February 21, 2011

Dream of "Love"
The Great Mystery...
Called LOVE!

We probably use the word "love" more than any other word in the English language - and in so many contexts!


Yet do we really know what it means?


Let's see...there's: Falling in love, Self love, True love, Familial love, Romantic love, Erotic love, Platonic love, Love at first sight, Puppy love,

Co-dependent love,  Unrequited love, Love of things, and more!

And is there a different love in different situations for different people and things? There's love for: Partners & Spouses, Children, Family, Friends, Pets, Religious leaders and figures, God, Objects such as cars, Teams (football, baseball, etc.), and You yourself - and they all seem to be different!   

In this issue of the newsletter we will share
some  insights on what love is...and isn't. We hope that what you find here will stimulate new inquiries into the phenomenon known as love.

And perhaps you will even join us for a weekend of "Awakening of Love" on March 25th - 27th (see information about it below)!

With love


The Awakening of Love    
with Satyarth
i Peloquin

March 25th - 27th.
Fri. 7pm - 10pm; Sat. 12 noon - 9pm;
Sun 10pm - 7pm 


Awakening of Love is a  unique 2-1/2 day workshop designed to  

shake the dust off your heart .

The workshop is about discovering ways to be more authentic and honest, connecting with yourself and others in ways that create trust and joy. We all have a longing for love and to be seen and heard. This work is about awakening  

that longing inside of us.

Awakening of Love is for people who truly want change in their lives.

We work with honest, loving self exposure, supporting you to connect with your true strength and value through unique exercises and meditations.

These days will ignite your passion to realize your true potential and to live with an open heart.  From this place of self love and trust, life becomes an invitation into the unknown and anything is possible.

We welcome you to join us on this Awakening adventure.


Satyarthi Peloquin has been leading training programs for the last 34 years. He is the creator of the internationally known form of Body Therapy, Holistic Pain Healing, a psychosomatic and deep massage method that releases pain at its roots. He is a senior facilitator at the Learning Love Institute and has been leading workshops in Learning Love for the past 10 years
For 10 years he has been a leader in the Path of Love and has been deeply involved with this work for 17 years. He has been trained in Trauma Healing, Co-Dependency, Structural Integration, many forms of bodywork, Family Constellations, Neo Reichian and Hypnosis.


To register, or for more information , CLICK HERE.  - or call 206-772-8897, or write

info@worldofmeditation.com; Cost: $250. 


A Message from Subhan:

Dear Friends,

There is an amazing workshop happening in Seattle on the weekend of March 25 - 27.  

It is called "Awakening of Love."

I have done work with the facilitator, Satyarthi, and all I can say is that  

it was a life altering experience for me.  

This work helped me to connect deeply with my heart and with gratitude in ways I have never experienced before.

If you know me, you know that  

I do not say that lightly!


So come join join Satyarthi for a weekend of inner exploration and a rich experience of connecting with your heart.

For all the details, CLICK HERE.:

And sign up now to reserve your space!

With love,


Subhan at POL 
Quotes of the Moment:

Love is...


When they attack you and you notice that you love them with all your heart, your Work is done.  

Byron Katie 



Celebrate all the things you don't like about yourself -  love yourself.
Lady Gaga



Can miles truly separate you from friends? If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?
Richard Bach



Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr



Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.
T. S. Eliot



Love, like a river, will cut a new path
whenever it meets an obstacle.
Crystal Middlemas

If a person is incapable of loving himself he cannot love anybody else in the world. Love begins at home, just as everything else begins at home. Love yourself, then go on radiating love. Radiate it to the whole universe. The farther the reach of your love, the bigger your consciousness.  


Seeking love keeps you from the awareness that you already have it - that you are it.
Byron Katie

Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.
Rabindranath Tagore

Life's experiences tell us again and again that expectations and desires are the cause of disappointment and anger and sadness and pain.

Once we really truly understand this, then the next step can be to stop asking people for things they cannot give us.  


Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Kalil Gibran



I am in Love with Love

and Love is in love with me.

My body is in Love with the soul

and the soul is in Love with my body.

I opened my arms to Love

and Love embraced me like a lover.


Hand of Love

A Quick Glance at Upcoming Events.... (For details, check out our Web calendar.
Events, Workshops, & Classes: February - March - April

Special Events

*March  25th - 27th  

Awakening of Love   

[To see the details, click here.



