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Well, Yes --

Yes, Summertime is here they tell us. Couldn't prove it by me though. Here in Oceanside, about four miles from the beach, it has been so cold every night we sleep under three blankets. Sometimes it clears up after noon and often it does not. They call it June Gloom, but it starts in May and is still going strong in late July.
So much for Global Warming.
I read a lot of statistics about books and publishing. That's because I write books for myself and for other people, and I consult about publishing. The experts seem to agree that E-books are growing in popularity. Amazon says it sells more E-books now than hard backs. The trend is accelerating rapidly. Chances are that in a few years, MOST of the books will be read on some sort of E-book reader.
At present, there are a dozen or more E-book readers on the market. You can also read E-books on your desktop or laptop PC or Mac.
The nice thing about reading E-books is that you can take a small lightweight electronic device with you and read wherever you happen to be, whenever you want to.  One E-book reader holds your entire book collection.
The recently introduced and highly publicized Apple I-pad is actually a computer. Among the hundreds of fun things it can do, it can read E-books.  I predict that in the future, people who buy an I-pad will use it mostly for the other things it does, with a minimum of E-book reading. Avid readers will prefer the dedicated E-book readers. Amazon's Kindle leads the pack at present, but look out Amazon - here comes Sony, Barnes & Noble,  Sharp, Samsung, and all the rest. Prices will tumble. India has just announced a tablet computer that not only allows school kids to read books, but also do writing and Web surfing. The price: 35 dollars.

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Search Engine Marketing -
The Most Overlooked Marketing Strategy in the History of the Internet
By John Phillips

What good is it to have a website - one built with profits in mind - if potential customers can't find it? Sure, you can drive Web traffic to your site in any number of ways... with e-mail, banners, and print ads, to name just a few.

But, if you think about it, there's no better way to score with online customer prospects than by reeling in people who:
  • Reveal what they're interested in
  • Request information on it, and
  • Visit your website at zero, or nominal, advertising cost
That's where search engines come in.

Search engine marketing is the ultimate low-cost, high-return form of targeted advertising. And, by the way, it's all quantifiable. There are two types of search engine optimization - called SEO - - organic and pay-per-click.

Opportunities for profit abound on the Internet. And make no mistake... there's no better way of getting traffic to your website, and staking your claim in the online industry, than by employing the sound practices of search engine marketing, combined with intelligent social media action and reminder newsletters.

Tens of thousands of websites hang their entire businesses on it.

In fact, one of the most appealing aspects of search engine marketing is the level playing field this medium affords. Small players can compete with the Big Suits - and win - by outmaneuvering them.

But you can bet that those who've already figured out how to get their websites to the top of Google's, Yahoo's, and Bing's search results would prefer to keep their competitors in the dark.

You see, there's no shortage of information out there on how to win in the search engine wars. While some of these resources can be accurate and helpful, much of it tends to be outright misleading... which could prove disastrous for your website's search rankings.

The Secret Sauce

The best information - the secret sauce producing big profits for leading websites - is largely held under lock and key by those who possess this knowledge....
Wrinkly Bull Dog
Betcha' Didn't Know... 

Kids' Definitions:
H2O is hot water; CO2 is cold water.
Water is composed of two gins - oxygin and hydrogin.  Oxygin is pure gin. Hydrogin is gin and water.
To keep milk from turning sour, keep it in the cow.
Rhubarb - a kind of celery gone bloodshot.
Cat with RoseOn The Lighter Side

A friend is someone who will help you move. A GOOD friend is someone who will help you move a dead body.

Q: How Do You Get Holy Water?
Ans: You Boil The Hell Out Of It

What Do You Get When You Cross a Snowman With a Vampire? Frostbite.

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.....Mark Twain

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