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Thousands of comments received on Draft 2050 RTP 


About 4,000 public comments from nearly 1,500 individuals and organizations were received on the Draft 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and its Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). The Transportation Committee will receive a report on the public comments and staff responses at its next meeting at 9 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 2, at SANDAG, 401 B St., Suite 800, in downtown San Diego. A matrix of the public comments and staff responses will be available online in late August by visiting the Sept. 2 Transportation Committee meeting link. The SANDAG Board of Directors also will receive a report on the public comments at its Sept. 9 meeting.
About 500 comments were received on the previous RTP. The higher number of comments for this RTP may be attributed to a number of factors including the variety of communication avenues for making public comments, the ease of use of new media such as online comments, public interest in new regulations related to sustainable communities and greenhouse gas reduction targets, and San Diego's leading role as the first region in the state to develop a regional transportation plan under SB 375.
SANDAG has crafted a Draft Plan calling for $196 billion to be invested during the next 40 years in the San Diego region that will integrate the transportation system, transform the transit network, and create sustainable communities. The Draft 2050 RTP and its SCS demonstrate that the Plan meets state greenhouse gas reduction targets while proposing to preserve more than half of the region's land as open space, create 156 new miles of trolley services, add 130 miles of Express Lanes to facilitate carpools, vanpools, and premium bus service, and dedicate $3.4 billion for bicycle and pedestrian projects. For an interactive online tour of the Draft Plan, visit www.Envision2050sd.com.   
Take the challenge 


Rideshare Week 2011 is October 3 - 7. This year, San Diegans are asked to take the challenge all month long! Take the Rideshare 2011 Corporate Challenge and join other San Diego County companies and organizations as they encourage employees to replace their solo commute with a new, more sustainable commute choice. Register today to take the Corporate Challenge. It's a fun way to help your company go green, learn about pre-tax commuter benefits, and even free up valuable parking spaces! Plus, it can save your employees time and money, and help reduce stress. Registration closes September 16.


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