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April 2011 - Issue 19 
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Check with the Tech - Adding Holidays to Outlook 2010
CIO in the News - CIO Featured in Noozhawk Business Review Article
Community: NCL Juniors Web Design
App of the Month - Shazam
Product Review: Home and Small Office Printers
Employee Spotlight: Julie Mendoza
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April 4 - Nic N. Birthday


April 8 - Eric Egolf Birthday


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April 27 - Eric Engmyr Birthday

Spring has sprung

Dear ,

Other than the inevitable May Gray and June Gloom, this spring is turning out to a very bright season for CIO. We are busy meeting with new clients, growing our team and fine-tuning our internal processes. 


This expansion and growth has been fueled by an industry-wide re-awakening. While the recession is by no means over, we have been seeing a heightened level of interest and action by local business owners. The trend is encouraging and invigorating and we look forward to riding this wave into the remainder of the year.


We are excited about the opportunities that lay on the horizon and are eager to continue our development of IT management offerings for new and current clients.


We hope that this Spring brings your business renewed vigor, growth and prosperity!

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions

Check with the Tech -  Adding Holidays to Outlook 2010

Check with the Tech   



Question: How do I add holidays to Outlook 2010? 






1) Go to File --> Options


2) Go to Calendar and find the Add Holidays button to add US National Holidays


3) Add the US Holidays as needed, you can also choose from Islamic, Jewish and Christian holidays to be added as well.




Mike Shinn - New

Mike Shinn


CIO in the News



Read All About It!



CIO Solutions was selected to be the focus of a business

review article researched and written by a local online news agency.



Santa Barbara, CA - April 15, 2011   Noozhawk, a local online news agency contacted CIO Solutions to be part of a business review article. The article was to highlight local, Santa Barbara-based companies who have been part of the business community for an extensive amount of time. With CIO just celebrating their 25th anniversary (with original founder/CEO, John Petote at the helm), we were the perfect candidate.


Taylor Orr, a business writer for Noozhawk, contacted CIO's VP of Operations Eric Egolf for the interview. In the interview Taylor focused on what type of services CIO offers, who our clients are and what trends have we seen in the Information Technology industry. They discussed ways in which CIO has been able to distinguish themselves from the competition as well as significant projects we have worked on for businesses in the Santa Barbara business community.


The full article can be read by clicking on the following link:


CIO Solutions has been providing IT management and design services to the Tri-County Area since 1986. CIO specializes in helping businesses focus on their core business by designing and managing their IT department. In addition to managing IT networks, CIO also provides the design, implementation and management of VoIP phone systems and the installation and management of enterprise-class storage systems. More information can be found at or by calling their office at 805-692-6700.


Marketing Contact:

Hannah Rich

CIO Solutions

805-692-6700 ext. 105 


Community: Sean Gill creates webpage for NCL Juniors Organization

Sean Gill


The National Charity League (NCL) Juniors of Ventura County was formed in 1960 and is comprised of mothers and daughters who want to be involved in social, cultural and philanthropic charity fundraisers. For the past seven years the NCL Juniors have been supporting the Children's Cancer and Blood Diseases Program. In March of this year they held their annual gala and succeeded in raising over $90,000 for the program. Over the life of their charity, the NCL Juniors have raised over $540,000 for local Ventura County charities.


Sean assisted with the design and building of the initial website for last year's annual fundraising gala. This helped the group promote their sponsors and provide information about the fundraiser as well as allow others to join as a sponsor or donor.


This year Sean helped the NCL Juniors update their website to reflect this year's theme: The Art of Giving. In addition to changing the theme and color scheme, Sean also added a preview of the featured Silent Auction items.


For more information on this charity please visit their website at



App of the Month - Shazam


Shazam is the quickest and easiest way to discover more about music. Just hold your phone up to the song to identify the track, buy it, check out the videos, get the lyrics, share it with friends - and more!
Start your music journey and enjoy Shazam to:



Identify what song is playing and preview and buy** the track direct on iTunes
Check out your friends tagged music and add tracks straight to your own Tag List
Read track and album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, and view song lyrics
Browse Shazam Tag Charts from 20 countries
Tap artwork in My Tags and Charts for shortcut menu to preview, buy and share music
Share Tags with friends on Facebook and Twitter
Search music by artist, track or album
See tour dates for tagged artists and buy concert tickets
Stay tuned to the latest music news and insights with the Shazam Blog
Select Tag on startup option for a faster Tag result
Store Tags and send when you next have a data connection

This App gives you 5 Tags per month*. For unlimited tagging and exclusive features try our premium App - Encore.


Product Review: Home and Small Business Printers - Ryan Popke, Technician
Ryan Popke

Purchasing a printer for your home or small business is often one of the more difficult experiences due to the vast array of choices and components. Inkjet vs. laser, type of cartridges, printed pages per minute, it all can get a bit confusing when you are at the store ready to put one in the cart. In this article we are going to review three different printers for home and small to medium sized businesses.


1) Home/Student:



Canon PIXMA iP3600 Inkjet Photo Printer



  • Inexpensive ink cartridges
  • Photo printing capabilities
  • 26 pages per minute
  • Print from digital camera or camera phone
  • 1 year warranty






2) Small/Medium Business:

HP OfficeJet

HP Officejet Pro 8000

Network Printer



  • Wireless Printing
  • Networkable
  • 35 pages per minute
  • Inexpensive ink cartridges
  • 1 year warranty



3) Medium Business:

HP LaserJet

HP Laserjet CP2020

Laser Printer



  • 2000-4000 pages per month
  • 21 pages per minute
  • Reliability and Consistency
  • 1 year warranty






Read the full article


 Employee Spotlight  - Julie Mendoza, Accounting/Human Resources

Julie Mendoza

Full name: 
Julie Mendoza 


Family info:

Married with 2 kids and 5 grandkids 


Where you grew up/When you moved to SB:

St. Louis MO, Merritt Island FL, Ft. Lauderdale FL  


When did you move to SB:



What you like best about SB:

I love the beaches and the hiking trails.


When did you start working at CIO: 



Your position at CIO:  

Accounting and Human Resources   


What you like best about working at CIO:

As long as I produce the right results by the deadline, it's up to me how I get there.  I like that independence.

Favorite color:


Favorite food: 



Favorite book/movie:
Book: The Time Traveler's Wife.  Movie: Tombstone



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