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Reduced greenhouse gas emissions new RTP focus

Every few years, SANDAG looks ahead to the future and makes plans for how best to get people and goods from Point A to Point B through the development of a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). This year, things are a little different. We’re at the forefront of a statewide
effort that makes sustainability a planning priority.

SANDAG is the first major Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) preparing an RTP that will comply with provisions
of Senate Bill 375, which requires the development of a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). The SCS shows how development patterns, the transportation network, policies and programs can work together to meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for cars and light trucks. These targets are set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The SCS also must be consistent with the Regional Housing Needs Assessment and address protection of sensitive resource areas.

Work on SANDAG 2050 RTP under way
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SANDAG is in the beginning stages of developing its 2050 Regional Transportation Plan and
Sustainable Communities Strategy, scheduled for Board adoption in the summer of 2011.

Staff is working on developing a preferred transit network from three under consideration as part of the Urban Area Transit Strategy for incorporation into the RTP. The preferred transit network will be combined with a draft highway network and will form the basis for the region’s vision for transportation. A draft unconstrained network – not limited by funding sources – is expected to be presented to the Board in the summer and will provide a starting point for project priority setting based on the region’s needs and available funds.

Initial draft scenarios aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been developed and preliminary analysis has been conducted. The results from the GHG
target-setting scenarios will be shared with the California Air Resources Board, which will give SANDAG a draft GHG-reduction target June 30. Public input on the draft target and the SANDAG analysis will be solicited in July. CARB will issue a final target by September 30. Alternative SCS scenarios designed to meet the GHG reduction target will be available for public input and presented to the Board for consideration in the fall. These alternatives then will be incorporated into the draft RTP.

Just concluded is the development of transportation evaluation criteria for highway corridors, transit services, connectors, and freight projects, approved by the SANDAG Board in June. In May, the Board voted to extend the comment period for a Notice of Preparation of a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to June 18.

The draft RTP and its EIR is expected to be released in early 2011.

We want to know what you think
You live here now, so chances are you have an opinion on what’s working, what’s not, and what might be a better way to do things in the future. Where will we all live in the decades to come? What will be the best way for us to get around? How do we preserve our open spaces? And how do we address these issues in a way that helps us reduce greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening our economy?

You can help us answer these questions. SANDAG has a variety of ways you can keep informed and share your ideas with us. RTP-related items are discussed at public meetings, including those of our Board, committees, and working groups. Please come! If you can’t make it to one of our meetings, we’re continually out and about in the community talking about the RTP and we’d welcome

the opportunity to speak to your group. You can learn more about the RTP by visiting our Web site and becoming a fan on Facebook. If you have questions or comments about the RTP or you want to know when RTP items are on the Board agenda, you can send us an e-mail and we will keep you in the loop.

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Studies are building blocks of the RTP
A new Regional Growth Forecast and the results of other studies will be incorporated into the development of the 2050 RTP, including the Climate Action Strategy, Regional Energy Strategy Update, Regional Bicycle Plan, Urban Area Transit Strategy, Comprehensive Freight Gateway Forecast, airport multimodal planning, high speed rail planning and other corridor and subregional studies.

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