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June 2010 - Issue 10
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CIO In The News: John Petote Speaks on Entrepreneurial Success
The Seven Types of Power Problems
Battle of the Slashes
Employee Spotlight: Jeff Ford

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Flag Day - June 14
Father's Day - June 20
Summer Solstice - June 21

What a Party!


Thanks to everyone who made the CIO and Citrix Happy Hour such a smashing success!

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Santa Barbara evening, the views from the Canary Rooftop were stunning.

Check out our YouTube video and stay tuned for more summer fun from your friends at CIO!

John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions

Check with the Tech
Check with the Tech
Check with the TechSend your questions to
Thanks and Enjoy!

Q: How can I drag useful desktop icons onto my taskbar at the bottom of my screen?

It sounds like you're talking about the "Quicklaunch" bar.  This is the fancy toolbar, usually in the lower-left corner, next to the start button.

If you're missing this, rightclick on the task bar (the long blue strip at the foot of your monitor) and go to properties.

Check the "Show Quick Launch" checkbox to make it appear and then press OK.

Now it should appear but may not be editable. Rightclick on the task bar again and uncheck the "lock Taskbar."

Now you should be able to drag and drop any program or document that you regularly access. To delete buttons from there, just rightclick and delete. If you notice a double arrow to the right of your quicklaunch, you can grab the dotted vertical line at the end of the quicklaunch and make it larger.

This should help you enable your quicklaunch and help you edit it to your liking!

Mike Shinn

-Mike Shinn
CIO in the News


John Petote

John Petote, CEO of CIO Solutions will be presenting on the Formula for Tri-County Entrepreneurial Success at the upcoming Catalyst for Thought event

Santa Barbara, CA - June 9, 2010 - John Petote, CEO of CIO Solutions, will be presenting on the secrets of entrepreneurial success at the Catalyst for Thought's Minds forum. The presentation will be held at the University Club of Santa Barbara on Thursday, June 10th and is currently sold out.

In addition to being CEO of CIO Solutions, a firm which designs and implements customized information technology and voice communication solutions to the Tri-County area, Mr. Petote is also an Angel Investor who has co-funded over 45 start-up companies. Mr. Petote's private company investments include organizations from the high-technology, internet marketing, bio-technology, healthcare, financial and consumer goods sectors.

Click HERE for the full Press Release

The Seven Types of Power Problems: Summary of APC White Paper - Hannah Rich, Professional Services Coordinator
HannahIn today's ever evolving technologically advanced world, our dependence on reliable power has become more and more crucial to the success of businesses world-wide. With the importance of power considerations in the IT world comes the need for standardization of terminology and communication. For both consumers and IT professionals alike straight-forward accepted language needs to be established so that problems can be correctly identified and appropriate solutions suggested.

The following article borrows from Joseph Seymour's White Paper titled: The Seven Types of Power Problems. This White Paper was published through APCs June 2010 newsletter. To view the White Paper click here. Mr. Seymour used the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) as the basis for the vocabulary and terminology in his white paper. In this article the seven types of power problems will be briefly discussed as well as symptoms and proposed solutions.

There are seven main types of power disturbances:
    Waveform Distortions
    Voltage Fluctuations
    Frequency Variations

Click here for the full article

Battle of the Slashes - William (Billy) Jankowski - Freelance Contributor

Forward slashBack SlashBattle of the Slashes

First off, I'm no computer guy. I email. I surf the internet. I sometimes even create PowerPoint presentations and hope people don't fall asleep. And so it must be acknowledged that I don't understand much of the computer lingo out there. I can't really tell you how what the memory does is different than what the processor does. Don't they both make the computer go faster??? I've come to terms with the fact that my understanding of computer terms is limited. Well, for the most part because there are two terms that I refuse to simply accept my lack of understanding and do nothing about: back-slash and forward-slash.

Quick reader poll:  When a coworker says "forward-slash" to you, which slash are they referring to?  It's okay.  I'm not sure either.  I guess it depends on whether they are referring to the general direction of the slash or the starting location of the slash and even then I'm not sure.  I see no end in sight to this debate.  And to be honest, if it wasn't for the functional use of needing to know which slash to type into my computer when an IT guy says "Okay, now forward-slash," I wouldn't particularly more
Employee Spotlight  - Jeff Ford, Engineer

Jeff FordJeff has been working for CIO since 2008 and has brought many invaluable things to the company. Jeff enjoys the challenges he receives while working for CIO and looks forward to each new job. Jeff is adventurous, passionate, competitive, jovial and dedicated.

Hobbies: wrestling, Judo, Aikido, fast cars, motorcycles, weight lifting, fishing, shooting, camping, video games (no WoW), board games and auto mechanics

Aspirations: riding motorcycles and driving race cars

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: Pasta (watch out, he is Italian!!)

Favorite Book: 1984 by George Orwell

Favorite Movie: 300

Motto: Go Big or Go Home

Interesting fact: Jeff loves high-fives

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