Osho 20
Issue No. 4
December  2010
Osho's Birthday Celebration
 (December 11th),
And Much More!

    Osho's Birthday is just around the corner!
What a great opportunity to celebrate the gifts of being on planet earth and the love and understanding that Osho
has shared with the world!
    It's happening at the World of Meditation, 9709 46th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98115. See below for details.

Also, coming up in January are two events,

a workshop and
three classes!
And in March, there will be a weekend introduction to the Path of Love - in Seattle! It's called
"The Awakening of Love"
You'll find all the information in this issue!
The Osho team at The World of Meditation

December 11th:
Potluck Dinner
& Satsang 8:00pm!

To celebrate Osho's birthday, there will be a Potluck dinner, and a Satsang, featuring songs from Poona!
Veggie Potluck
The Potluck is from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. If you would like to join the dinner, bring a vegetarian dish, big enough for five or more people.

Potluck will be followed by a
silent sitting and live music Satsang meditation,  beginning at 8:00 pm,

Hands Meditating
followed by an Osho video,
TV Osho
and then dancing and getting together.
Ecstatic Dance

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Offer Expires: September 30, 2010 One coupon per person.
Swami Satya Vedant & The Osho Experience - What a way to spend a weekend!

Vedant Dancing!We all spent a weekend with Vedant, full of meditating, dancing, singing, and connecting with old and new friends.
It was a delightful experience!!
(Above: Here is Vedant getting into the swing of things!)


There are several more events coming up in the Seattle area that you might find of value! They include:


*Laughter Meditation

January 1st
Laughing Cat 
8pm - 9:30pm: Laughing in the New Year!
(A FREE event)
at The World of Meditation

Osho Never Born - Never Died Day
Saturday, January 22nd
Never Born
This day marks the day (January 19th, 1990)
that Osho left the body.
It will be a Day filled with Osho's Meditations and Celebration, including Dynamic in the morning and an evening Satsang with live music!
Details: to be announced.
Mark your calendar!!



*Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love -

The Weekend Workshop

January 28th - 30th  

At The World of Meditation Center.


Do you want to explore your job/career options to find what really makes your heart sing? Do you want to bring work and creativity and spirituality and satisfaction all TOGETHER in your career? Then this is the workshop for you! Throughout the weekend, you will move through four explorations: How can I discover what fulfills me? How do I translate what I enjoy into real marketplace opportunities? What are the obstacles that stop me from pursuing my ideas and dreams? And how do I deal with these obstacles?

For details and description, go to: http://bit.ly/brDM8y; or write/call us for more information or registration: info@findingtheworkyoulove.com; 206-772-8897.Cost: $150. (22 Hour Workshop)


*Meditation: From Chatter to
Peace of Mind

January 18th - March 8th 

An 8-week course (Tues.) at North Seattle Community College (NSCC). Item: 7118 7:00pm - 9:00pm; On Campus Location: CC 1254A; Fee: $95.00. To register, call NSCC at (206) 527 - 3705; or register online at http://bit.ly/cvUQWk


*Finding the Work You Love,

Finding the Life You Love -

The Class

January 19th - March 9th  

An 8-week course (16 Hours) (Weds.) at North Seattle Community College (NSCC).  Item: 7122; 7:00pm - 9:00pm; On campus location: CC3457 Fee: $115. To register, call NSCC at (206) 527 - 3705; or register online at http://bit.ly/btQQjR


*Four Steps to More Satisfying Relationships - The Class 

January 24th - February 14th

Relationships can be both the most rewarding and the most difficult experiences we have in our lives! Each week you will explore the issues and conflicts that arise in relationships and learn how to use effective tools to deal with and resolve them. The facilitator, Subhan Schenker, a certified counselor, has been assisting individuals and couples with relationship issues for over twenty years.

A 4-week course on Mondays at North Seattle Community College; Item: 7205; Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm; On Campus Location: ED 2841A; Fee: $65.00. To register, call NSCC at (206) 527 - 3705; or register online at http://bit.ly/gFbDqn


In This Issue
Osho's B-Day Potluck & Satsang
Swami Satya Vedant
Isness Business!
The Wisdom of Osho
Path of Love Introduction
Time for a Joke
Osho 11
Seven Year Cycles of Life


In fact there is a seven-year cycle in each life, mm? We change each seven years -- one cycle is complete. And all great changes happen between the end of the one cycle and the beginning of the second cycle.

First, at the age of seven the child is no more a child; a totally different world starts. Up to then he was innocent. Now he starts learning the cunningness of the world, the cleverness, all the deceptions, games; he starts learning to be pseudo, he starts wearing masks. The first layer of falsity starts surrounding him.

