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It's April Fool's Day. The media is full of spoofs and wild falsehoods, all in fun.

Two of the best spoofs I saw today were a newspaper feature article and a social media posting.

The newspaper article appeared as a full front page followed by two more full pages of fascinating fantasies about the Eiffel Tower. A town in North San Diego County, Escondido, has been arguing about building a major league ball park in town for several years. Many politicians and concerned citizens have weighed in and there is no apparent agreement about what to do.

Lyle Davis, the editor of the local newspaper, aptly entitled THE PAPER, published the April Fool spoof today. It says that everyone finally agreed and they are moving the Eiffel Tower onto the disputed land in town. You have to see the article to really appreciate it - it includes quotes from Bill Gates, several movie stars, etc. I know you will enjoy it.

Here is the link to the article:  http://www.thecommuity .

The social media spoof revolves around e-Book publishing, which as you know is a favorite topic of mine. The company Smashwords, which has been at the forefront of promoting e-Book publishing, posted an nnouncement that they have acquired Amazon.

Here is the link to the blog article posted on Twitter:


My only announcement today, April 1st, is that I have reached five million sales of my novel which is published both as a paperback and an e-Book, and have bought an island in the South Pacific on which to genuinely retire.

Have a great day!


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