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Photos from the Open House
Thanks to Donn Dufford for these photos.

Open House1
Jacquie Meyer greets visitors as they arrive.

Open House2
Librarian Coordinator Linda Golovko conducts a tour.

Open House4
Marge Rossini give a quick consultation on Irish research.
Featured SCGS Program:
1890 Project 
1890 Project

The 1890 Project, launched by Louise Calaway and Beth Uyehara in 2004, is a long-term initiative to reconstruct the Los Angeles County Census, which was lost to fire and neglect early in the 20th Century.

The 1890 Committee has been scouring the County's records repositories to find bits and pieces of relevant data, including vital records (births, marriages, deaths), tax records, newspaper articles and obituaries, Civil War and GAR records, city directories, Los Angeles City Census, LA City jail and poor farm records, saloon permits and dental patients, among other record types.

The project has already resulted in the compilation and publication of several records, such as naturalizations,  1892 Los Angeles Great Register of Voters, declarations of intent, marriages, and other listings.

Descriptions of these publications, along with other SCGS publications can be found on the SCGS website.  In addition to printed volumes, SCGS plans to make this information available online in the members' section of the website.

Help us get more records online for the 1890 Project. Due to the diligent efforts of our data entry typist, Bill Tully, there are several data sets awaiting proofreading before they can be made available for research purposes.

The 1890 Proofreading Team meets each Friday between 10am and 4pm. Work as few or as many hours as you wish.  Where else but SCGS can you get to know jail inmates, saloon permit applicants and poor farm residents? Join the team!
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SCGS Open House 10 Jul 2010
Open House

Open House  Resounding Success

It was so much fun to greet over 100 new guests to the SCGS Library for the annual Open House! Thanks to the organizers of this very successful event, Marilyn Heck, Lynne Parmenter and Heidi Ziegler, who developed an effective "game" to encourage our guests to meet a number of volunteers and to learn about the many projects and interest groups at the Library. Our visitors were asking lots of questions and becoming acquainted with the many ways that SCGS can support them in their search for family.

Nominations for Board of Directors
Nominations for the SCGS Board of Directors are being accepted.  Joan Phillips is the Nominating Committee chair, and she is hard at work to line up candidates. Those interested in being placed on the slate should contact Joan by email at  A candidate for a Board vacancy may be nominated by petition signed by not fewer than five members in good standing, and delivered to the SCGS recording secretary, Heidi Ziegler, by October 14, 2009.
1890 project
Lunch and Learn - Saturday, August 14
SCGS Library - 417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA
12:00 noon to 2:30 p.m.
Lunch on your own from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Bring a brown bag or choose something tasty from Subway, Starbucks or the California Pizza House on the corner.

Cecil Brower will present "Computers Don't Bite:  Learn Basic Computer Terminology and Computer Skills." The library is closed for research.  For additional information, contact Charlotte Bocage

New Recording Secretary - Heidi Ziegler
Alice Fairhurst has stepped down as Recording Secretary and has been replaced by Heidi Ziegler. Thanks for stepping up, Heidi, to fill the very capable and dedicated efforts of Alice.

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New Microfilm Equipment
The new microfilm reader / printer is on duty and ready to go to work for you!   Use the reader / printer when you rent LDS microfilms through SCGS's program as a FamilySearch center.  If you would like to support our effort to purchase a second reader / printer, you can donate online, or you can use the form below and designate your donation for the "Microfilm/Microfiche Scanner purchase."  

FGS Annual Conference - Knoxville, Tennessee

August 18-21, 2010
Are you planning to attend the annual conference sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies in August?  If so, be sure to wear your SCGS Tree Shirt and let everyone know you're from Southern California.  We will have materials in the Society display areas.
Tips and Tricks
Disorganization, Organization, and Reorganization
It must be the hot August days that has my mind wandering back to vacations spent at small rustic fishing resorts in Minnesota. Dad loved fishing. He approached it methodically, asking the locals for the best spots, going out at the right time of day, choosing the right bait and exercising interminable patience. If he caught a fish, he would clean it and prepare it and we'd have it for supper.  If not, he would just move to another spot, or try a different type of bait or lure, and try again. He enjoyed the process of fishing as much as the catching.

Hmm. Setting a goal, researching a location, applying effective search techniques, waiting for results, adjusting your strategy depending on whether you reach that goal. Sound familiar?

Carrying the fishing example just one step further, let's talk about clean-up. That wonderful meal, a feast of bass, northern pike or catfish with home-made tartar sauce and American fried potatoes, would eventually end; and I would be on KP duty to do the dishes. Clean-up, whether it's genealogy or a fresh fish dinner, is definitely the least favorite part for me.

Why?  I chalk it up to the challenge of organization. What do I do with the paper that I accumulate after a search? What's the best method for storing documents and photos?  How do I keep track of a document that has data on several family members?

SCGS member Denise Levenick, author of the informative and entertaining blog,, recently posted some hints on solutions to the organization puzzle. You can read her suggestions at
Jamboree News

Call for Papers Announced
The 2010 Jamboree Committee is officially up and running. The Call for Papers has been announced, and submissions are already coming in. The Committee will have lots of surprises for 2010, and we can already promise another excellent conference. Stay tuned.

Jamboree Session CDs Available
JAMB-Inc., the supplier who recorded several sessions at Jamboree, has posted their CD-ordering website at JAMB-inc. SCGS is not involved in the sale of these CDs so please contact Jim Pashia directly at his website if you have any questions or to order one or more CDs.

Syllabus Copies Still Available
Print and CD copies of the Jamboree syllabus are available for purchase through the SCGS website.  The printed syllabus is $20; the CD version is $10.  The CD version requires Adobe Reader and is fully searchable. Quantities are limited so act quickly. Buy yours at the SCGS Library or order online.
August Calendar
August Calendar
Aug 01 - UDC meeting
Aug 03 - Writers Group
Aug 03 - German Work Group
Aug 07 - GHSA-CA meeting
Aug 07 - TMG User Group
Aug 09 - Legacy User Group
Aug 12 - Long Range Planning
Aug 14 - Jamboree Committee
Aug 14 - Lunch & Learn
Aug 14 - African American Interest Group
Aug 17 - Hispanic Tuesday
Aug 19 - SCGS Board of Directors
Aug 21 - German Interest Group Meeting
Aug 22 - Writers Group
Aug 29 - Irish Interest Group
Every Wednesday - French-Canadian Research Team
Every Thursday - German Research Team
Every Friday - 1890 Project Proofreading Team

Upcoming in September
Deadline for submissions for Jamboree Call for Papers - September 2010. Contact Carma-Lu Thompson at for more information.

SCGS Annual Trip to Salt Lake City - September 14-22, 2010. Contact Jan Jennings for more information

Beginners' Genealogy Class, September 9, 16, 23 and 30. Classes held at the SCGS Library, 417 Irving Drive, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Free and open to the public. Contact Beverly Truesdale at

Lunch and Learn, Saturday, September 11.  It's a double-header!  "Genealogy and World War 2 and Korean War Casualty Records" by William L. Beigel and "Military Research," by Liz Stookesberry Myers. For information, contact Charlotte Bocage at

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August 2010 Monthly Update