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September 2010 - Issue 13
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Check with the Tech: Backups Simplified
CIO In the News: CIO Provides Meridian Property Management with Wireless Solution
VMware's Rebranding: An Editorial
WiFi: Cutting the Cords
Employee Spotlight: Mike Shinn

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No Client Left Behind

Over the past six months CIO has gone through substantial growth; adding both new clients and new staff.

In order to maintain our new and current relationships, CIO has embarked on a quarterly theme revolving around client expectations and communication. Every staff member has personal communication goals which they must attain in order for the company to receive a surprise prize at the end of the year.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have developed with our clients and want to make sure that No Client is Left Behind during our growth and transition.

PS: We have a few new additions to our team. Check out the Bios link to see our new receptionist (Samantha Stroud) and our newest Remote Engineer/Delivery Driver (Brian Donovan). Pictures to be added soon!

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions

Check with the Tech
Check with the Tech
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I am worried about the quality of my personal backups, do you have any tips for ensuring that my personal computer is backed up?

If you want an easy and safe way to backup your computer's data, then consider using an online backup service. Websites such as offer unlimited storage for a low yearly fee. This is extremely easy because the software does all the work automatically to make sure your backup is current, so you don't have to worry about remembering to do it for every file.

Another smart way to backup your computer is to get an external hard drive. They are available as inexpensive as $100 and can be used with a backup program that will restore all your data if your computer crashes. If you go this route, it is a good idea to get one as big as your computer's drive. You are also able to choose when the backups update automatically, or you can continue to do it manually.

If you have more than one household computer, then it is also a good idea to sync them up. There are some online programs that allow you to choose which files you want to be synced and you can decide whether it happens automatically or manually.

Contact our knowledgeable resources for more information regarding the above proposed solutions. Call them at 805-692-6709 or email them.

CIO In the News
Meridian LogoCIO - light green

Meridian Group has selected CIO Solutions to be their partner in building and supporting their IT infrastructure which will provide high-speed, wireless internet access to students residing in their Isla Vista properties.

Santa Barbara - September 15, 2010 Meridian Group, a local Real Estate Management company, has chosen CIO Solutions to design, implement and support a new wireless network for their Isla Vista properties. CIO helped Meridian with the design of the network and addressed security issues, accessibility problems and management concerns.

After CIO implements the solution they will also be assisting with the on-going support and maintenance of the system. Eric Egolf, VP of Operations for CIO Solutions stated, "CIO Solutions provided Meridian with a flexible, scalable, feature-rich, and manageable system." He went on to say, "Design and implementation aren't the only parts of the picture. Since solutions such as these will typically be active for 5-7 years, it is important to address support options for the maintenance and upkeep of such systems. CIO Solutions offers our customers professional implementation services along with comprehensive support and management."

After working with CIO, Meridian will be able to offer reliable and secure Internet access to the student who reside in their Isla Vista properties. According to Sean Gill, lead CIO engineer for the project, the needed wireless capabilities spanned multiple sites and covered over 400 residents. He stated that Meridian will be using authentication measures to ensure that accessibility is limited to their residents. Gill was confident that this investment would increase the companies' bottom line by "attracting new lessees with the lure of free WiFi."

Click Here to Read the Full Press Release

Click Here for a PDF version

VMware Rebranding: An Editorial - Chase Christian, Field Engineer
Chase Christian, Engineer
VMWare is a company that produces a software suite called vSphere, which is a virtualization platform. It allows us to run multiple software servers on a single piece of hardware, saving energy and hardware costs and creating a more flexible server environment. VMWare recently released vSphere 4.1, which is the last build of vSphere that will follow the current model and naming scheme. The current model has two version of software, a "paid for" version and a free version. Currently, the "paid for" version is called "ESX", and comes with all of the advanced features. The free version is called "ESXi", with several restrictions in place.  The management software is called "vCenter", and is included with ESX. The entire suite is called "vSphere", which encompasses ESX, ESXi, and vCenter as a whole...READ MORE or CLICK HERE for a PDF version

WiFi: Cutting the Cords - Sean Gill, Field Engineer
Sean Gill
It seems that, these days, wireless has become all the rage.  It's everywhere - hotels,coffee shops, even McDonalds.  Everyone is offering WiFi and everyone wants it.  This speaks to the power of the Internet and how ubiquitous it has become in our daily lives.  As more and more of the applications we use on a daily basis move from closed, wired networks and into the Internet cloud, there is a need, in both in our business and personal lives, to be connected all the time.  But in a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, the question becomes... is it time to cut the cords?

For most businesses a completely wireless infrastructure is not an optimal solution, but many businesses are considering adding a wireless network to their existing infrastructure.  Businesses that have roaming or mobile users, have a conference or meeting room for presentations, businesses or schools with large campuses, or any business that just wants to offer a convenient service to their clients are all good candidates.

Read more or Click Here for PDF version

Employee Spotlight  - Mike Shinn, Remote Network Engineer
Mike ShinnMike Shinn: The Man, The Legend

There are not many who haven't heard of the infamous Mike Shinn. He tends to draw the spotlight whether it be with his infectious laugh, outrageous costumes or delicious baked goodies. Mike is a big part of the CIO Soul, with contributions to the company culture ranging from one-of-a-kind commentaries to spontaneous song and dance performances. Mike Shinn is a loved by staff and clients alike, always going the extra mile and giving customer service a new benchmark for others to achieve.

Mike was born in Upland, California and moved to Santa Barbara for his undergraduate studies at UCSB. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, Mike moved to LA to attend CSULA for a Masters in Business Administration. There he met his future wife Lindsay and they moved back to Santa Barbara in 2003. Mike came to work for CIO in November of 2005. He currently lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and two children, Alexandra (3) and Michael (6 months).

While he is not busy working on home improvement projects and being Dad, Mike enjoys soda rating (check out his website), cooking, working/playing with computers, watching movies and gardening. Mike always takes the opportunity for his opinion to be heard and contributes regularly to Edhat (a local online community publication). Between being a father, a husband, a friend and an engineer, Mike doesn't have much free time but he enjoys his busy life and wouldn't change a thing.

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