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The following interview was posted July 31 on the blog of author Lisa Vandiver, who interviews various authors via Facebook and her blogsite:

Lisa VandiverHi, I am so pleased to welcome my guest today. Welcome Mr. Hank Jordan

Where to find Hank and his books:

NO MORE AN ISLAND, fiction, available both as a printed book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most bookstores, and from E-book sellers including Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Adobe, Kobo, Diesel, etc., plus in the following formats: Epub (for most E-readers including Nook, Apple (iPad, iPhone etc., Sony Reader, Kobo, Kindle), PDF, RTF, LRF, HTML, PDB, and Plain Text.

POLISH IT & PUBLISH IT, non-fiction E-book -- how-to book for authors re: how to get your book ready for publication and how to publish it.

EXIT PLAN FOR ENTREPRENEURS, non-fiction E-book aimed at business owners who have not made plans for retirement or exiting.

Lisa: Do you have a website or blogs?

Web: http://www.hankjordan.com


Lisa: What genre do you write?

Hank: Fiction (historical romance and literary drama), Non-Fiction for business and How-To advice for writers.

Lisa: When did you start writing?

Hank: I was editor of my third grade newspaper and high school newspaper. I even wrote a poem for the 3rd grade rag.

Lisa: That is impressive. Where do you get your inspiration to write?

Hank: From memories, from observing people in everyday life, and from reading , in that order.

Lisa: What do you do to relax?

Hank: I watch old movies on TV, read books, walk on the beach, talk to my neighbors and friends, pet other people's dogs (mine died)

Lisa: I'm sorry about your pet. Where are your books in print?

Hank: My novel No More an Island was published in print by Infinity Publishing. It is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on special order from most bookstores. It is in several libraries. The rest of my books are E-books (and so is No More An Island).

Lisa: How do you deal with writer's block?

Hank: I get up from the computer, walk around and do something having absolutely nothing to do with books and writing. Eventually the ideas come back, often in bed just before going to sleep and first thing on arising.

Lisa: I know that feeling. Who are your favorite authors?

Hank: Earle Stanley Gardner, Mark Twain, James Michener, James Herriot

Lisa: Favorite books turned into movies?

Hank: To Kill A Mocking Bird and Gone With The Wind

Lisa: Favorite color?

Hank: Usually blue, but it depends upon what the colored object is.

Lisa: If you were compared to an animal, what animal would you be?

Hank: Perhaps a dog or a giraffe.

Lisa: Do you have any suggestions for new writers/authors?

Hank: Yes. Be yourself. Quit trying too hard, and don't copy someone else's style. By all means don't try to perfect your work - just write edit, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and PUBLISH!

Lisa: Favorite food?

Hank: Noodles Alfredo --- and of course chocolate candy!

Lisa: Please tell us anything about you that you want your readers and fans to know.

Hank: I am well into my next novel which is set in California's gold country in the 1950's.

I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction. I also enjoy helping other authors. I teach classes in creative writing with emphasis on how to publish.

Lisa: Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer these questions. You have helped me with some of your valuable advice. I wish you well in your writing!