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What's Happened To "Publishing"

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Here's an update that could be vital to your business operation and growth.
Time was when "publishing" meant printing your book or magazine and binding it in a hard cover or soft cover.  Times change.  Most people now read emails, web copy, mobile text, and electronic messages, instead of the time-honored printed word.  They read on the Internet (email), on the web, or on hand-held reading appliances, in that order.
Email is still the preferred way to communicate more than a few words but text messaging is taking over the brief message arena.
Digital books and sales literature are welcomed and read nowadays by more and more business people every day. There is no printing cost, and the reader has a free choice of how and when to read what you want him/her to see.
The reading habits of mankind have undergone a stunning revolution.  More than 90% of the public under the age of 50 now refuse to read printed material unless coerced.  Very high percentages of business people of all ages prefer reading digitally to reading printed material.
One of the fasting growing publishing platforms is the Amazon Kindle and its competitors from Apple and Sony.  Kindle or a competitor makes it possible for a school kid or college student, for example, to carry one lightweight device instead of ten to fifteen pounds of text books.  Some daily newspapers are now publishing on Kindle.  A commuter can read on the train or bus.  
A business man/woman can carry their Kindle-like device in a thin pouch or purse instead of a heavy briefcase laden with literature.  With it, you can download thousands of complete books simultaneously (wireless -- without a pc), and carry them anywhere.
Sales "literature" is fast becoming sales "info" over the Internet, on websites, and through hand-held devices.  This newsletter you are reading is an example of what we are talking about.  Using digital publishing, you can offer your sales literature free.
What does all this mean to you as a business person?  It means you should catch up on what is happening with lightening speed in the world of publishing, if you want to stay competitive.
Notice I have not mentioned "social media" which is a subset type of digital publishing.  It deserves a special look, in detail.  Most of the chambers of commerce are now offering instructional courses and seminars on how to use social media, and what its impact is.  (I am trying out twitter as henryjordan)
If you want to discuss publishing via the digital world, contact me ( for a gratis talk.