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pghydrangPanicle Hydrangea, sometimes known as Pee Gee Hydrangea.  This is an old fashioned favorite that can reach 8-10' tall.  It is very shade tolerant and needs a few hours of sunlight a day at best.  It has a very long blooming period which extends from July to September and sometimes even longer.  What's nice about the plant is the new flowers grow on new spring wood, which prevents winter damage to the buds.    When the new white flowers start to turn pink, cut them off and bring them in to your home for long lasting dry arrangements.  Do not add water!
Remember when you are planting the soil needs to be warm.  The best time to plant in New England is in mid May.  Even if it's warm outside doesn't mean that the soil is ready.
Perennial News!
Perennial Landscape is a proud table sponsor of the BSLA  Awards Gala again this year.  The BSLA (Boston Society of Landscape Architects) Award Gala recognizes exellence in landscape architects each year.  The event will be held on April 28th at the Hotel Marlowe in Boston.
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Can You Believe it's Spring?

We made it!  Over seventy inches of snow, countless storms and endless ice, but we are now in the season of spring, sunshine and budding plants and flowers!  Now is the time to assess your property for winter damage, think about your seasonal plantings and start planning your landscape projects.  There are endless possibilities of exciting ways to enhance your enjoyment of your yard and even increase the property value of your home.  Check out our article on outside living spaces, a growing trend that allows people to upgrade their property, add entertainment areas to their homes and enjoy the outdoors even more! 
Your Spring Cleaning Check List.

We're all excited that spring is here and now is the time to get your yard in shape for the season.  Grass, trees and plants have taken a beating  over the few seasons.  With last summer's drought and the winter's record breaking snow, your property  might be in need of some TLC. 


Here are a few things that should be done to get your property in great shape:


Check your walkways, patios, stairs and driveways for any cracks or loose pavers or bricks.  Temperature fluctuations in the winter can cause bricks and pavers to shift or crack.  Better a small repair now than major masonry work down the road.


Check your yard for large depression or heavings.  These may indicate drainage problems.  Lawns with poor drainage are susceptible to ice damage.  When standing water remains on the lawn followed by  a rapid drop in temperature, damage can occur to the tender crowns and tissues of grass.


Check your fencing to see how it fared against the weight of all the snow.  When large amounts of snow are pushed up against them (because of shoveling or plowing), this can stress the fence.  Arrange any necessary repairs or replacements.


Your grass may be damaged along the street where plows kicked up salt and debris.  Also check for bare spots on your lawn as well.  You may need some overseeding or other repairs.


Plant beds will need to be cleaned out, weeded and mulch replenished.  Mulch will help retain moisture and slow the growth of weeds.


Remove winter debris and leftover leaves from the lawn so your grass can grow in well.


Check your perennials and trees for any winter damage.  They may have fallen prey to extreme weather or hungry animals.


A spring clean up is a great way to start off the new growing season.  We would be happy to provide you with an estimate for a clean-up, lawn repair or a new planting.  Call us now at 781.729.1719 or email us at 


Outdoor Living - Expanding Your Home
Belgard image
Belgard Outdoor Living Features 

We are very excited to see the trend in what is called outdoor rooms or outdoor living rapidly growing.  There is a  trend towards "staycations" and more economical home expansions and outdoor living spaces is a fantastic way to accomplish both of those.  It may be as simple as a firepit or as complex as a full scale outside kitchen.  Pergolas with green screening can provide a quiet and private outdoor retreat.  Landscape lighting is an additional way that you can enhance your outdoor space as well as increase security on your property.   We are proud to be able to install Belgard Pavers many innovative and beautiful outdoor living features.  There are numerous choices and we will be happy to help you design your dream space that allows you to maximize your property and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends.  We will

 include a design at no cost to you with your construction project.
Spring is an exciting time of year and we can't wait to get going this season.  Please remember that we are a full service company and provide installation of stone walls, patios, walkways, stairs, fencing, landscape lighting, water and fire features, outdoor living spaces, plantings, new lawns and much more.  We are always here for you. 


Scott Carzo


Perennial Landscape Corporation