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April 2012

Welcome to your monthly newsletter on the Florida HIV/AIDS Advocacy Network (FHAAN). We encourage you to read further and learn more about The AIDS Institute's FHAAN program, services and resources.
What is the Florida HIV/AIDS Advocacy Network?
FHAAN Logo The AIDS Institute's Florida HIV/AIDS Advocacy Network (FHAAN), is the statewide effort composed of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA's), community advocates, HIV/AIDS staff and industry professionals, as well as anyone wanting to be involved with coordinating advocacy efforts for all Floridians living with HIV and AIDS.
FHAAN's mission is to advocate for statewide HIV/AIDS resources including education, policies, programs, funding and legislation.
For more information, please visit our webpage at: www.FHAAN.org
Network Meetings
Recent Meeting Notes: 
Advocacy Committee Report -
AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Crisis
ADAP Waiting List (as of April 12, 2012):
* Florida: 503 Individuals (16% of national total) 
* US: 3,097 individuals in ten (10) states 
We will eliminate the Florida wait list if we get anticipated funds this year. 
ADAP Wait list will be fluctuating until we can take everyone off the list. 


ADAP Program Out to Bid   
There is currently some discussion about a vendor outside our Bureau of HIV/AIDS to handle the ADAP program. This bid process still being worked on.  
FHAAN Concern: Ensuring that the new vendor understands client issues and improves access. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.  


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For more information, please contact committee co-chairs:  
Advocacy Committee Report -
ADAP Funding 
The Florida Legislature approved the inclusion of $2.5 million in recurringFL Legislature 2012 General Revenue funds for our ADAP program.

As we wait for Governor to sign this full budget, FHAAN is actively working with the Governor and the Health Policy and Budget Chief to ensure these funds are not eliminated with a line-item veto.



CLICK HERE NOW to write a letter to Governor Scott in support of keeping these $2.5 million dollars in our budget for ADAP! 


Gov Scott Signing 


The Governor has until April 21st to sign the budget into law. The Governor can eliminate this funding with a line-item veto, though there is currently no indication the Governor will do that.  


Once the budget is signed by the Governor, FHAAN is preparing thank you letters to budget committee chairs, committee members, and the Governor.

Advocacy Committee Report -
Department of Health Reorganization 

A very watered-down version of this bill (1263) passed.   


Friday, 4/13/12 at 12:20 PM

H 1263 (2012) Department of Health

Signed by Officers and presented to Governor



Bill sponsor, House Health Care Appropriations Committee Chairman Matt Hudson (R-101/Naples) has vowed to continue his work on his large-scale DOH reorganization efforts through the next legislative session in 2013.
They may choose a regional approach.
Though, a county-by-county type system could be inefficient, with poor communication from CDC to county level, resulting in hurting our clients.   


FHAAN is and will continue to be actively involved in this process to advocate for our community's needs. FHAAN is working in coordination with our allied organizations, advocacy professionals and industry partners.

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Legislation would gut Floridas Department of Health 

Tampa Bay Online © 03/21/2012

Turnover at health department continues
Three high-ranking staff members -- including top financial staff -- leave the Department of Health in the past 10 days.
The Current: Morning Edition for Tuesday (4/3/12) 
Advocacy Committee Report -
Medicaid Reform  

The Medicaid Reform Bill (5301) passed. This bill included the HIV/AIDS patient language for mandatory Medicaid expansion. 

