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July and August 2011 - Issue 22 
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Check with the Tech - Voicemail
CIO in the News - CIO Completes Multi-Site ShoreTel Installation for Community West Bank
Trunk Options for VoIP Phone Systems
Office Anywhere - Mobility Options with ShoreTel
App of the Month - Angry Birds 'Seasons' vs. Angry Birds 'Rio'
Product Review: VoIP Headsets
Employee Spotlight: Luke Dalecki
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July 4th - Independence Day


July 6th - David Ashamalla's Birthday


July 14th - John Petote's Birthday


July 22nd - Nick Picon's Birthday


August 5th - Bjoern Freiherr's Birthday


August 31st - Brandon Contreras' Birthday 

VoIP: A Convergence of Data and Voice

Dear ,

In this day and age it seems like an organization is required to establish and manage relationships with many vendors.... and the list doesn't seem to be shrinking. You may have a vendor for internet and a vendor for phone lines, a vendor for your network and a vendor for your phone system, to name a few. While this model provides a certain level of expertise it also creates silos of information, and for the business, complex vendor management.


In the realm of phone systems, it is rare to find an IT firm that has the ability and expertise to manage both the data and the voice networks. When implementing a VoIP phone solution the convergence of the data network and the voice network is a key part of a successful installation.


We have been installing and supporting the ShoreTel VoIP phone solution for over eight years and have provided our clients a one-stop shop for all IT/voice needs. We help our clients navigate the telecommunications industry and have established partnerships that relieve the burden of dealing directly with multiple vendors..some not having the level of customer service one would expect. This allows our clients to reduce the headache and hassle of dealing with multiple providers and the inevitable finger-pointing and accountability issues that come along with the 'too many cooks in the kitchen' scenario.


We are proud to have such a diverse team who are able to deliver the same level of service to both our IT and Voice management solutions.

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech -  ShoreTel Voicemail

Check with the Tech   

Question: Our company uses the ShoreTel VoIP phone system and I was wondering if there was a way to have my voicemails show up in my email inbox? 


Answer:  With the ShoreTel system it is possible to have your voicemails emailed to you so that you can then listed to them through your email (without having to log into your voicemail via your phone).


Here is how to do it with the ShoreTel system:


1) Navigate to the options menu, either via the orange icon or the menu bars along the top. 


2) Within the options menu, there is a sub-section for Voice Mail, left click that line to focus the window. 


3) In the right-hand pane, look for a "Notification delivery options:" drop-down menu.


4) Expand the drop-down and note the options.


5) Shoretel can either email you an automatic notification that you've received an email, or package the voicemail into a .wav file and email that directly to you. In either case, once you've selected a notification option, be sure to provide a valid email that you'd like to receive your messages at.


Click here for more ShoreTel FAQs and as always, feel free to call Central Support for more assistance!


Richard Clark

Richard Clark, Central Support Agent


CIO in the News


Read All About It!



CIO Solutions has partnered with Community West Bank to install the ShoreTel VoIP phone system for their seven locations. 


July 27, 2011 - Santa Barbara - CIO Solutions, the Tri-County leader in IT management, has successfully implemented the ShoreTel VoIP phone solution for Santa Barbara based financial institution, Community West Bank.


The installation was a multi-phase project and which started with a pilot at their Ventura location in 2009. After demonstrating significant savings and productivity increases with the pilot, the remaining locations were scheduled for installation in 2011. At the end of August all seven Community West locations, including Ventura, Westlake, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Headquarters (Goleta), Santa Maria and Roseville (Sacramento), will be completed. CIO Solutions worked closely with Community West Bank's IT department during the install and will continue to support the ShoreTel system both remotely and onsite.


Deborah Scott, Sr. Vice President/IT Director for Community West Bank stated, "Working with CIO was a great experience. I work with a lot of vendors that deliver what we pay for but CIO delivers more than just the product. They say that is the people that make the company and CIO is truly an example of that, everyone at CIO knows the meaning of going the extra mile for the customer."


Eric Egolf, VP of Operations for CIO Solutions stated, "To successfully implement a multi-site VoIP installation a strong technical background in both voice and data is required. Historically, a Solution Provider was only versed in either voice or data, leading to sub-optimal deployments or leaning too much on the customer's existing departments to fill the gap in the solution provider's knowledge. We were able to bring the expertise in both voice and data to the project and successfully augment the CWB IT staff with our proficiency."


Community West Bank (a subsidiary of its holding company, Community West Bancshares) was founded in 1997 and currently has seven locations (five of which are branches) throughout Central and Southern California. Community West Bank is committed to enhancing their shareholder value by consistently serving a diverse customer base and providing those customers with extraordinary customer service and competitive banking products. For more information about Community West Bank visit their website at


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. CIO has been designing, implementing and supporting the ShoreTel VoIP phone solution for over eight years. More information can be found at or by calling their office at 805-692-6700. 