*March 19th  Chakra Meditations for the Body's Energy Highway  

11am - 5pm, At the World of Meditation.

"Chakra" is a Sanskrit word for our body's energetic centers. Chakra Meditations bring a sense of balance and flow. All schools of meditation and yoga have meditations emphasizing the chakras. Spend a day experiencing seven different chakras. Bring a light bag lunch and wear comfortable clothing. The instructors have been meditators for over thirty years, having lived and taught in India, Japan, Europe and the US.Offered through North Seattle Community College. Fee: $49.00. To register - online go here. 


*April 2nd - Carolyn's Facial Fitness - Facelift through Exercise!

You'll learn 28 facelift, facial exercises that can be done in 15 minutes a day. The class lasts approximately two and a half hours or until you feel confident enough to do the face exercises on your own. Individual attention is given to every student. Time: 1:00PM - 3:30PM. Cost: $120.00 which includes the $68.00 Kit that has an instructional DVD; a Pacing and Final CD; a Workbook showing the muscles of the face & the use of them in each exercise, along with bonus exercises; and Color Photo Illustrated  

Flash Cards.

See more details HERE. 




*April 19th - June 14th, 7pm - 9pm Meditation: From Chatter to Peace of Mind;

Meditation simply means a silence which brings serenity to the heart, the mind, and the being. By meditating you can create more relaxation, clarity and self-acceptance, while benefiting your health, relationships and work. Each class will explore different meditation techniques. Beginners and seasoned meditators welcomed! The instructor is a certified meditation facilitator with thirty years experience in teaching meditation worldwide. Bring a mat or large towel and a pillow to class.

An 8-week course (Tues.) at North Seattle Community College (NSCC). Item: 7168; On Campus Location: CC 1254A; Fee: $95.00. To register, call NSCC at (206) 527 - 3705; or register online - click here


*April 20th - June 8th, 7pm - 9pm Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love - The Class; Throughout the course, you will move through four explorations: How can I discover what fulfills me? How do I translate what I enjoy into real marketplace opportunities? What are the obstacles that stop me from taking steps to pursue my ideas and dreams? And how do I deal with these obstacles?

An 8-week course (Weds.) at North Seattle Community College (NSCC).  Item: 7123;; On campus location: CC3457 Fee: $115. To register, call NSCC at (206) 527 - 3705; or register online - click here

A Joke for Your Funny Bone!
Something to tickle your fancy!              laughing girl

Zsa Zsa Gabor's take on marriage: 


"A man in love is not complete until he is married.  Then he is finished.


"And getting divorced just because you don't love a man is almost as silly as getting married just because you do."



A farmer walks into an attorney's office wanting to file for a divorce. The attorney asks, "May I help you?"  The farmer says, "Yea, I want to get one of them dayvorces."

The attorney says, "well do you have any grounds?"  The farmer replies, "Yea, I got about 140 acres."
The attorney says, " No, you don't understand, do you have a case?" The farmer says, "No, I don't have a Case, but I have a John Deere."

The attorney says, "No you don't understand, I mean do you have a grudge?" The farmer says, "Yep, I got a grudge, that's where I park my John Deere."
The attorney says, "No sir, I mean do youhave a suit?" 
The farmer says, "Yes sir, I got a suit. I wear that to church on Sundays." 

The exasperated attorney says, "Well sir, does your
wife beat you up?"
The farmer says, "No sir, we both get up about 4:30."

Finally, the attorney gives it one last try and says, "Okay, let me put it this way:"WHY DO YOU WANT A DIVORCE?"

And the farmer says, "Well, I can never have a meaningful
conversation with her."



Here are some stunning facts!



In the human body, food takes seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.


One human hair can support 3kg (6.6 lb).


Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.


A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.


There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.


The average man's penis is three times the length of his thumb.


Women blink twice as often as men.


The average person's skin weighs twice as much as the brain.


Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still.


If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.


Women reading this will be finished now.


Men are still busy checking their thumbs.

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Love Without the Lover - Osho
Eckhart Tolle on Love
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Rumi on Love...
J. Krishnamurti Speaks about Love
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Love Without the Lover!


