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INVESTOR UPDATE               December 2011 


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Did you know...
SCOUTStrong P.A.L.A. Challenge
100th Anniversary of Eagle Scout Award
Scouts Visit Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
IRA Gift Opportunity Expires 12/31
Gala Raises Funds for Camps

Upcoming Events


Council Recognition Dinner & Annual Meeting

January 26, 2012

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

McClinch Family Center. 



If you would like more information about any of our events, please contact 



Fast Facts...

1,111,453 volunteers

provided leadership for Scouting programs in 2010, nationally.


~ On average, Scout volunteers give 20 hours per month in service to Scouting.  This equals about 267,000,000 hours of volunteer time given to support Scouting in 2010. (Source: Volunteer Outcomes Study, Research & Evaluation)


~$5.7 billion hours of volunteer time was given in 2010 to support Scouting across America. (Based on a $21.36 Independent Sector value of volunteer time for 2010)

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New Scouting Alumni Association Prepares to Launch
The Scouting Alumni Association welcomes everyone positively and personally impacted by the Boy Scouts of America - former Scouts, family members of Scouts past and present, volunteers past and present, and the millions of Americans who benefit from Scouting in their communities every day - to join today. Enjoy the member benefits and support the good work that the BSA continues in its second century. Learn more at
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750 individuals and counting have made us their friend on Facebook. 

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Continuing your education, our Investor Update is meant to keep you up to date on your investment in Scouting and to keep you connected. 



Wellness Merit Badges
Canoeing, Cooking, Personal Fitness and Public Health are just some of the 21 merit badges designed to educate youth about healthy living and get them outdoors.

 Did you know...    

  • One in every three Americans ages 2 through 19 is overweight or obese.
  • More than 80 percent of obese children are at risk of developing heart disease.
  • Adult-onset diabetes now appears in children as young as 10 years of age.
  • Obesity leads to $3 billion in direct medical costs per year.
  • Kids from 8 to 18 spend more than seven hours a day in front of televisions, computers, and video games - about as much time as they spend in school.  And when they're in school, only one third participate in physical education each day.
  • Absence from nature-based activities contributes to health concerns from obesity to attention deficit disorder, yet the percentage of kids who play outside has dropped by 50 percent since 1997.

America is sinking under its own weight. Every day, we spend more than $8 million treating weight related health problems in children and adolescents, and more than a quarter of today's young adults are too heavy to join our armed forces. But obesity is just one issue affecting the bodies, minds, and spirits of today's young people.


One proven solution to wellness issues is outside play - a core Scouting value for more than 100 years. In fact, Scouting neatly compliments new "no child left inside" measures that schools and government agencies are taking to combat nature-deficit disorder.  Since day one, we've introduced kids to hiking, camping, climbing, swimming, canoeing, and a host of other healthy activities, and in recent decades we've emphasized how choices related to diet, drugs and alcohol can impact health.


As we begin our second century of service, we're doing even more to promote wellness. We're educating Scouts and leaders on the dangers of obesity and challenging them to become more fit. We're reviewing our advancement requirements to ensure that every program at every age promotes a healthy lifestyle. We've enlisted Scouts to create anti-smoking  videos and are teaching Scouts how to resist bullies. And we're building camps that focus on active learning, even for non-Scouts.


Three quarters of our Alumni say Scouting increased their interest in fitness, but we won't be satisfied until interest becomes action and childhood wellness problems become fading memories.


"To keep myself physically strong" is not just a phrase from the Scout Oath. It's a national challenge the Boy Scouts of America is rising to meet.



Are You Scout Strong...   

The SCOUTStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge will help you add activity to your life, and reward you when you do!

This challenge is for everyone associated with the Boy Scouts of America, including Scouts, Venturers, Parents, Volunteers, Council Staff, Board Members, Friends of Scouting, and BSA Alumni.

To earn the SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge Award, you are required to meet a daily activity goal of 30 minutes a day for adults and 60 minutes a day for kids under 18 for at least five days a week, for six out of eight weeks. Stick with the program and you'll earn an award in less than two months. (Read more.)  

 2012 Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the First Eagle Scout Award.


Ist Eagle Award

The National Eagle Scout Association committee is hard at work making plans for next year's 100th Anniversary of the first Eagle Scout Award being earned. Several things are being considered, including commissioning of a painting by renowned painter Joseph Csatari, a book that Eagle Scouts may contribute to with a "Where are they now?" theme (meaning it's your opportunity to tell your own short story), and a celebratory gathering of Eagle Scouts in conjunction with the National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State University in August 2012. (Read more.)

Troop 36 Visits Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Boy Scout Troop 36 chartered to Saugatuck Congregational Church in Westport packed a whole lot into one weekend trip to Washington DC.  Highlights of the trip included... (Read More.)  

Take Advantage of IRA Gift Opportunity By 12/31


There is a time-sensitive giving opportunity through which individuals 70 1/2 and over can benefit financially and support a charity near to their hearts. When current charitable IRA rollover legislation expires on December 31, 2011, so, too, will your ability to make tax-free distributions from your IRA as a gift to the Boy Scouts of America. To qualify, you must be 70 1/2 years of age or older, and transfers from your IRA must be made directly from your account administrator to the Boy Scouts. You can make gifts up to $100,000, so take advantage of this opportunity today before it disappears. For more information or to discuss our giving options in confidence, please contact Director of Development Tony Vogl at (203) 876-6868, Ext. 259 or

Boots & Suits Gala - Twenty Eleven

Raises Funds for Scout Camps  


Auction Co-Chairmen Sally Berry and Tina Salute receive thanks from Council President Doug Machin
After more than eight months of planning, countless hours of meetings, a hurricane and a major snowstorm, more than 180 people attended Boots & Suits Gala 2011 at the Waterview in Monroe for a spectacular evening of dinner, dancing and auctions.
We are proud to partner with you as Scouting continues its Journey to Excellence and are looking forward to great things to come for the rest of 2011. Thank you for the role you play in making them happen.



Connecticut Yankee Council

60 Wellington Road

Milford, CT 06461

P (203) 876-6868

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The Connecticut Yankee Council, Boy Scouts of America serves nearly 23,000 young people in Fairfield, New Haven and parts of Hartford counties. Scouting's programs encourage youth to pursue their special interests, make new friends, gain a respect for their environment, develop leadership skills and give back to their community. For more information, please visit