Marketing Contact:

Hannah Rich

CIO Solutions

805-692-6700 ext. 105



Trunk Options for Implementing a VoIP system- Chase Christian, Field Engineer

Chase Christian, EngineerWhen implementing a VoIP system, you have a few choices when it comes to deciding on your voice trunks. Trunks are your connections to the public telephone network, and they're what allows you to receive inbound calls and make external calls. Your company will need plenty of trunks to ensure that you always have the capacity to make and receive calls.


There are four types of voice trunks that will be explained here: Analog Trunks, T1 Trunks, PRI Trunks and SIP Trunks. They vary in degrees of complexity and each have advantages and disadvantages. Figuring out which trunk is right for a business is a big part of designing and implementing a VoIP phone solution.


1) Analog Trunks - The most basic type of trunk is the analog trunk, also known as a phone line or POTS line (POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service). You are probably familiar with this type of trunk, as this is likely the type of service you have in your home. Analog trunks are simple, you just plug your phone cable into the jack and you're able to make calls. Unfortunately analog trunks' simplicity also works against them, as they don't have the advanced features of the newer trunk types.


2) T1 Trunks - The T1 trunk is a digital trunk, making it much more advanced than an analog trunk. They're typically found in businesses. T1 circuits can be used for data or voice connections, and we'll be specifically talking about the voice type of T1s here. A single T1 trunk can handle up to 24 calls at once, making it a great way to get a lot of trunks into your VoIP system.


3) PRI Trunks - A PRI trunk is an advanced form of the T1 trunk. A PRI can handle calls faster than a T1, meaning your calls are connected faster when dialing out or getting calls in. You can also do advanced call routing and caller ID features when using a PRI connection. A PRI can only handle 23 calls at once, since it uses the 24th T1 channel for its advanced features. You generally want a PRI instead of a T1 if it is an option at your location.


4) SIP Trunks - SIP trunks are the newest type of trunks available. They're completely digital and allow for many advanced features. Unfortunately since SIP is still a relatively new technology in the telephony world, many VoIP systems aren't fully compatible with SIP trunks. SIP trunks are likely the trunks of the future, but most companies are sticking with a mix of analog and PRI trunks in the meantime.


Click here to read the whole article which inlcudes a more in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of the above trunk options.


Office Anywhere - Mobility Options with the ShoreTel VoIP System -  Jeff Ford, Field Engineer

 Jeff Smile

One of the features of our ShoreTel system that I absolutely love is ability to work from home using a ShoreTel phone. With this feature I can effectively access our ShoreTel system and conduct business while at home. It allows me to seamlessly work from home as if I was were at my desk in the office.  This is extremely beneficial for me and the company in many ways. 


One easy example is, suppose I go home for lunch (I do this a few times a month) and while I am at lunch I get notified that a client urgently needs some assistance. Unfortunately, my cell phone reception isn't the best where I live and I don't have a land line. I do however have my ShoreTel phone which I can use just as if I were in the office. I can use my the Call Manager software on my laptop and all of the other advanced features of ShoreTel to quickly get in touch with our client and give them the immediate attention they require. 


Another great example is when I get called by another engineer after hours and I need to help them setup a conference call.  Conference calls are extremely easy to setup on a ShoreTel system and it allows me to work hand-in-hand with the client and the other engineer with little to no trouble.  


Working from home is viewed differently by different companies and it is important to verify with your company how they feel about telecommuting.  There are some problems with telecommuting due to the out of sight/out of mind mentality that is our social norm. Working from home all of the time is not recommended as it can create a feeling amongst coworkers that you are not doing anything simply because they never see you.


In short, the benefits of being able to work from home are vast, however due to social norms it is still frowned upon as an every day occurrence unless the culture of the company has a positive view of telecommuting.  If you have the capability, telecommuting offers great convenience and a competitive advantage over others in the industry but beware because with great power comes great responsibility.

App of the Month - Angry Birds Seasons vs. Angry Birds Rio

The debate on whether or not Angry Birds constitutes as an 'App' has raged on long enough. Many people in our organization believe that it is a 'game' and therefore does not meet the criteria of an 'App' but the few who believe this extremely addictive game should be considered for our App spotlight have finally won.


Below is a point/counterpoint debate on the merits and shortcomings of the two prevailing versions, Angry Birds 'Seasons' (presented by Mike Shinn) and Angry Birds 'Rio' (presented by Chase Christian). 

