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April/May 2012- Issue 28 
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Check with the Tech - Macs and viruses
CIO Chili Cook Off Winners
CIO Launches New Website!
CIO In the News - David Ashamalla to Speak at SBAHU
App of the Month: SB County Wines
Employee Spotlight: Sean Gill
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Community Matters

Dear ,

At last week's Chili Cook-Off and Client Appreciation Party, I took a moment and looked around the room and felt truly blessed. 


We have an amazing team here at CIO, live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and have some of the best clients an IT firm could ask for. We are honored and grateful to be part of this amazing community and take the responsibility that comes from that participation very seriously.


Thanks to everyone who came out to see our new office and enjoy the delicious chili. Events such as the chili cook-off strengthen our company values of integrity and trust and provide an invaluable opportunity for connection and relationship. We love getting to know our clients and what better way to really get to know someone then at a party!


Our new office has proven to be a great venue for parties so keep an eye out for our next soiree. If you have any suggestions for a theme or cook-off please feel free to send them to Hannah. 

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech -  Macs and Viruses

Check with the TechQuestion: 

I have heard that Macs can't get viruses, is this true? 



Unfortunately, no, this is not true. Even though it's true that Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads are subject to far fewer attacks than their Windows (or Android) counterparts, Apple products are definitely not immune to security flaws.


One of the reasons why Apple products don't get as many viruses as their Windows/Android counterparts is mainly due to the fact that there are not as many Macs currently in use. While the market share of Macs is definitely growing, the current number of Windows based systems far exceed the number of Apple devices. Hackers usually create viruses that will affect as many devices as possible so it doesn't make sense to create a virus that will only affect a portion of the current used devices.


Another reason/theory is that the Mac Operating System is built on a UNIX platform which, historically, has a more robust permission structure that prevents the unauthorized execution of software. Since this is, basically, what a virus is (a piece of code inserted into a program), the Mac OS will simply halt the program if it suspects any deviation in the code (compared to the Windows OS which will continually try and run the program). In order to develop a virus for Macs a hacker would have to write around the security architecture (which means more work and hackers are all about the least amount of work for the biggest payoff).


There are legitimate Mac anti-virus programs available (including paid subscriptions from Intego, Kaspersky and Agile and free subscriptions from Sophos and ClamXav) but like all computer security, the first line of defense is you, the user. Regardless of whether you use a PC or Mac, responsible computer use is a must. Be conscious about opening email attachments, think twice about clicking on random Internet links and make sure to have a robust password that is changed often. While these simple security practices won't always protect you 100% they sure will help.


For an interesting article on some common Mac Security myths see this article which was published on Security News Daily in August of 2011:


Hannah Rich

CIO Chili Cook-Off Winners!


Chili Cook-Off Winners!


 Thanks to all who participated and attended our Chili Cook-Off and Client Appreciation Event. It was a huge success and a great way to start the summer. 


Here are the much anticipated winners:





chili winners 


 First Place - Richard Clark #10

1st Place - Richard Clark

 Second Place - Mike Shinn #5


2nd Place - Mike Shinn #5


Third Place - Brian Donovan #1

  Third Place - Brian Donovan #1 


                        Beer BeerBeerBeer


CIO Launches New Website!


We have launched a new website, check it out!




Feel free to submit feedback or enhancement requests to Hannah 


CIO In the News





David Ashamalla speaks on Private Cloud Computing and HIPAA regulations at the Santa Barbara Association of Health Underwriters meeting.



Santa Barbara - May 21, 2012 - David Ashamalla, CTO for Santa Barbara based IT firm CIO Solutions, was invited to speak at the SB Association of Health Underwriters (SBAHU) gathering. Mr. Ashamalla focused on Cloud Computing for small businesses as well as HIPAA compliance questions.


Eleanor K. Van Buren, current President of SBAHU commented, "Today, more than ever, small business owners must keep abreast of the ever changing technology in order to run a successful company.  David and his firm bring easy to understand concepts and ideas to your overall business plan." Other topics including email best practices, encryption services and backups were also discussed during the presentation.


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides consultation on Private Cloud Services, Enterprise Storage, Virtualization, VoIP Phone Systems and other solutions. More information

can be found at or by calling their office 805-692-6700. 

David Ashamalla
David Ashamalla



Marketing Contact:

Hannah Rich

CIO Solutions

805-692-6700 ext. 105

App of the Month: SB County Vintner's Association App (Free)

 SB Wine App

  • Directory of Santa Barbara County Vintners' Association Wineries and local associated businesses: 
            • Wineries 
            • Restaurants 
            • Hotels 
            • Activities 
            • Tasting Rooms 



Listings include name, address, phone number and email, hours, website, pictures and a short description of the business.

  • Wineries can be sorted and filtered by:
    • Varietal
    • Amenities
    • Region
  • Calendar of Events 
  • Winery iPhone App Specials 
  • Wine Trails giving you short one day suggestions of places to visit following a seasonal, geographic or wine theme 
  • Favorites folder to store frequently used entries 
  • Maps integration: 
    • Directions to the selected business 
      Mapping of nearby similar businesses 


android: coming soon!

Employee Spotlight: Sean Gill, Field Engineer and vCIO


Sean GillFull name: Sean Philip Gill 


Family info:  Married for 8 years.  No kids.  4 cats. 


Where did you grow up:  Santa Barbara. Although not a "true native", I've petitioned to be grandfathered in. 


When did you move to SB:  1985 


What you like best about SB:  Santa Barbara has a wonderful, small-town feel while still being big enough to have industry and diversity.  We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I love that we have mountains and ocean in the same spot.  One of my favorite views in the city, is from the end of Stearns Wharf, looking back at the city. 


When did you start working at CIO:  I started at CIO in July of 2010.   


What you like best about working at CIO:  I really like that everyone here at CIO is so customer focused and cares about our client's experience with both technology in general and with the CIO organization.  We strive to put our clients first and take the extra time to make sure our proposed solutions are the right solutions for that client's needs. 


Dreams/aspirations:  Helping the betterment of humanity.  Sounds kind of cliché, but I think we all do this in our own way.  I try to align myself with people and companies that are providing needed services and doing what they do best, so that others can do what they do best.  I see this as a sort of ripple effect.  I work on technology so that others can focus on their core competencies.  In this way, if I can make someone's life a little easier, they can pay it forward and help others the best way they know how. 


What would you do if you won the lottery:  Buy a couple toys, take care of my parents and family, then invest the money. 


Favorite color:  Blue 


Favorite food:  Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Favorite book/movie:  Book: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Movie: The Matrix 


Motto/quote:  "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Mahatma Gandhi


Anything else that is interesting about yourself:  Although I don't discuss it very often, I do have a contemplative and philosophical side.  I enjoy discussing ideas and exploring human nature.  At heart, I tend to be somewhat introspective.   






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