FL Medicaid



Summary of FHAAN communications with the Florida AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) Director on this law's changes for us:  


      • Nobody loses choice. HIV/AIDS patients in Medicaid enter mandatory enrollment category.
  • Managed care providers that meet: have to have had AHCA contact 7/1/2011, provider expertise in HIV/AIDS care (university association)
  • Same 30 days as everyone to choose plan
  • Same selection of at least 2 plans, more in larger counties
  • After 30 days, if not selected, they get assigned mandatorily, AHCA picks for you.
  • 90 days from enrollment date, patient can switch without cause
  • 1 year after initial enrollment date, open enrollment where HIV/AIDS patients (just like everyone else) can switch
  • 10/15/2012: Data book comes out for provider to pull down
  • 12/15/2012: ITN comes out (earliest), or as late as 1/1/13
  • All providers and contracts done in 2 months (3/1/13 at earliest)

What FHAAN will be doing next: 

Set goal to inform all Medicaid patients with HIV/AIDS 


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Securing the Future of Medicaid


Statewide Medicaid Managed Care
Updated Information Now Available Online

Additional information has been posted regarding the SMMC program. 

From time to time during program development and implementation, the Agency will post guidance statements to provide the public with clarification regarding program components. 

The statements are located at the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care website. Click on the Public Information tab, then the Guidance Statements tab to view the documents. 


In preparation for the release of the procurement that will secure contracts with health plans to participate in the Long-term Care (LTC) Managed Care component, the Agency released the LTC data book on March 16, 2012. The data book provides relevant background information that prospective plans will find useful in the development of their Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) response.  Florida Statutes s. 409.966 requires the data book to be released at least

90 days ahead of the ITN posting. 

To assist with planning, the Agency has requested a non-binding letter of intent from interested parties.  Parties intending to submit a bid are asked to send a letter to the Agency by April 18, 2012.  The letter should identify the company name and the region(s) for which the party intends to submit a response.  Such a letter is completely voluntary and the decision not to submit a letter will have no effect on this or any other procurement.   

Letters should be sent via e-mail to: FLMedicaidManagedCare@ahca.myflorida.com.

Parties interested in the data book and letter of intent request can obtain more information from the SMMC website at Statewide Medicaid Managed Care, then click on the Long-term Care Managed Care tab. 



New Analysis of State Medicaid Coverage of Routine HIV Screening 

A new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation examines state Medicaid coverage of routine HIV screening and finds that currently, about half of states cover routine screening under their Medicaid programs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends routine HIV screening for all patients between the ages of 13 and 64, but routine screening is currently an optional Medicaid benefit, which states may choose to cover. The analysis includes a breakdown of which states cover routine screening and which states only cover medically necessary HIV screening. The analysis is available online.

Additional data on HIV screening in state Medicaid programs is available on State Health Facts.

The Kaiser Family Foundation

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Group asks feds to 'decisively reject' caps to Medicaid program  

Florida CHAIN sends a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Atlanta saying that proposed reductions to the program in Florida are "dangerous" and "unjustifiable."

The Current: Morning Edition for Tuesday (4/10/12)   


Scott Signs Medicaid Bill Opposed by Counties   

Click here: ARTICLE  

Gov. Rick Scott signed a wide-ranging Medicaid bill on Thursday with a pledge to make sure the state uses accurate numbers to enforce a billing scheme that stirred opposition among the state's counties.
The Current: Morning Edition for Friday (3/30/12)   

Counties announce lawsuit to block Medicaid billing scheme 

The Florida Association of Counties announced Thursday that it would be suing to block a new law that would reduce county revenue sharing to compensate the state for unpaid Medicaid bills.
The Current: Morning Edition for Friday (4/13/12)


Check out County calls for veto of Medicaid legislation   

County calls for veto of Medicaid legislation | county, Medicaid, veto 

Northwest Florida Daily News          


News from Supreme Court: US v Florida (Health Reform)

Click here: ARTICLE

  • Medicaid expansion and "severability"
  • Individual Mandate
  • See transcripts, hear audio from Days 1 and 2

