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Happy National Park Week!

Free entry into Grand Teton during National Park Week  

Come on out to Grand Teton to celebrate National Park Week, April 16th through April 24th!  The focus of this year's National Park Week is "Healthy Parks, Healthy People" to highlight the connection between human and environmental health and the vital role America's national parks play in both.  At Grand Teton you can:

If you're planning a backcountry trip, the following video created by Grand Teton National Park will provide you with guidelines to make your trip safe and enjoyable.  For example, if you plan to hike, consider your group's expectations and abilities -- number of miles per day, elevation gained, level of difficulty, degree of seclusion, loop or destination trip, and lake shore versus alpine.  


Grand Teton National Park Backcountry Trip Planning Video

We hope to see you in the park this spring and summer!


Wildlife Whereabouts 

Coming to you for the first time, this month, is our new section Wildlife Whereabouts.  This section will be present in each monthly e-mail, to keep you in-the-know about the ever-changing landscape of Grand Teton.  On Monday, April 4th, Grand Teton National Park Foundation friend, Will Rigsby, shared this photo he took of two wolves at Moran Junction in Grand Teton.  Wolves are out and about, localizing around den sites and preparing to give birth to pups in late April.
Wolves at Moran Junction by Will Rigsby 

Grand Teton biologists are tracking wolf pack information such as geographic range, den locations, productivity, and habitat use to determine how this long absent predator is recovering and reshaping the ecosystem dynamics. Foundation funding provides equipment such as radio tracking collars, telemetry equipment, and monitoring flights that would otherwise be in short supply.


Grand Teton Senior Wildlife Biologist Steve Cain shared even more wildlife happenings! 

  • bald eagles and other early season nesting birds are incubating eggs
  • birds that migrate out of Jackson Hole in the fall are returning in increasing numbers
  • the first bison calves of the year are being born
  • bears are showing up in increasing numbers, looking for winter-killed carcasses to feed on
  • moose and other ungulates are in their toughest time of the year, with low reserves from the long, snowy winter

Send us your photos of Grand Teton wildlife that we will share with others on Facebook and/or in these monthly e-mails!  Thank you for sharing, Will!


New Friends Bring Funding for Important Projects 

In early 2010, the Foundation began a concerted effort to tell our story to companies around the country and garner support to advance trail improvements, education, wildlife research and protection, and programming that connects young people to extraordinary wilderness experiences.

We've discovered that sharing Grand Teton's long-term goals and challenges with corporations and their associated foundations has opened up a world of funding from groups that are committed to making Grand Teton the best place it can be.  We've not only widened our reach and increased project visibility, we've also gotten to know terrific people who work for these organizations along the way.

Please remember these new supporters as well as our longtime friends -- they're doing wonderful things to help us with our cause:


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For a complete listing of our local and national corporate supporters, visit our Partner page.


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