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Fourth Video Concludes Series Release: Footage of Grand Teton's stunning glacial lakes serves as 'From Valley to Peak' finale   

Wildlife Whereabouts: Curious about Grizzly 399 and cubs?  We've got updates!  

In the Spotlight Grand Teton Lodge Company  

Love Photography? Register for this fall's workshop in the park--and mention us at sign-up!

Free Geology Event: Shaky Tetons And Breathing Yellowstone: Earthquake and Volcano Science And New Monitoring Tools      

New iPhone App: Featuring stories about Grand Teton, available this July for free! 

Summer Activities: Make sure you participate in at least one of the many free ranger-led events! 

Discover Grand Teton Online: A dynamic website focused on Grand Teton   



The release of Glacial Lakes in Grand Teton concludes our recent project involving Jackson-based videographers New Thought Media. After capturing some of the year's most spectacular footage of natural phenomena in the park, they produced the four-part series 'From Valley to Peak.'  We're delighted to share the fourth and final video with you this month.  


Visit our YouTube page to see the first three videos, and click the video link below to enjoy gorgeous shots of clear mountain streams and serene glacial lakes.




The Foundation partnered with Grand Teton Association to commission  the project in an effort to highlight the natural wonders of Grand Teton through a medium that is both contemporary and accessible. The four minute videos showcase a selection of striking natural occurrences through artfully captured landscapes, time-lapses and insightful narration.  


'From Valley to Peak' videos will soon be available as part of a mobile phone app!  

Check Grand Teton Association's website for information.  

       Wildlife Whereabouts

Do you know the name of this furry little creature who seems to be smiling about his gloriously green surroundings?  Eager for an update on Grizzly 399 and her cubs?  Catch up on the news with Grand Teton's wildlife in this month's edition of Wildlife Whereabouts!


Uinta ground squirrels, like the one pictured above, are known locally as chislers and occur in colonies at low elevations in the valley.  They prefer sagebrush/grasslands and agricultural areas and are an important food source for raptors, coyotes, weasels, and badgers.    

  • A new wolf pack is denning in the southern part of the park and wolf pups from all Grand Teton packs are out learning about the new world around them.  Wolf pups, playful and growing rapidly, are out of the dens; some have been moved to rendezvous sites.  
  • Osprey are incubating eggs; at 6 weeks, bald eagle nestlings are halfway through their nesting, and loons are passing through on their migration north.
  • Moose have calved and are VERY protective of their young. Please be cautious.
  • Hibernating rodents, such as Uinta ground squirrels, chipmunks, and marmots are active.
  • Pikas, smaller relatives of hares and rabbits, are becoming more noticeable as the snow continues to recede.
  • Neotropical birds, such as ruby crowned kinglets, western tanagers, and hummingbirds have returned.
  • The bison herd in Grand Teton is still calving.
  • Pronghorn antelope have their fawns during June.
  • Grizzly bear 610 and 3 yearling cubs have been observed frequently near the Potholes, Signal Mountain, and Jackson Lake Lodge during the last month.
  • Grizzly bear 399 and her two yearling cubs split up in May, a year earlier than normal (most cubs are cast off as 2 year olds). All 3 have been observed several times since then traveling alone. During the weekend of June 9th the two yearlings were observed traveling together in the south end of the park, the first time since the family split up. Independent yearlings generally have a higher rate of survival when they remain with siblings.   
Learn about the Foundation-funded Wildlife and Natural Resource Initiative and the crucial research of black and grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars it enables. 


In The Spotlight 


An authorized concessioner within Grand Teton National Park,  Grand Teton Lodge Company has operated lodging, restaurant, tour and activity services at a number of Grand Teton's most notable landmarks since 1936. Today, these include Jenny Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, Jenny Lake and Gros Ventre campgrounds, and perhaps most iconic of all, Jackson Lake Lodge--the modern-day execution of an idea for a park hotel had by John D. Rockefeller Jr. over fifty years ago. And if you've spent time at any of the Grand Teton Lodge Company venues within the park--whether the cozy cabins at Colter Bay or the classically refined dining room at Jenny Lake Lodge--chances are you've noticed remnants of Rockefeller's historic commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation.  The list of sustainability initiatives to which this company has dedicated itself, both outwardly and behind-the-scenes, is far from flimsy. Lodge guests can appreciate features like low-flow water fixtures and 'Sustainable Cuisine' menu offerings in GTLC restaurants; the company also encourages its personnel to participate in projects like the one recently launched to bring composting facilities to Teton County.  