Angry Birds

Angry Birds 'Seasons'


Mike Shinn: Angry Birds Seasons is WAY better than Angry Birds Rio


Angry Birds has been an app that caused many people to buy their iPhone or Android to begin with.  It is fun for young and old and teaches fundamental physics in a cute and addictive way.  Angry Birds Seasons dresses the birds and green pigs in costumes for each season.  Dozens of levels are available but only one per day leading up to the holiday similar to a Christmas Advent calendar.  It's all of the fun of Angry Birds with additional costumes, challenges and anticipation for the next day's challenge. 


Angry Birds Rio is a shoddy attempt at a movie marketing tie-in.  It has the same fun as Angry Birds, but the levels are often too easy and instead of taking revenge on angry green pigs for egg theft, you attempt to free tropical birds from their monkey captors.  It is not explained (even in short mobile video) how the Angry Birds are related to their Brazilian counterparts.  What's more, the bird heroes and bird captives are drawn differently - it would be very strange to see Garfield show up in an episode of the Flintstones.  The game is still entertaining but feels forced like a cheap marketing ploy for the movie, Rio.


Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds 'Rio'


Chase Christian: Angry Birds Rio is not a spin-off of the Angry Birds franchise, it is an evolution.


Angry Birds Rio already has nearly double the levels of Angry Birds Seasons, with even more updates scheduled. The background story is rich in content, with a full-length feature film dedicated to the plot's intricacies. We're playing the role of freedom fighters, countering the evils of poachers and roustabouts.  In addition to having a new storyline (instead of the stale "pigs stole the eggs" bit), there's also completely new birds available. While the rest of the Angry Birds series relies on the original birds or custom "premium" birds, Angry Birds Rio wasn't afraid to innovate. With a truly diverse selection of locales, the player can find themselves freeing innocent animals in both warehouses and tropical beaches.


Angry Birds was a masterpiece, and Angry Birds Rio is simply the next step towards perfection. Angry Birds Seasons, on the other hand, is wanton cash-grab. The developers didn't even both with a new storyline or birds. They simply took the same elements that made Angry Birds famous and futility remixed them into a mish-mash of themes that leave players with a bad taste in their mouth. Rather than come up with their own compelling themes like Angry Birds Rio has, Angry Birds Seasons simply steals its concepts from every American holiday. It's lack of originality and blatant reuse of existing material cement its place in the bargain bin at your local Wal*Mart app store.


This debate is posted on our website. Click here to add a comment or join in the conversation.   





Product Review: VoIP Headsets - Michael Biancon, Purchasing

Making the choice to use a hands free device is easy, choosing a head-set, however, can be a dauntingMichael B task. Besides ensuring that the headset you choose is compatible with your telephone system, here are few other choices that need to be made.

  1. Wireless versus wired: I was always quite content with the wired models I used, but since switching to a wireless Plantronics CS55 model recently, I really like not getting my mouse or other desk accessories tangled up.
  2. Over the head / over- the-ear / behind the head: a personal choice depending on what feels most comfortable for the user. Many of the headsets are "convertible", allowing the end user to switch the headband for the "over the ear" attachment as desired.
  3. Monaural versus Binaural: here is a choice that is more than likely dependent on the user's environment and type of use. For instance, phone center operators are often submitted to a lot of peripheral noise, making the binaural models practical. Personally I prefer the monaural type of headset, since I am on the phone intermittently all day long, and like to be able to have conversations without necessarily having to remove the headset.   
CS361N (Binaural, Wireless)
CS361N (Binaural, Wireless)
CS55/CS70N (Monaural, Wireless)
CS55/CS70N (Monaural, Wireless)
S12 (Monaural, Wired)
S12 (Monaural, Wired)





In other Headset News : Logitech, a well known and respected manufacturer of PC mice, webcams and speakers, has just signed a partnership with Jabra (best known for their Bluetooth headsets for mobile devices. Together, they are now releasing a line of headsets for VOIP Unified communications Systems ("telephones"), in an effort to pinch some of the Plantronics market share. Given the superior quality of their current products, the new product line should be well worth consideration when choosing a new headset.


Click Here to read the full article which includes pictures of recommended models.


Employee Spotlight: Luke Dalecki, Remote Engineer


LukeFull name:  Luke Dalecki


Family Info: Parents: Anne and Cal, Siblings: Erik and Emily


Where did you grow up? Burdett, New York


When did you move to SB?  May 2011


What do you like best about SB? Everything is 8 minutes away


When did you start working at CIO? April 2011


What is your position at CIO?  Remote Network Engineer


What do you like best about working at CIO? Being able to use so many tools makes helping people over the phone seem way easier than it should be.


Dreams/aspirations: Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Victory, Make Animated Movies, Travel to places I haven't been, but always wanted to go.


Favorite color:  Green


Favorite Food: Donuts


Favorite Book: Anything by Kurt Vonnegut or Bleach


Motto/quote: Busy, Busy, Busy


Interesting facts: I like Water, manga, Anime, PC, Ps3 and Wii games.  

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