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January/February 2012- Issue 26 
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Check with the Tech - Thumbs.db File
New Team Members
Coming Soon! Chili Cook Off, Client Portal, New Website!
CIO In the News - Cloud Offering
App of the Month: My Tracks
Employee Spotlight: Michael Biancone
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Julie - January 25




CIO Solutions Celebrates its 26th Anniversary - Feb 1


David Beltran - Feb 18

Craig McClellan - Feb 26





Clearing up Cloud Confusion

Dear ,

The IT community has been saturated with terms like "Cloud", "Cloud Computing", "Hosted Environment", etc. So much so that for some people, these terms have either lost their meaning completely or caused major confusion and misconceptions.


Like all new technologies, Cloud Computing has been marketed in such a way that the consumer often believes that it is the end all, be all solution and will fix all of their computer issues.


While Cloud Computing does indeed offer inumerable benefits, it is still like any other technology and due dilligence should be completed before any business adopts this new way of computing.


This is why we firmly believe in educating all of our clients on the benefits (and costs) of moving to the Cloud. It is a great fit for many clients but there are some 'cloud-killers' that we try and identify early so that we can then suggest the better solution.


We know that there is a lot of material out there regarding Cloud Computing but CIO can help educate you on both Cloud and Premise-based options.

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech -  Thumbs.db File

Check with the Tech   

Question:  Sometimes I see a Thumbs.db file in a folder on my desktop. What is this file and what does it do?


Answer: It is a file that Windows uses to keep track of any picture preferences or thumbnails that you have for the folder that it is in.  It will appear if you have your system files view turned on and there was at least one picture stored in the folder that you are currently in. 


You may delete this file, it will not hurt your computer, but don't be disappointed if it is recreated the next time you visit the folder. 


To turn off viewing of system files (including thumbs.db) you can go to the folder, Tools - Folder Options - View Tab - Don't Show Hidden Files and Folders and Hide Protected Operating System Files.

Mike Shinn - New
Mike Shinn


New Additions to the CIO Team


CIO is proud to introduce their newest team members:


Lia Nicole Moniz (Lia) - Receptionist

Nicholas Marshall (Marshall) - Field Engineer

Hass Sadighi - Remote Engineer (Central Support)

Jason Coltrin - Remote Engineer (Central Support) 


CIO Team

Welcome to the CIO Family!! 




 Client Appreciation Party


Get ready for a Taste of CIO!


Come meet the CIO team and let your tastebuds be the judge in our CIO Chili Cook Off.



Beers from Around the World (as well as other tasty libations) will help cool down the fiery submissions.  



 Look for the details in next month's newsletter!




Client Portal



Stay tuned for the launch of our new and improved client portal.


This portal will enable users to submit non-urgent tickets, 

check statuses on open tickets,

add notes to existing tickets and much more!





New CIO Website


In the coming months, CIO will debut their new website.


The site will be packed with valuable client resources, interesting articles and Tech Tips,

Press Releases, information on new products/solutions and much more!


If you have any suggestions for our new website please send them to Hannah.


CIO In the News


Look for our ad in the Pacific Coast Business Times!



App of the Month: My Tracks


Use My Tracks while you run, bike, hike, or do anything else outdoors, and it will use the GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. It will also gather useful statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation.


You can review all of this data live, or you can save it for use later. While you're out, you can mark relevant waypoints, and can ask to hear automatic voice announcements about your progress.







Employee Spotlight: Michael Biancone - Purchasing/Sales


Michael BFull name:  Michael Biancone


Family Info: Ingrid and I just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Three kids, but only one (almost 17yr old Karina) still at home.


Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Germany. Attended boarding school in England through high school. Family moved to the US when I was 18 yrs old.. 


When did you move to Santa Barbara? First arrived in SB in October 1982 when my younger brother and I ran out of money on a cross country 'walkabout'.


What do you like best about SB? The community and the weather.


When did you start working at CIO? March 2007


What do you like best about working at CIO? My co-workers and the culture. It is a true 'team environment'.


Dreams/aspirations:  To end up in a small farmhouse in the middle of a vineyard


Favorite color:  Blue


Favorite Food: Spaghetti and meatballs


Favorite Book/Movie: The Godfather / The Godfather


Motto/quote: Treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated


Interesting facts: I love to cook and entertain and I am a big fan of the Blues.


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