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March, 2010 - Vol 8, Issue 8
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Check with the Tech: What is Malware and Spyware?
StorMagic: Storage Simplified
Order Porter: A New Way to Review Quotes Online
Employee Spotlight: Eric Egolf, VP of Operations

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John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions
Check with the Tech
Check with the Tech
Check with the TechSend your questions to
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What is Malware? Spyware? How do I get it on my computer and how can I get rid of it? Shouldn't my anti-virus catch it?

A: Malware is the umbrella term for spyware, viruses and other bad things that can happen to your computer.  Simply put, it is a small software program that gets installed on your computer that does things that you do not want. You have probably heard about programs that steal your credit card information, but more likely the software that you will get will show you advertisements, try to sell you a product or serve as a small piece in a larger dark operation. One of the more popular malware going around now involves a scam where your computer alerts you to being infected with a virus and asks you to "activate now" and pay $10-50 to clean up the viruses that it has caught.  These malware look very similar to actual antivirus programs, so they can be confusing.

It is unlikely that you can get malware from reputable websites or running purchased software. The best way to avoid it is to visit only reputable sites. If you are at work, stick to business-related websites and you will never get malware. When asked, most of our clients in Santa Barbara assure me that they would never go to an website at work that has a bad reputation.The websites that are visited most often such as YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, Google and ESPN are all clean. What can get you in trouble are their advertisements. These sites do not check their ads for malware and often the advertisements can be appealing, deceiving and sometimes look like the website content itself! 

The only way to be 100% rid of your malware is to have your computer backed up and reformatted.  Depending on how deeply the malware has rooted itself into your computer, the advanced user may be able to remove it by using standard antivirus or malware tools.  This can be as easy as downloading and running a quick program to remove it, but more often it requires more work as thorough malware can disable your existing antivirus and settings.

If you have an antivirus before you get malware, you will ask in frustration why it didn't catch it.  Unfortunately, even the best antivirus programs can only scan for known variants of a virus.  Since hackers are adjusting and tweaking viruses constantly, your antivirus is only as good as its last update, so update frequently.  If you don't have an antivirus, you need one - call CIO Solutions for a recommendation.  The best anti-malware is safe computing - stay off of the bad websites and avoid advertisements and you should not get infected.

Mike Shinn

-Mike Shinn
newsCIO in the News
CIO in the News


CIO Solutions recently increased their engineering team as well as their administrative staff. CIO is excited and looks forward to expertise these new additions will bring to the team.

Mike Ferrando

 Mike Ferrando: Delivery Driver

- Deliveries and customer service

- Assisting techs in PC builds


Brandon Contreras: Business Development Agent
-Marketing initiatives and lead generation


Allison Bolger: Receptionist

-Administrative support, accounting assistant and assistant office manager

-Graduate of UCSB in Business Economics

Craig McClellan

Craig McClellan: Remote Engineer

-Central Support Agent and first-call resolution

-Experience in audio/visual design and implementation

Burt Ribet

Burt Ribet: Senior Engineer

-Windows server management and IT security

-14 years of experience

Click Here to for the full Press Release
StorMagic: Storage Simplified
Andrew West, CTO

If you are interested in learning more about StorMagic, visit their website to sign up for a free webinar:

Look for an upcoming event that will be hosted by CIO and StorMagic where you can meet the vendor and see a demo unit in use.
Order Porter: A New Way to Review Quotes Online
Hannah Rich, Professional Services Coordinator

Hannah Rich
CIO introduces a fast and convenient way to review and approve quotes online. CIO is now using a tool that allows customers to:
  • Review quotes
  • Clarify and revise quote options
  • Choose between available options on the quote
  • Place the order by digitally signing the quote (legally binding)
This new tool creates a personalized web page for the customer and is accessible by a private link that is sent to customer when the quote is ready to be reviewed. The sales team at CIO will receive a notification once the customer has accepted and approved the quote.

We have received positive feedback from clients already using this online quote review tool:

"I like the new online quote review. When I receive my quotes from CIO they will usually provide some available options and then I get to actually view the quote online. Even though I cannot approve the quote online (due to my company's purchasing policy), I love the ease and accessibility of the new tool" - Judy Glasgow - Cottage Health System

Look for emails from the CIO sales team that invite you to view your quote online!

For more information on this new feature please contact the sales department at CIO by clicking here.
Employee Spotlight  - Eric Egolf, VP of Operations

Eric Egolf

Eric Alan Egolf has been working at CIO Solutions for almost six years. He started as a delivery driver and is now the VP of Operations. At just 28 years old Eric has taken CIO to new heights. His technical prowess and savvy business sense are just two of the things that make him a valuable asset here at CIO.

Eric grew up in Connecticut, MA and moved out to California in 2004. He worked at Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center as a software engineer before he came on-board with CIO in later that year. Eric is a newlywed, marrying his long-time girlfriend Cheryl last year in her home state of Minnesota. He recently bought his first home in Santa Barbara and lives with Cheryl and his step-daughter Joselyn.

When Eric isn't developing strategic business plans for CIO he enjoys kite surfing, watching UFC, traveling, camping and relaxing with friends. In high school Eric was a state champion wrestler in high school and an Academic All American for Trinity College.
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