Osho 5


Questioner: In speaking about love yesterday, you said it is a basic need we should try and fulfill. You also said that it brings repeated misery. How then can one live meaningfully if our attempts to fulfill love always end in misery?


Osho: All your attempts always end in misery. Not only attempts made towards love -- all your attempts, unconditionally, end in misery, because all attempts come out of the ego. No effort is going to succeed because the doer is the cause of all misery. If you can be in love without the lover being there, then there will be no misery.

Very, very difficult it seems: how to be in love without the lover being there? The lover causes misery, not love. The lover starts things which end into a hell. All lovers fail, and I make no exception, but love never fails. So you have to understand: you should not be there in your love. Love should be there, but without any ego in it. You should walk, but the walker should not be there. You should eat, but the eater should not be there. You should do whatsoever is required, but the doer should not be there.

This is the whole discipline. This is the only discipline of religion. A religious man is not one who belongs to any religion. In fact, a religious man never belongs to any religion. A religious man is one who has dropped the doer and lives naturally, and is just there.

Then love has a different quality -- it is not possessive, it is not jealous. It simply gives. It is not a bargain; you don't trade in it. It is not a commodity; it is an overflowing of your being. You share it. In fact, in that state of being where love exists and not the lover, it is not that you are in love with someone and not in love with someone else, you are simply in love. It is not a question of objects.

It is just like breathing. With whom you breathe? You simply breathe. Whosoever is with you is not the case, and just like that, with whom you are in love becomes irrelevant, you are simply in love -- whosoever is with you! Or, there may be nobody. You may be sitting in an empty room, but the love goes on flowing. Now love is not an activity, it is your being. You cannot put it on and off -- it is you. This is the paradox.

When you disappear, then love is you; when you are not, then only love is. Finally, you completely forget about love, because who is there to remember it? Then love is just like a flower blooms, the sun rises, the stars fill the night sky -- just it happens. Even if you touch a rock, you touch it lovingly. That has become your being.

That is the meaning of Jesus' saying, "Love your enemies." It is not a question of loving the enemies, it is becoming love. Then you cannot do anything else. Even if the enemy comes, you have to love. There is nothing else to do. Hate is so foolish that it can exist only with the ego. Hate is foolish because you are harming the other, and harming yourself more than the other. It is foolish because all the harm that you do will come to you back. Many times more it will come back to you. You will be crushed under the fallout. It is simply foolish, idiotic. All sins are foolish and idiotic.

That's why in the East we know only one sin, and that is ignorance. All else is just a by-product. When I speak about love, I speak about that love where the lover is not. And if your love is bringing you misery, know well it is not love. It is your ego that brings the misery. Ego poisons everything, whatsoever you touch.



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Eckhart Tolle - Love is Not Selective 



Love is not selective, just as the light of the sun is not selective. It does not make one person special. It is not exclusive. Exclusivity is not the love of God but the "love" of ego. However, the intensity with which true love is felt can vary. There may be one person who reflects your love back to you more clearly and more intensely than others, and if that person feels the same toward you, it can be said that you are in a love relationship with him or her. The bond that connects you with that person is the same bond that connects you with the person sitting next to you on a bus, or with a bird, a tree, a flower. Only the degree of intensity with which it is felt differs.


To love is to recognize yourself in another.


All the things that truly matter, beauty, love, creativity, joy and inner peace arise from beyond the mind.


Eckhart Tolle

February & March

at The World of Meditation

Cost: $8 per meditation (or $5 with a 10 meditation pass with no expiration date, which costs $50)


Mondays: 8:00pm - 9:30pm


Feb. 21st Nadabrahma Meditation

Feb. 28th Osho Audio/Video Discourse

March 7th Chakra Breathing

March 14th Tratak Meditation

March 21st No Mind Meditation

March 28th Chakra Sounds


Wednesdays: 5:15pm - 6:15pm  

Kundalini Meditation                


Feb. 23rd .

March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th.


Thursdays: 8:00pm - 9:30pm:


Feb. 24th Kundalini Meditation

March 3rd Darkness Meditation Week

March 10th Centering in the Cyclone

March 17th Full Moon Dance/Prayer         

March 24th Nadabrahma                  

March 31st Maitri Bhavana &Atisha Meditations



Saturdays: 10:00am  

Dynamic Meditation 


Feb. 19th, 26th.