But beyond such instances of employee support for green community efforts and a commendable list of resource-efficient architectural elements, Grand Teton Lodge Company is helping to preserve the park in a way that is tangible to millions of Grand Teton visitors each year, whether they step foot inside a GTLC building during their visit to the park or not. 2012 marks Grand Teton Lodge Company's thirteenth year as a corporate partner of the Foundation, with the collective amount given totaling over $550,000. Over the years, such gifts have supported pivotal projects in the park as the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and Auditorium, wildlife research and protection programs, trail renewal, and event sponsorship.


Each of these long-standing and varied efforts to support the park, both independently and through gifts to the Foundation, connect back to the company's implementation of a comprehensive sustainability program called Envision™. "The program's name not only represents our vision for the company's individual management systems," says Levi Thorn, director of sales and marketing at GTLC, "but also communicates the long-term influence our sustainable efforts could have for our guests, our employees and ultimately in setting an example for the broader community."


For 13 years as a committed partner of the Foundation and over half of a million dollars in support of our programs--thank you, Grand Teton Lodge Company, for all you do to protect the park and inspire its visitors, year after year!


Follow us on Twitter   Stay up-to-date on more of our partners' great contributions and involvements!  Now you can find and follow our corporate supporters in a central location on Twitter.     

Check out our new list of Foundation Supporters here


Skill Building in Grand Teton 


This fall: Benefit from the instruction of two of the area's most notable photographers--and help support our work in the park!  


Join Foundation friends Ed Riddell and Jonothan Stuart amid stunning seasonal color change for a four-day photography workshop in Jackson Hole and the Tetons. For every person that mentions GTNPF at sign-up, Ed will donate $100 to the Foundation in support of our mission to protect and enhance Grand Teton's treasured resources.


Ed and Jon, both veteran photographers and instructors, have lived and photographed in Jackson Hole for more than 35 years.  They'll share with you their favorite shooting locations during each day of morning and evening field trips.  Many of these locations are seldom visited by the hundreds of photographers who visit Jackson Hole during fall color season. 


Emphasis is on hands-on learning during field outings.  Daily field trips and critiques along with group and individual instruction are guaranteed to make you a better photographer.




Thursday, Sept. 27 - Sunday, Sept. 30 




16 (maximum)


None (all ability levels welcome)


Click here for additional information and to sign up!


BobSmith Free event! Shaky Tetons And Breathing Yellowstone: Earthquake and Volcano Science And New Monitoring Tools     


Bob Smith reviewing GTNP earthquake data
Bob Smith reviewing GTNP earthquake data
Grand Teton National Park in conjunction with Grand Teton National Park Foundation and Teton Science Schools will co-host a special presentation by Dr. Bob Smith, distinguished professor and professor emeritus of geology and geophysics at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. 

Bob's talk,
Shaky Tetons And Breathing Yellowstone: Earthquake and Volcano Science And New Monitoring Toolswill include information about some of the most active geologic features on earth,  including dynamics of the Yellowstone volcano and the Teton fault and how they work, and much more!


Friday, July 6, 6:30 p.m.  

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center Auditorium, Moose, Wyoming

The discussion is free and open to the public. Seating is available for the first 150 guests on a first come-first served basis. For further information, please contact the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center at 307.739.3399.

TravelStorysGPS image
Screenshot of TravelStorysGPS
Stay tuned for the launch of TravelStorysGPS, a free app that shares vivid and engaging stories about the history, geology, animals and activities in Grand Teton National Park!

Created in partnership wiht Grand Teton National Park, Story Clark's Conservation Consulting, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, and Give by Cell this innovative app will introduce, or reintroduce, travelers to the land they love and to the organizations that work to protect it.

Restaurant sponsors Jackson Lake Lodge's Mural Room and Cafe Genevieve are on board and ready to offer a tasty treat for users - more to come in July!

A wide variety of ranger-led activities take place throughout the park during the summer season. Summer programs begin in early June and last through Labor Day weekend. Join a ranger to learn about the wild communities, history and geology of the park!

Discover techniques that will help you
stay safe while traveling and camping in bear country

Learn how mountain climbers get to the top of peaks like the Grand Teton! Click here for a full list of free, ranger-led events in the park.

For details about the summer speaker series and the park's second annual film festival, visit the park's website here.    



This resource complements the park's existing website by highlighting the park's history, geology, ecosystems, flora and fauna as well as the Junior Ranger program.   

It's a fantastic reference for the entire family! 

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