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Winter is over and it's time to think of springtime.  The snow and ice are gone and your yard is ready to come alive again.  Perennial Landscape Corporation is here to help!  We offer a multitude of services that will keep your property looking its best and leave you free to enjoy the spring and your beautiful yard!
purple flowerHow Your Property Would  Benefit of Our Services
 Our many services will help keep your yard looking beautiful year round.  We can help with stonewalls, patios, walkways, new plantings, new lawns, landscape lighting and more. From our Spring clean up to our Fall clean up, we can meet all of your landscaping needs. 
Spring-cleaning is a tradition in most homes.  Why not give your yard a spring-cleaning?  With the harsh elements, snow and ice, winter can be rough on your property.  By removing debris, raking, replenishing the mulch and re-edging your beds, you can give your lawn a much needed boost for the season.
THATCHING (technically called dethatching)  
Thatch is a layer of cut grass, plant stems, roots, leaves and other debris below live blades of grass.  In healthy lawns, it is 1/2 inch or less.  A healthy thatch layer on your lawn helps hold in moisture and prevent heat stress.
Too much thatch can create an environment for diseases and pests as well as prevent air and water from reaching the roots of the grass.  It is recommended that lawns be dethatched at least once a year.
The best time of year to de-thatch is in spring or early fall.  Your lawn may look a little rough following the de-thatching, but it will quickly grow back and you will have a healthier and more attractive lawn.
A fresh skim coat of mulch always looks fantastic.  Mulch also helps keep moisture in and reduces weeds.  As it decomposes mulch releases nutrients back into the soil.
Pruning is the process of cutting away unwanted, unnecessary or undesirable plant parts.  It can help control growth direction and remove diseased or damaged sections.  Pruning can help provide a more accessible shape or keep nourishment from being diverted from leaves.  Pruning perennials helps maintain plant vigor and prolong blooming.
It is important to prune correctly in order to prevent damaging or even killing the plant.  Improper pruning can weaken or deform the plant.  Pruning is a skill and it is easy to injure your plant if you make incorrect cuts or use the wrong tools.  When pruning trees or hedges, it is easy to tear the bark if you don't know where or how to make the cut.  It is also important to know how to create "windows" to let light in so the entire plant flourishes and not just the surface leaves and flowers.
Our landscape technicians are extremely well trained in how to prune properly and know the correct tool and technique to use on various plants, bushes and trees.  We would be more than happy to set up a time to walk your property to recommend a pruning program specific to your yard's needs.
Like our spring clean-up, this service helps get you ready for the upcoming season.  We rake and remove all leaves and debris, coming out two or three times in the fall season to keep your yard clean and beautiful.  Beyond aesthetics, your yard benefits from a fall clean-up by removing the leaves that can smother and injure your grass.  We attempt to do two or three smaller clean-ups to keep ahead of any early snow storms.  It is also more efficient labor wise to do two or three smaller clean-ups versus one large clean-up.
purple flowerPlanting perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees not only increases the asthetic value of your property, but can also increase the monetary value as well.  Seasonal blooming adds to your enjoyment of your yard, but how do you decide what to plant?
Let our experts help with your planting.  We take all the worry out of your landscape design.  We know what plants will thrive in your yard, where and how they should be planted and how to plan for seasonal colors.  We even know how to pick the best specimens for your yard.  We are more than happy to schedule a time to walk your property and help you come up with the landscape you desire.
circular patioPerennial Landscape Corporation provides many other services, such as stone walls, patios, walkways, ponds, driveways, drainage, landscape lighting and much more!  We are here for all of your landscaping needs!
Remember, now is the perfect time for your landscape project!

Scott Carzo
Perennial Landscape Corporation