Politico - March 29, 2012


Medicaid Watch - Florida

The legislature (R) got a waiver to move patients (a court order had let them opt out) into managed care; but at first it did so in only 5 counties. It's expanding the managed care program waiver statewide (starting in 9/12 & to be completed by late 2014; it includes the aged & disabled, as well as families & children. HHS approved the plan- but only if 85% (not just 65%, as the state allowed)
of premiums go to care & quality upgrades and plans must meet the needs of 98.5% of enrollees & keep cost sharing below regular Medicaid ceilings. (Email JWynn@BrowardHouse.org for a summary of the the state's managed care proposal.) The legislature & Gov Scott (both R) planned to cut MD fees, slash Medicaid costs $1.8 billion, make almost all patients pay $10/mo premiums & charge $100 co-pays for non-emergency ER vi-sits (but CMS rejected both charges). The state cut the aged & disabled level from 88% to SSI's $698 mo rate, except for those in HCB care or in Medicare's 2 year disabled waiting period. The parent level is 20%/ 58% wkg ('12) & CHIP's is 300%. The state covers dentures (but little other adult dentistry), hearing aids & some autism care. Blue Cross & the Dade Co. Health Dept sponsor cheap & lean "Miami-Dade Blue" policies with no brand Rx benefit. Ex-Gov Crist (I) dropped hospice care and cut dialysis, mental health & substance abuse funds & MD fees. 19,000 are on HCB & home care wait-ing lists and advocates sued to force more home & HCB spending. Yet a GOP-run legislative panel refused a $37 million extra US grant to fund more HCB slots. Crist made insurers sell Medigap policies nearly as fairly to the disabled as to the aged. Miami's Jackson Memorial Hosp has rising deficits, closed 2 O/P clinics & 2 transplant units & ended dialysis for 175 indigents (many are illegals). ADAP cut its formulary, although its much longer waiting list fell to 607. The HIV health insurance premium payment program is again open to new clients. Neither it nor ADAP have asset tests & their income levels are 400%. Scott chose a panel to plan to change, cut or end taxes by the 20 hospital districts that help pay the state Medicaid matching share and uncompensated care; and also seeks $66 million in hospital rate cuts. He and the legislature passed a law to shift the bulk of $325 million of as-yet-unpaid Medicaid costs to the counties---which they bitterly oppose.
CANN - 3/31/2012

Prevention Report
Marlene LaLotaFL HIV Prevention
HIV Prevention Program Administrator
Florida Bureau of HIV/AIDS

Report Summary from FHAAN Statewide Meeting - April 2, 2012:

HIV Prevention Environment in Florida = Mixed:

Good News:

Additional prevention funding received (previously underfunded)

Increased accountability of funds (from State and Federal)

Competitive processes implemented by Surgeon General:
1. TOPWA: Beginning July, 1 - 6 providers
2. MSM RFA: Posted tomorrow morning, 5 provider by top counties ($100k each), Dade, Broward, Duval, Hillsborough/Pinellas, and Orange
3. CBOs:
- Releasing something in June. Funding by area, by formula (like CDC did nationally). $3-4m.
- PACHA reported about $14m may be available for Southern States.

HIP (High Impact Prevention) -
Result of National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Training in May and June to learn about it, grants, evaluations, etc. CDC shifting away from DEBI's/testing, to new/innovative ways.

Community Planning Guidance -
CDC Grantees meeting in Atlanta with new Community Planning Guidance out soon for 30 day comment period: Substantial differences, now about HIP. Therefore, we will have changes to integrate with care, with broader input. The $ must follow the epidemic.

4th Generation Testing -
Mid to late April - State lab with new algorithm with 4th generation testing (on blood only). Replacing Western Blot test. Acutely infected people focus. Memo to come from Marlene soon.
PCIP Report
Robert Sandrock
HIV/AIDS Division Senior Manager, AICP Director for the Health Council of South Florida