At the age of fourteen, sex, which was never a problem up to now, suddenly arises in his being. I am not talking about america where things have become so artificial that even a child of nine years will start thinking of sex -- through TV and the movies and the whole socially-repressed sexuality on the one hand, and on the other hand through all the advertisements and all the exhibition that goes on in the name of a thousand and one things but which deep down is sex.

So in America something is happening, immature sexuality is happening -- but that is an abnormal state. Otherwise at fourteen the child becomes sexual. And his world changes, utterly changes! For the first time he becomes interested in the other sex. A totally new vision of life arises and he starts dreaming and fantasising. And this way it goes on....

At the age of twenty-one, again: now a power trip an ego trip, ambition -- now he is ready to go into some power trip, to attain more money, to become more famous, this and that. That is the age of twenty-one; again a circle is complete.

At the age of twenty-eight, again he becomes settled, starts thinking of security, comfort, bank balance. So hippies are right if they say 'Don't trust anybody beyond thirty.' In fact they should say 'twenty-eight', because that is the time from where a person becomes straight. Up to twenty-eight he can be a hippie or this and that, mm? That's why you don't see old hippies: by twenty-eight they have gone back into the old world; they become part of the establishment.

By the age of thirty-five again a change starts happening, because thirty-five is almost the peak of life. If a man is going to die at seventy, which is normal, then thirty-five seems to be the peak. The bigger circle has come to half and a man starts thinking of death, starts being afraid. Fears arise. This is the age, between thirty-five and forty two, where ulcers and blood pressure, heart attacks and all sorts of things happen, mm? -- because of the fear. Fear creates all these things -- cancer, TB. A man becomes prone to all sorts of accidents because the fear has entered into his being. Now death seems to be coming closer: he has taken the first step towards death the day he passes thirty-five.

At the age of forty-two a person starts becoming religious. Now death is not just an intellectual thing; he becomes more and more alert about it and wants to do something, really do something -- because if he waits any more it will be too late.

Jung said that all his life he was watching thousands of mental patients, and after all that observation he says that at near about forty to forty-two, every person needs god, and if you cannot supply god he becomes mentally ill. That is happening in the west, because religion has become irrelevant -- or people think it is out of date, we are not a religious age, we are scientific and rational people. But the body and its rhythm function in the old way, the same way.

At the age of forty-two a person needs some religion, just as at the age of fourteen he needed a woman or a man to relate to. Sexual relationship was needed; exactly the same happens at forty-two -- now a religious relationship is needed. One needs a god, a master, somewhere to surrender, somewhere to go and unburden oneself. If one cannot find anybody then one will follow Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin and make gods out of them. If you cannot find even them, you will go to the psychoanalyst and go from one therapy to another therapy -- in search of the guru! But the psychotherapist cannot be the guru, he himself is moving through the same problems... And so on and so forth.

At the age of forty-nine a person becomes settled about religion. The search is over; he settles. At the age of fifty-six, if things go naturally and a person follows his rhythm, a person will start attaining a few glimpses of the divine.

At the age of sixty-three, if everything goes naturally, he will have his first satori. And if this happens at the age of sixty-three, that he has his first satori, he will die a beautiful death at the age of seventy. Then death will not be death -- it will be a door to the divine, it will be a meeting with the beloved.

Osho 5
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*The Awakening of Love :
An Introductory Weekend
Satyarthito the

Path of Love

with Satyarthi Peloquin

March 25th - 27th.
For details, call 206-772-8897 or write info@worldofmeditation.com

I participated in this past October's Path of Love Group in Colorado.

It was a life altering experience for me.

If you know me, you know that I do not say that lightly!

Satyarthi, one of the group's main facilitators, will be in Seattle in March,

facilitating this wonderful introduction to the week-long Path of Love experience.

Don't miss this opportunity....


Subhan at POL

Loud and Juicy!
This Saturday,
December 4th at 10am!

Saturdays: 10am
Because of our holiday schedule, Dynamic Meditation will only be sceduled in December on

December 4th and 11th.

Our regular weekly schedule will resume after New Years.

The World of Meditation
9709 46th Ave. NE
Seattle, Washington 98115

Time for a Joke !
Osho 2

A stark naked, drunk woman jumps into a vacant taxi parked by the curb.

The Jamaican driver is immediately beside himself  and just keeps 

staring at the woman.  He makes no attempt to start the cab.

 "What's wrong with you fella, haven't you ever  seen a naked woman before?"

 "I'll not be staring at you lady, I am telling you that 

would not be proper where I come from".

"Well if your not staring at me, then what the hell are you


"Well," he replies, " I am thinking to myself:  where is this lady

keeping the money to be paying me with."