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April/May, 2010 - Vol 9, Issue 9
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CIO In The News: CIO Happy Hour
Microsoft Office 2010
Employee Spotlight: Craig McClellan

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Check with the Tech
Check with the Tech
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Q: How can I make a screensaver from my pictures?
A: This is very simple to do:

1) Start - Control Panel - Display
2) Screensaver Tab
3) Pulldown Screensaver to "My Pictures Slideshow"
4) Press 'Settings' button to adjust to a specific folder


Mike Shinn

-Mike Shinn
CIO in the News

CIO In the NewsSocialize with CIO and CitrixAllison

Come Celebrate the Partnership between CIO and Citrix at a co-sponsored Happy Hour!

Where: Canary Hotel, Rooftop, Downtown Santa Barbara
When: Thursday, May 20th
Who: Anyone who is interested in learning more about CIO or Citrix (bring a friend!)
Why: Good food, good drinks and great conversation!
Bonus: Citrix and CIO representatives onsite

Register Here!

Microsoft Office 2010: Overview and Opinions
Contributors: Hannah Rich, Craig McClellan, Nic Neilson and Burt Ribet
Microsoft OFfice 2010Microsoft has announced that Office 2010 will be released to Office 2010 - Exceltheir business partners and the general public in May and June respectively. Many of CIO's engineers have already been testing the Beta version of Office 2010 and are currently 2010 Excelusing the released version. In this article a brief overview of the new and improved features will be presented as well as opinions from our team.

OOffice 2010 - Wordffice 2010 includes the following product lineup (depending on the type of suite purchased): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Communicator, InfoPath and SharePoint Workspace. General improvement and additOffice 2010 - PowerPointions to Office 2010 will be discussed as well as a deeper look into the new and improved features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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Opinions from our Team:

"...another thing that I like is the Ribbon verses the old style toolbar. It was difficult to get used to in the beginning, but, since they are intuitive it makes it easier to find the function I need. They work the way I think: contextually. I also like that I don't have to remember complicated key commands, I can just press <alt> and the letter to perform a particular action will show up on the Ribbon" - Burt Ribet, Senior Engineer

"Having upgraded from Office 2003 directly to Office 2010, I was at first a little bit intimidated by the Ribbon bar. Now that I have had a chance to get used to it, I really like it. I'm a big fan of keyboard shortcuts and the new system makes it very easy to access any command without using the mouse" -
Nicolas Neilson, Remote Engineer
Employee Spotlight  - Craig McClellan - Remote Engineer

Craig McClellan Full name: Craig Stewart McClellan
Where were you born/where did you grow up: Santa Barbara, CA
When did you start working at CIO: February 2010
Your position at CIO: Remote Engineering Consultant
What you like best about working at CIO: The strong team environment where everyone brings something different to the game.
Hobbies: Camping, snowboarding, wake-boarding, working on my vehicles, outdoor activities and being with friends.
Dreams/aspirations: To continue a successful life here in beautiful Santa Barbara with the hope of starting my own family here.
Favorite color: I can't choose, blue, and all shades in between.
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite movie: Beverly Hills Cop I and II
Motto to live by:Live every day as if it is your last.

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