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This entire newsletter is devoted to the E-book phenomenon. Its something we cannot ignore. As in the book The Rise & Fall Of The Roman Empire, the publishing empire we knew growing up is dying rather rapidly.


E-book readers like the Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo and  a dozen or so others have garnished a lot of publicity, but most folks still don't know you can read an E-book on your existing PC or laptop.


Prices are falling. No need to buy a hand-held E-book reader just yet unless you can't wait.


Someday soon, many of the hand-held readers may be free. There was a man named King Gillette in the 30's who gave away razors in order sell razor blades. HP and other manufacturers sell PC printers at cost or below in order to sell ink cartridges at a high profit.


See the analogy? The rumor is that Amazon is considering giving away the Kindle by the end of this year -- in order to sell more E-books. At present Amazon has 67 percent of the market. Smart cookies in the Amazon management team. They want even more customers for the books themselves, which are already selling in the many millions each month.





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This is a special issue. A very interesting special update on the state of the E-book art today with a chance to win a free E-book reader, and a special free offer on my newly published E-book. 



It's a special week for people who like to read - fiction or non-fiction. Thousands of authors are making their E-books available at tremendous discounts.


This is a national event for one week only.


Not just an encouragement, its an opportunity to enjoy a full meal without paying full price.


My own novel, NO MORE AN ISLAND, is one of the books offered. The price is right. It's free this week! Just enter the coupon code WU58F or use the coupon code shown on checkout.

Cocky KidBetcha' Didn't Know .....

It was 1971. Enter Michael Hart. Mr. Hart was handed a real boon - $100,000.00 worth of computer time with a Xerox Sigma V mainframe computer. He decided that the greatest value created by computers would not be computing, but the storage, retrieval, and searching of what was stored in our libraries. So the first "e-book" was born 40 years ago - a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Those humble beginnings would become Project Gutenberg. Today Project Gutenberg houses 20,000 free texts and over 100,000 books are available through their partners. Today over 3,000,000 books are downloaded each month.

Bee On Dollar





Have you ever noticed the bee almost hidden on a dollar bill? It's in the upper right hand corner.


There are many fascinating images on the dollar.

See my blog for details.
Cat with RoseOn The Lighter Side



Complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition, 200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.



Groucho Marx was quoted as saying: "Keep an open mind...but not so open that your brain falls out."


Life is short -- break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love, laugh without control and above all always keep smiling.

Line of Fire

Shameless Commercial:


Want to write an E-book of your own? Publication is free, but you must pay me to ghost-write it for you and guide you through the publication.

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