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A Slice of Summer

This summer in Grand Teton was absolutely amazing.  The warm air and blue sky offered a much-needed break from the snow we saw all the way into early June and most recently on October 6th.  What was incredibly inspiring and received international press, is the presence of grizzly bears #399, #610 and their five cubs in northern Grand Teton National Park.    


Our good friend and supporter, photographer Mike Cavaroc of Free Roaming Photography, created this video from the footage he shot this summer in Grand Teton.    


It captures the joy that grizzlies #399, #610 and their cubs brought locals and visitors alike, while also highlighting stunning time-lapse scenes and footage of other animals in Grand Teton.  As we are entering the eight (maybe nine) months of snow, we hope you will think fondly on this slice of summer in Grand Teton.        

The North Face Brings Action-Packed Event to Jackson Hole  

We are very excited to announce that the North Face, one of our corporate supporters, is bringing renowned rock climber Mark Synott to Jackson on October 19th through their Speaker Series.  The Speaker Series is a nationwide tour featuring seven of the North Face's most well-known and fascinating athletes.  We hope you will join us to hear about Mark's climbing quests from the Arctic to the Himalayas to the Amazon and Northern Africa. General admission tickets are free.   Reserved seats are $8 and a $20 ticket will grant you access to a pre-show VIP reception where attendees will meet Mark from 5:30-6:30 pm at Nani's Cucina Italiana.    


Thank you to the North Face for your support of our Youth Engagement Initiative programs: the Youth Conservation Program and Children in Nature, also known as Pura Vida.  

The North Face Speaker Series


 Wildlife Whereabouts

October has been a month of change in Grand Teton and the surrounding Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Temperatures have dropped and we've had our first snow.  The animals in Grand Teton are busy preparing for their stay during the long winter or for their migration to a milder climate.  


Bison in snow
Photo Credit: Douglas C. Ayers
  • The elk rut is winding down.

  • Fall colors have peaked and leaves are falling steadily as deciduous trees and shrubs prepare for winter.

  • Snow in the high elevations forces bighorn sheep lower and to south facing and windblown slopes up high.

  • Pronghorn antelope begin staging for migration.

  • Remaining osprey head south for wintering areas along southern coasts of the US, Mexico and Cuba.

  • The last marmots and Uinta ground squirrels have gone underground for the winter.

  • Fish move to deeper water as river and stream levels drop.

  • Beavers continue to cache food near lodges, preparing for the freeze.

  • Bears continue to forage, but activity levels start to drop in preparation for hibernation.

  • Most black bears begin hibernation during October.  
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In the Spotlight    
Heather James Fine Art Logo Heather Sacre and Jim Carona, the couple behind Heather James Fine Art, are clearly passionate about history and beautiful, inspiring things--all the more reason they were captivated by Grand Teton after an unforgettable one-day trip.  Ten years later, they returned and made their way up Spring Creek in a horse-drawn sleigh to tie the knot on a sunny 7-degree day.  Now they've expanded beyond their Palm Desert gallery and put down roots in Jackson, too.  We couldn't be luckier they've joined the Jackson community. 

For many of us who live here, Grand Teton looms large, providing the backdrop for adventure and a reason to care about extraordinary places.  Heather James Gallery"It's an honor to be part of such enduring magnificence and to play a role in ensuring the park is here for generations to come."  Heather says.  "We believe in giving back, in being part of the drive that creates the opportunity and experiences that change people's lives and makes them better people."  The Foundation's educational programs resonate with the couple who share a teaching background and believe learning, not just formal education but experiential education, is the key to a happy, fulfilled life.

Grand Teton has inspired scores of artists to paint and photograph majestic animals and soaring  peaks.  Heather James Gallery HJFA brings social commentary and a different
perspective on many subjects, including wildlife and the environment.  Two intriguing artists to check out:  Penelope Gottlieb tackles habitat destruction, invasive species, and the ramifications of species extinction through beautiful works that incorporate elements of still life and comic books.  Yoshio Ikezaki uses his energy, not a paintbrush, to guide ink across the paper to create ethereal landscapes, inviting us to contemplate nature and man's relationship to it.

Visit the gallery and you'll discover a wide range of movements, subjects, and cultures, from antiquities to avant-garde and beyond.  Heather and Jim have a natural curiosity, love of learning, and true appreciation--not only for the aesthetics of art, but for its history and broad social context. "Picasso was influenced by African masks--their line, shape, and simplicity," Heather says.  "To place a Picasso next to a Gabon mask allows the pieces to complement each other in style and form, but also to share a common past."

Looking for something interesting?  Stop by and see Heather and Jim's extraordinary collection.  On behalf of the Foundation and the park, thank you so much for your support!


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