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 September 2010
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 Fall is right around the corner!
You still have plenty of time for your landscape projects.  Now is the perfect time to install a new lawn, replace that walkway, stairs or put in that new patio.  You don't have to give up your garden color either!   We have plenty of recommendations for plants that will brighten up your yard for the fall season into the early winter months and some winter interest as well..  Call us now for a free estimate on that landscaping project you just didn't have time to get to this summer!   We can be reached at 781.729.1719 or email us at
While it's disheartening to see your lovely lawn looking brown and forlorn, it's usually just an indication that your grass is in a dormant state.  It's not dead, it's sleeping and waiting for much needed rain to roll in.  If you don't have a sprinkler system or if you are in a town where water bans are in effect and you can't use your system, there are some things you can do to help your yard survive the heat and lack of water.
If you can't water your lawn or it's gone into a dormant state, the best thing to do for now is to leave it alone.  Don't add fertilizer, weed killer or any other chemicals to your yard until it is green again.  Try to avoid traffic on your yard if it's completely brown.
While your grass can bounce back from a long dry spell (most grasses can survive a 4 to 6 week without significant rainfall), newly planted trees and shrubs, as well as newly planted grass and lawns,  are a different story.  Their root systems are not fullly developed yet and it's harder for them to gather enough moisture to survive. 
Mulch can reduce moisture lost from the soil;  a two inch layer around bushes and trees can help them retain the water they need.  Drip irrigation bags are a GREAT  way to help your plants get the water they need at the slow rate required.  The bags need to be refilled every three days to a week, depending upon how hot and dry the weather is.  You can also use soaker hoses.
If your yard is in a dormant state, it's an excellent time to assess what areas of your lawn are weakest so you  know where you will need to reseed in the fall.  If your lawn is in need of major repair, mid-August to mid-October is an excellent time to install new lawns or perform major lawn repair.  In fact, it is the first choice for planting time of grass and new lawns.Call now for a free estimate and remember, we are always here for you and your landscaping needs.
Your yard can benefit from a fall makeover as well!  While some plants bloom in spring, they may seem dull and drab now.  Why not extend the beauty of your landscaping and install some plants for fall color and interest?  Bob Kilroy, our in-house certified  horticulturalist, along with many excellent independent designers and architects suggest some of these following plants  to boost the look of your yard.
Ornamental grasses have great interest in the fall.  They can even be used in planters.  Some recommended grasses are Fountain Grasses, Maiden Grasses, Silver Grasses and Switch Grasses.
Astors are also very popular in the fall.  The colors are vivid, with purples, blues and burgundies.
Fall is also the season for Sedums.  Both the flowers and leaves are colorful and there are many, many choices.
Other plants to consider are Mums, Rudbeckia, Plumbags, Million Bells, Carefree Roses and Lamiums.
lighting Landscape Lighting:
The days are already growing shorter and soon many of us will be coming home at dusk or even in the dark.  Landscape lighting is not only a great way to enhance the structure and beauty of your home and yard, but it's also a smart way to make it safer and easier to move around your property at night and keep unwanted visitors at bay.  From the raccoon who wants a midnight snack from your garbage can to two legged intruders who may pose a greater threat, a well lit yard can help deter these intruders. 
Well placed lighting can show off those lovely trees or outstanding architectural features of your home.  It can add to the beauty of walkways and patios and allow you to increase enjoyment of your property. 
Call us for a free estimate now at 781.729.1719 or email us at
We appreciate your interest in our company.   Remember that we provide many services from installation of patios, walkways, stairs, water features, landscape lighting and plantings.  Call now for your free estimate.  781.729.1719
Scott Carzo
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