March 5th, 12th, 19th (9:00),

(NO  Dynamic March 26th.)


Satsang Meditation with live music


Saturday, February 26th

6:00pm - 7:30pm Potluck;

8:00pm: Satsang with live music,  

followed by dancing.

Sunday, March 20th

11:00am: Satsang with live music;

12:45 Potluck Lunch - bring a vegetarian dish.

Rumi on Love

Rumi...On Love


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


Love is the Water of Life.


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.


It is Love that holds everything together, and it is the everything also.


Gamble everything for love,

if you're a true human being.


The way you make love

is the way God will be with you.


Love rests on no foundation.

It is an endless ocean,

with no beginning or end.


Only from the heart Can you touch the sky.


They will ask you

what you have produced.

Say to them,

except for Love,

what else can a Lover produce?


There is something in us

That has nothing to do with night and day,

Diamonds which come from no earthly mine.


If the sun were not in love, he would have no brightness,

the side of the hill no grass on it.

The ocean would come to rest somewhere.


I was you

and never knew it.


Jalaluddin Rumi


J. Krishnamurti Speaks about Love...

J. Krishnamurti 

To meet your wife or your husband, your children, your neighbour, at the same time, at the same level, with the same intensity, that is love. Do you understand this? To meet somebody, you must meet him at the same time, at the same level, with the same intensity.


Then that is relationship, but if you are ambitious, you follow the path, becoming noble, ignoble and all the rest of it, and she also follows another path. Naturally you may be married, you may have children and all the rest of it, but you never meet. That breeds a sense of desperate loneliness. Don't you know all this? I have no relationship with anyone - with my wife, with my boss, with my foreman - I have no relationship at all with anybody, because I am self-centred.


So that self-centredness and the lack of relationship brings about great loneliness. Discovering that loneliness, we then make out of that loneliness a problem - what am I to do when I am lonely? Your brain is ready to solve the problem. But you never rest with the loneliness, you never enquire the cause of it.


Where there is love, there is no loneliness. Where there is love in your heart, there is no problem. Having stated that, don't make it into a problem. Look at the fact. The fact is that we are not sensitive, that we don't have the depth of beauty. The fact is that we don't love; we don't look at it, try to remain with it, to see 'that is so', not try to rationalize it. It is so, that I don't love my wife; you know what it means to say that to yourself. You should cry. I want to cry for you all.


Sirs, it is like two parallel lines never meeting and therefore increasing conflict day after day till you die. See the fact that there is no love in your heart, to have the mind in your heart. We think love can be achieved, cultivated. Love is not something to cultivate. Either there is or there is not. If there is not, look at it, hold it, realize what you are without love in your heart; it then becomes a machine - insensitive, vulgar, coarse, only concerned with sex and pleasure. Sirs, please, I am not harassing you, I am not scolding you.


I am just pointing out what is happening. Your knowledge, your books, have destroyed you because love is not found in the books. It does not lie with knowledge. Knowledge and love don't go together. Then you say: 'I know my wife', but that is your knowledge which is your image about her. That knowledge is put together by thought, and thought is not love.


So, having stated all this, do you have love in your heart or is it something romantic, nonsensical, impractical, valueless? It does not give you any money; that is so. Having heard all this, is there a comprehension of the depth of that word so that your mind is in the heart? Then you have right relationship. When you have right relationship, which means love, you can never go wrong.

The World's Best Incense -
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Incense Our incense has arrived at the World of Meditation!
While living in Japan in the 1990's, we discovered the best incense that we had ever experienced. This company has been making quality incense for over 400 years! We have gotten our first shipment  of the year of this delightful Japanese incense.
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So, come visit us and ask us about our incense...and try some to enhance your meditation experience!

 Here is a wonderful quote about  meditation: 


"Meditation is not really mind-effort. Real meditation is not effort at all. Real meditation is just allowing the mind to have its own way, and not interfering in any way whatsoever -- just remaining watchful, witnessing. It silences, by and by, it becomes still. One day it is gone." Osho

 Join us for meditation whenever you can...at the World of Meditation!!

For more information, call us at  206-772-8897 or write us at: info@worldofmeditation.com.
With love,
Shanti and Subhan

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