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May 2011 - Issue 20 
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Check with the Tech - Updates on Cloud vs Local Computers
CIO Beer Brewing Tasting and Judgement
CIO in the News - CIO Goes to the Cloud
App of the Month - HowTo Tie a Necktie
Product Review: Wireless Router for Home Use
Employee Spotlight: Chris Narvaez
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What's Happening in May? 



 May 2 - Ryan Popke's Birthday


May 8 - Mother's Day


May 9 - Chris Narvaez's Birthday


May 30 - Memorial Day

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!

IT's Your Choice

Dear ,

We have always been firm believers in Choice. Specifically, choice of the way a company can manage and support their IT network.


This is why when we see a new support trend (Managed Services, IT as a Service, Cloud Services) we make it a top priority to become fully educated on both the benefits and the disadvantages of the option. This way we can present all available options to our clients and let them decide which is the best fit for their business and therefore their specific needs.  


One of the current trends in IT support is Cloud services. After months of design, implementation and testing we are confident in our ability to now offer Cloud services to our new and current clients.

While we are excited to offer Cloud services we want to make it clear that our mission is to still educate the client on their choices and we will continue to provide choices regarding IT support. The Cloud is not for everyone but we are happy to be able to offer it as a solution when it is a good fit. 

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions


Check with the Tech -  Updates on Cloud vs. Local Computers

Check with the Tech   

Question: I have recently begun using my company's 'Cloud' environment and our IT guy told me that it is time to apply Microsoft updates to my computer. Why would my local computer need to be patched when I am using a Cloud infrastructure?



Answer: Good question, Microsoft updates (as well as virus updates) need to continue to be applied to both your local computer and the Cloud infrastructure.


It is important to keep current on Microsoft updates because the device that you use to get to the Cloud could be compromised by malware (including spyware and adware) which would make it very difficult (if not impossible) to access your Cloud applications. Antivirus is also important to update on the local machine to ensure that any viruses that do get through the patches are caught before affecting your computer.


One of the advantages with working in the Cloud is that if your local computer does get infected with a virus or malware then you could use any spare PC while yours is being repaired. This allows you to continue working with minimal disruption to your productivity.




Mike Shinn - New

Mike Shinn


CIO Beer Tasting and Judgment Event




CIO Solutions Beer Tasting and Judgment



Come join the CIO team for the tasting and judgement of their first ever beer brewing competition!
Attendees will be able to sample beer from teams such as Jackass Brewers, Slow Zombie Brewery and Quad Win Beer Brewers.
The teams will be competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (and of course, bragging rights until the next Brew-Off).
Light appetizers will be provided.
All attendees must be over the age of 21.
Please let us know if you will be able to make it by clicking on the link below. More information will be provided on the registration page.
Hope to see you there! 


When: Friday, June 10th @ 7:30PM

Where: CIO Solutions (map)

Who: Anyone and Everyone (over 21)

What: Taste and judge various CIO beers



Let us know if you are going to be joining us! 


CIO in the News


Read All About It!



CIO Solutions has successfully migrated their internal IT infrastructure to the Cloud. 


May 13, 2011 - Santa Barbara, CA - CIO Solutions has successfully moved their internal IT infrastructure to a co-lo facility. There were many motivating factors for this project including: formulating and implementing a DR (Disaster Recovery) plan, reducing operational costs of the onsite datacenter, providing Office Anywhere capabilities for employees, familiarizing the staff on the functionality and benefits of Cloud services and reducing the dependency on local Internet and power.


Overall the staff has received this transition favorably and the team is working hard to make needed changes and adjustments. Many employees see the benefit of moving the internal infrastructure so that we will be able to better support clients who are using Cloud services. Hannah Rich, an employee who was successfully migrated to the Cloud states, "I think it is important that we understand and experience both the improvements and frustrations that come with moving to the Cloud. This way we will be able to relate to our clients and proactively fix issues that our own staff have found." Other feedback that the team has received include increased speed and responsiveness of certain programs, ease of use outside the office, reduced dependency on local hardware restrictions and increased security due to expanded administrator control.


Eric Egolf, VP of Operations, stated that, "We are excited to offer Cloud services as one of the options for managing an IT infrastructure. Our commitment is to the education of our clients and will continue to provide all available options when looking at ways to manage an IT infrastructure." CIO continues to offer a wide range of support services including Managed Services, IT as a Service, Professional Services and now Cloud Services.