Report Summary from FHAAN Statewide Meeting - April 2, 2012
  • Under ACA component that help those in need of preexisting condition health insurance plans, like HIV/AIDS.
  • Good programs. Small pilot in Monroe County, for 4 months now. Like private insurance coverage services, comprehensive. Early July 2012 pilot reporting period: cost-benefit analysis, to the Bureau.
  • Same criteria as AICP to participate in pilot. 19 people currently, with cap at 20 people.
  • Prescription drug program very comprehensive. 2 options. $325 average premium costs (so far). All ADAP formulary drugs covered in mail order program (Medco), $75 for 90 day supply. Initial Rx can be with local pharmacist.
  • Clients should have a case manager to help guide client.
  • If physicians change Rx, patient can begin with 1st fill at pharmacy, then to mail order program (30 day). Will pick-up retail co-pay at this first fill. First 2 drugs at $30.
  • If not covered, brand names are offered as generic.
  • Co-insurance a little higher.
  • $5,950 / year deductible.
  • No lifetime benefit cap on this plan.
  • Anticipate average of $9k per client per year.
Structure Committee Report
FHAAN Structure
FHAAN Oprerating Documents


FHAAN Communications
As a service of FHAAN, The AIDS Institute has created tools to enhance network communications: 
Webpage: www.FHAAN.org 
Monthly Newsletters: March 2012 

Weekly News Brief Emails (to all on our listserv)
Listserv: http://groups.google.com/group/FHAAN?hl=en 
Post to Listserv: FHAAN@googlegroups.com 


For more information, please contact committee chairs: 

Alelia Munroe (Central/Metro), amunroe001@hotmail.com 

James Talley (North/Rural), jaxtalley@gmail.com

John Eaton (South/Major Metro), john.eaton@jhsmiami.org 

Recruitment Committee Report
Full Members
Actual: 295  
2012 Goal: 500
To become a Full Member (voting/leadership): http://bit.ly/hE9GHZ   

Listserv Contacts
Actual: 1,304 
2012 Goal: 1,500
Post to Listserv: FHAAN@googlegroups.com


For more information, please contact committee co-chairs: 

Cathy Robinson-Pickett, hiveducation@aol.com

Ken Bargar, RW2001President@aol.com

Research Report
The Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR) has published its first quarterly newsletter online, at http://bit.ly/Hvj6nx.

FCHAR is an innovative organization comprising 110 Florida researchers
Spencer Lieb, M.P.H.
HIV/AIDS Research Coordinator
The AIDS Institute
from seven universities, the Florida Department of Health and 11 other private and public research entities in the state, specializing inHIVprevention, patient care, biologics, virology and vaccine development.  Inter-institutional collaboration to maximize resources for HIV-related research is the primary goal of the group.  The Consortium is the scientific arm of The AIDS Institute, a private, nonprofit advocacy, policy research and educational organization.

For more information, visit: FCHAR.org
Recent Events

Positive Living 15: Connecting Hearts and Minds


By David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

March 26, 2012


Upcoming Events

BTAN Reception Takes Place in MiamiBTAN

The Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) will hold a reception in Miami on Tuesday, April 17th from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Learn more about the opportunity to create a BTAN community in South Florida; interact, exchange ideas and network with people on the front line of the HIV fight in South Florida; and to discover how advocacy can change epidemic. More>>


White House Public Engagement Hearing Sessions 

Session on LGBT Health and HIV/AIDS


Thursday, April 19, 2012

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Morehouse School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA
To be attended by Michael Ruppal, Executive Director of The AIDS Institute

Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Spring Conference
Greater Fort Lauderdale ANAC Chapter is having their 11th Annual Spring Conference on Saturday April 28, 2012. 
We are very excited this year to be able to provide at least 3 CEU's for MD, DO, NP's , Pharmacists,& Case Managers s well as up to 9 CEU's for RN & LPN's. 
There is a discount for students as well. 
Linked information: Conference Flyer, Registration Form. 
For details, please email Donna Sabatino at DonnaSab@bellsouth.net.

Tackling the AIDS Pandemic: The State of the World
Tampa, Florida
April 23, 2012
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Hyde Park United Methodist Church

The UMC Global AIDS Fund is sponsoring this 1-day conference 

  • Dr. Pauline Muchina, senior partnership adviser with UNAIDS, and
  • Dennis Flores, nurse and national spokesman for the Kaiser Family Foundation GREATER Than AIDS Campaign.
  • The Rev. Lydia Muñoz, will lead us with dynamic music and worship.

