it shows the immigration officer's stamp. 
  • DS-2019 (if you have a "J" visa) - photocopy after you arrive in the U.S. so that it shows the immigration officer's stamp. 
The University of Washington also requires all enrolled matriculated students and all students living on campus to complete a measles immunization requirement. You cannot register for classes until both the ISS Online Information Session and proof of measles immunity are completed.

An ISS adviser will be present at International Student Orientation on January 3rd to answer your questions.
Employment in the US 
Morgan StanleyAre you thinking about working while you study?  Here is some introductory information about the employment benefits of F-1 and J-1 student status. "Employment" is work performed in exchange for compensation. Compensation can include money, room and board, or other significant benefits. Before accepting any kind of employment, be sure it is allowed by F-1 or J-1 regulations.
Note that for F-1 status students, off-campus jobs generally require you to have completed one academic year (three quarters) to be eligible to apply for authorization. Work permission is required for all off-campus employment.
Follow the links below for more information:
- Contact ISS advisers with any questions related to F-1 or J-1 student status and employment. 
Last Chance to Apply for Homestay!
If you would like to spend a week with a host family when you arrive in Seattle, the deadline to apply is Monday, November 28th! The FIUTS homestay is a great way to make an American friend, share your culture, and have some support during your first week in Seattle. See the FIUTS website for application information.
I hope you find this information helpful. We look forward to seeing you at Orientation on Tuesday, January 3rd. If you have any questions please do not hestitate to contact FIUTS or the ISS office. We are here to help you!

Brianna Mercker
Manager of Student Programs
Foundation for International Understanding Through Students  (FIUTS)