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides the design, implementation and management of VoIP phone systems and the installation and management of enterprise-class storage systems. More information can be found at or by calling their office 805-692-6700. 


App of the Month - HowTo Tie a Necktie

 HowTo Tie a Necktie

Simple step-by-step instructions illustrated by pictures for those who need to tie a necktie quickly.

How often do you face the challenge of tying a necktie? Most probably, not very often. So many people would agree that making a tie is a big problem. The new application HowTo Tie a Necktie will help you to come through this challenge and easily tie one of the 12 tie knots just in a couple of minutes! And you won't need any help of your wife or any other person. Just follow these simple instructions and pictures, and you'll be able to tie a pretty tie knot on your own!

The advantage of the application HowTo Tie a Necktie is that it gives you a wide choice of the most popular tie knots. You will be able to tie one of the following well-known tie knots:
1. Atlantic
2. Diagonal
3. Four-in-hand
4. Half Windsor
5. Kelvin
6. Oriental
7. Persian
8. Plattsburg
9. Pratt
10. Simple Double
11. St. Andrew
12. Windsor

Another advantage of the application is a representation of all the instructions in pictures. You can not only read how and what you must do step by step but also have a look at the picture illustrating each step you take. After you've made a choice of the knot type, follow simple and clear instructions illustrated by pictures, and you will make a chosen tie knot easily and quickly. It'll take you just a couple of minutes to make a pretty-looking tie knot!


Available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry


Product Review: Wireless Router for your Home - Ryan Popke, Technician
Ryan Popke

With more and more devices these days using Wi-Fi it is becoming important to get a good connection both at home and in the office. This month we will be looking at a wireless router for home use.


This review was provided by Ryan Popke.  


Ryan Popke just moved recently and found himself in need of a new router. His previous model was having a lot of trouble keeping up with the new, faster internet connection. He decided to buy the Linksys E2000 Wireless Router (made by Cisco).


According to Ryan this wireless router is a great all-around performer. The installation was quick and simple and it easily handled the new connection. Additionally, with its internal antenna it was easily hidden on top of a book case, out of sight/out of mind.


While his old router struggled to provide 8Mbps on the wired connection, the E2000 model gave him a healthy 30Mbps. It was clear to him that he was being held back by his old equipment. He also reports that the wireless results were great as well. He was able to get a connection from every corner of the house, including the front and back yards. An additional feature of this router is that it supports all of the current wireless modes so you will be able to connect to all of your wireless devices with confidence.


Overall he is extremely happy with this model and he highly recommends it.





Read the full article to get the technical specifications of this featured router.







Employee Spotlight: Chris Narvaez, Sr. Technician & System Build Manager


 Full name:  Christopher Reyes Narvaez 


Family Information: Father, Roberto, retired Navy personnel, retired USPS Letter Carrier. Mother, Marcelina (Marcy or Lina) Nurse for the Palomar-Pomerado Health Network  


Where did you grow up? Till I was about 6, I grew up in Mira Mesa, CA, which at the time was a suburb of San Diego. Mom was tired of the traffic in the area, so she wanted to move. We then moved to Escondido, CA in '88. We've been living in the same house ever since.   


When did you move to SB?  2000, after I enrolled at UCSB to study Mechanical Engineering.   


What do you like best about SB? Everything  I need is within walking distance. Groceries, casual shopping, entertainment, it's great. It works wonders on keeping my truck's gas bill low.  


When did you start working at CIO? Late September 2006.   


What is your position at CIO?  Started off as Inventory Manager / Delivery Driver. Graduated from Delivery Driver to PC Technician and now I am currently Senior Technician & Quality Assurance / System Build Manager. 


What do you like best about working at CIO? The people here are absolutely wonderful to work with. We work hard, we play hard.   


Dreams/aspirations: To be an acclaimed fantasy/sci-fi writer. 


Favorite color:  Blue 


Favorite food:  Anything my last grandmother makes when she hears I'm coming home to visit.  


Favorite book/movie:


Two favorite books: Salamandastron by Brian Jacques / Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card 
Movie:  The original 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie 


Motto/quote:  "If you smile through your pain and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow, you'll see the sun come shining through for you." - Charlie Chaplin, "Smile" 


Interesting facts: I have a wonderfully colorful overactive imagination that fuels my dream of being a writer. 

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