Registration fee is $10 (includes lunch). 

Registration deadline is April 15.

Get more info at www.umc-gbcs.org/LightenTheBurden4 

or  Contact Donna Brandyberry,

dbrandyberry@umc-gbcs.org or 202-488-5641. 

Health Care Reform for People with HIV:
Make it work in your state

We are holding a conference call on Fri April 13 to plan the April 26 webinar on state ACA implementation - please join in and contribute your wisdom!  

  • Friday, April 13, 9 a.m. PT, 10 a.m. MT, 11 a.m. CT, 12 p.m. ET 1-712-432-3066, Conference Code: 659798. 
  • The actual webinar is scheduled for Thursday, April 26, at 11:30 a.m. PT, 12:30 p.m. MT, 1:30 p.m. CT, 2:30 p.m. ET.  You can register here

Learn more at HIVHealthReform.org  


Pre-RFA Training Webinars

In advance of the release of the new HIV Prevention Request for Applications (RFA) (to begin January 2013), the Prevention Section of the Bureau of HIV/AIDS would like to invite all community-based organizations (CBOs) and health department staff to take part in pre-RFA training webinars that will provide overviews on the new direction of HIV prevention and help to build the capacity of CBOs to submit quality applications.  Below is a current listing of the webinars we have scheduled so far and a few more may be added to the list, based on feedback received from the field.  Please take a look and plan to attend a few!  Log-in and call-in information will be forthcoming as the training dates approach.  All webinars will be recorded for future playback.


April 2012
  • High Impact Prevention in Florida - Tues, 4/24, 10:30-11:30am
  • High Impact Prevention in Florida- Thurs, 4/26, 2:00-3:00pm
May 2012
  • Grant Writing Basics (3 webinar opportunities, hosted by JSI, Inc.)- 1st or 2nd week in May, dates/times TBA
  • Evaluation Basics- Tuesday, May 8th, 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Behavioral Interventions in an Era of High Impact Prevention- Thursday, May 10th, 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Targeted HIV Testing & Enhanced Testing Technologies- Thursday, May 17th, 10:00am-11:00am
  • Logic Modeling & SMART Objectives- Tuesday, May 22nd, 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • Linkage to Care- Thursday, May 24th, 10:00am-11:00am
  • Comprehensive Prevention with Positives- Tuesday, May 29th, 10:00am-11:00am
June 2012:
  • An Overview of High Impact Prevention (hosted by APIAHF)- Wednesday, June 6th, 3:30pm-4:30pm
* All times are Eastern Standard

SHARP Report on Northern Florida 

PDF's can be downloaded at: www.taepusa.org 

Click "SHARP" in the banner.  Under the "Northern Florida" menu, the report and executive summary (two-pager) are not on there ... so, click "SHARP LIBRARY" to find the Northern Florida documents.


AIDS group ICAN to add affiliation 

Ft. Myers News-Press © 03/20/2012


HIV/AIDS Statistics 

Care Resource © 03/21/2012  


03/19/12 © Florida Trend, 3 Articles: 

FL's highest paid researcher works on HIV 

Trauma drives HIV epidemic in women
AIDS campaign urges black women to 'take charge' of their health  


Magic Johnson Invests in Miami-Dade Health Plan
Magic Johnson

The former basketball star is forming an alliance with Simply Healthcare Plans to launch a Medicaid plan for HIV patients that takes advantage of a bill signed into law by Florida Gov. Rick Scott last week.

