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An almost indescribable sound 

It's a noise many people have never heard, but unforgettable to all who have been lucky enough to hear the eerie sound. Bull elk make a loud vocalization that consists of screams that can be heard for miles, known as bugling. 

Elk in front of foliage

Click image to hear elk bugling. 


 Bugling is heard in the fall, when male elk are trying to attract female mates and display dominance to other bulls.  Female elk are interested in the males that bugle most often and that have the loudest call.  Just after the sun sets in Grand Teton National Park find a pullout along the park road between Jenny Lake and Moose and you will have the amazing opportunity to hear the peculiar sound of a bull elk's call.


Photo credit: Irene F. Greenberg   


The month of fire

If you've been anywhere near Jackson this September you have undoubtedly noticed smoke in the air.  The news of prescribed fires, lightning-ignited fires, and fire danger ratings have been as omnipresent as

Tetons surrounded with smoke

the smoke itself.   


Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Teton Interagency Fire personnel, Grand Teton National Park natural resource managers, various other fire crews, and many others, Jackson residents have remained safe.


To stay up-to-date about fire threat as well as fires in the area, visit the Teton Interagency Fire website and follow Grand Teton National Park and the Foundation  on Twitter.  Photo credit: Lisa Robertson  

 Wildlife Whereabouts


It is inarguable -- fall is here!  Mornings are crisp, the leaves are changing, the elk are bugling and all of the animals in Grand Teton are preparing for the long winter ahead.  More specifically: 

  • Elk and moose are now in their rutting period.
  • The bison rut has ended.

  • Songbirds are migrating south.

  • Bears are in hyperphagia, a period of intense foraging prior to denning.

  • Pika are still gathering, drying, and stacking vegetation on their "haypiles" which they will subsist on through the winter.

  • Some osprey have begun their long migrations south.
  • Wolf packs are traveling in groups, which include pups that were born this year.
  • Carnivores and scavengers are seeking out gut piles left from hunter remains in national forest open hunt areas.
  • Some ungulates are starting to put on their winter coats.
  • Beavers have built lodges and are intensively building food caches that will sustain them under the ice during winter.

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Beautiful foliage  

In the Spotlight

Coca-Cola logo      

While The Coca-Cola Company is best known for its 500 thirst-quenching products, the funding it provides to revitalize parks and encourage outdoor activity is equally refreshing. Miles of hiking trails have been upgraded with the company's help, and the  America is Your Park campaign continues to award significant money for recreation projects. For more than 40 years, the world's largest beverage company has supported efforts to better parks across the nation for the benefit of us all. "To date, we have donated more than $14 million toward the restoration and renovation of America's parks," Quinton Martin, the vice-president of community marketing at Coca-Cola North America, says.


Coca-Cola came to Grand Teton this year to support the  Youth Conservation Program trail crew and Pura Vida (Children in Nature), an outreach program for local Latino students. Coca-Cola's funding directly resulted in getting young people outdoors and recreating. It also translated into trail improvements, bridge work, and a host of restoration projects--real work that was needed in the park--and enabled the unforgettable adventures like camping trips that lead to a love for nature and a desire to protect iconic places.


Helping kids connect with national parks will keep wilderness relevant well into the future. Martin says the company was thrilled to work with Grand Teton to provide funding for the Foundation's youth programs. Not only does this initiative enhance the park, but it also provides meaningful work opportunities and sustainability information for young people.


 Live Positively, Coca-Cola's commitment to sustainability, was created in 2007 and is a modern expression of the company's heritage of caring about people and the planet.  Projects range from combating cancer with  Choose You and renewing projects through Sprite Sparks Parks to encouraging volunteerism with Boys & Girls Clubs. "Coca-Cola always aims to support programs that make a positive difference in the lives of consumers and the communities where they live, work, and play." Martin says. "We are especially proud to support programs that empower young people with the tools they need to live a balanced, active lifestyle." 


On behalf of the YCP and Pura Vida kids who had a summer to remember, thank you for your generous support this year!



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