Monthly Poll
Click on this button to take this Month's FHAAN Poll:
Will the US Supreme Court uphold the Affordable Care Act (Health Reform)?  
Poll Image  
Results from Last Month's Poll:
Have you (or someone you know) been on Florida's ADAP Wait List?
Yes:  0%
No, but I used to be:  0% 
No, but I know of people who have: 50% 
No, never: 50% 
Chair Spotlight
Joey Wynn
FHAAN Co-Chair
joey-wynnJoey Wynn is a person living with HIV for over 23 years. In 1994, he was involved in the start up of the first Ryan White (Title 1 / Part A) Outpatient HIV Special Immunology Services (SIS) Department at Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida. In 1996 he joined Florida AIDS Action, a statewide advocacy agency involved throughout Florida to provide medical treatment information & education for both consumers and physicians. Increasing the awareness of State politicians for the need to increase state funding for HIV related services, especially AICP, was another main goal accomplished while at FLAA. He then served for 5 years as the Ryan White Patient Care Administrator for the Broward County Health Department's AIDS Program office, overseeing provision of $20 million of HIV services for two clinics four pharmacies and seven subcontractor agencies throughout Broward County. Since then he worked for over 5 years in the Statewide Medicaid HIV Disease management program, Positive Healthcare, as the statewide Community Relations Director. He now works at Broward House, Broward's oldest and largest AIDS Service organization, providing medical care, substance abuse rehabilitation, mental health, and social services for people living with HIV and addressing their long term housing needs. He is a 14 year member of the Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) workgroup. He also was a member of the Florida Statewide Medicaid Advisory group and also a past President of the People With AIDS Coalition (PWAC) in Miami Dade County in 1994. He has worked on various Pharmacy formulary panels and workgroups over the past 15 years, and developed a Ryan White funded analysis of Pharmacy efficiency / effectiveness evaluations for the Broward EMA, comparing Florida EMAs cost & utilization models with Florida ADAP.

For more information, please visit: www.FHAAN.org
FHAAN Member Spotlight
Lisa Agate
Chief Operating Officer
Minority Development & Empowerment

Lisa began her career in Public Health in 1987 as a Graduate student at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), Miami, Florida. It was during this time that the VAMC Miami began their first AIDS support group for people living with HIV/ AIDS; Lisa also began working with new residents on the acute medical floor on the education of universal Lisa Agate
precautions and symptoms of HIV.
For 20 years she led a diverse team that addressed a wide variety of health issues including disaster relief during Hurricanes Charley and Wilma, the deployment of mobile medical units and the provision of  HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis services in Florida's 2nd largest county. Over the span of the last 2 decades Lisa and her team have developed and delivered unique, high-quality programs for seniors, the recently incarcerated, faith based communities, women of color and special populations and have been spotlighted in published articles in the Journal of AIDS (JAIDS), the Journal of Public Health Management and Services, and the Journal of the National Medical Association.  Many of these programs have been replicated nationally and internationally.
MDEI Inc Logo
Lisa is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Minority Development Empowerment, Inc. (MDE) of Broward and Palm Beach counties leading the MDE team in the development and expansion of services to the Caribbean and minority community.

For more information, please visit: http://mdeinc.org/ 
Industry Partner Spotlight 
Trey WattsBristol-Myers Squibb

Trey Watts
Sr. Product Manager
NULOJIX Payer Marketing

Trey and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) have been active partners with FHAAN and The AIDS Institute. Prior to Trey's recent promotion and job change, Trey and his team supplied us with numerousBMS operator-assisted conference call lines for our webinars with the Florida DOH/Bureau of HIV/AIDS, and well as presenting BMS educational webinars to our full FHAAN membership.     
FHAAN Committee Chairs  
Advocacy: Jesse Fry and Rick Vitale
Structure: Alelia Munroe, James Talley and John Eaton
Recruitment: Cathy Robinson-Pickett and Ken Bargar
Newsletter Feedback
Please let us know what you think of our newsletter.
Send your feedback to: FHAAN@TheAIDSinstitute.org
Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your contacts.
Michael Ruppal's Signature
MR #2
Michael Ruppal, Executive Director 
The AIDS Institute