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November, 2009 - Vol 4, Issue 4
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Windows 7: Here at Last!
Enhance Windows 7 with DX11 Graphics Cards
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Holiday E-Commerce
Employee Spotlight: Nick Picon, Engineer

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Windows 7, Here at Last!
Chase Christian, Engineer
Chase Christian, Engineer
As you probably have already seen via their recent marketing blitz, Microsoft recently released their newest OS, Windows 7, towards the end of October. It comes in a time where Microsoft had more users still running Windows XP than running Windows Vista. Vista suffered from serious performance issues at its launch (as admitted by Microsoft) and many computer manufacturers were penalized significant amounts of money for advertising their products as 'Vista Ready' when they did not actually meet the minimum requirements. Microsoft's attempt to have a huge launch with Vista backfired and is largely the cause for the public's negative image of the OS.

Luckily, the development team at Microsoft learned their lesson from Vista, and Windows 7 has remedied many of the problems that Vista brought to the table. With lower hardware requirements (meaning it will run faster than Vista), a much broader range of program and hardware compatibility, and a long and thorough testing process, Windows 7's launch has been incredibly positive. As a participant of the beta testing process for Windows 7, I was able to see the developer feedback as problems and suggestions were brought to the table read more...
Enhance Windows 7 with DX11 Graphics Cards
Ryan Popke, Technician/Shipping and Receiving
Ryan PopkeWith the launch of Windows 7 we are seeing Microsoft's latest API (Application Programming Interfaces): DirectX 11. In this article I will discuss what new features DX11 adds to the Windows 7 experience, as well as a new product that uses DX11. All Windows 7 installs come with Microsoft's DirectX11 capability as a standard feature. To utilize this feature, the user must have a DirectX11 compatible graphics card installed, read more...
November Tip of the Month

Recently there has been a huge increase in the amount of spam, or unwanted email advertisements, getting through spam protection.  Even the best spam protection cannot block 100% of these. You may receive a handful of these each day, sometimes they seem like they're written from yourself or a coworker!  It's best to delete these, without reading them, when possible.  Never "unsubscribe" if it is offered - you will only confirm to the spammer that you received and read their message. If you are receiving more than a handful of these emails each day, please let us know - we have an affordable spam solution that may be right for you!
Holiday E-Commerce: Allison Bolger, Receptionist
AllisonThis holiday season, lessen the hassle of finding gifts by shopping online. In a time where green is good and frugality is key, the internet proves to be a favorable resource for consumers. Shopping on the net allows buyers to browse an endless amount of options, compare prices, and utilize special deals and discounts, all without leaving their homes.  Customers don't have to deal with traffic, crammed parking lots, overcrowded malls and superstores, or wait in long lines. The convenience of purchasing goods online is clear, and it's even more environmentally friendly than physically going to a store. Fewer people on the roads driving from store to store results in less air pollution and less fuel consumption, which also means consumers save money by not buying gas read more...
Employee Spotlight  - Nick Picon, Engineer
 Nick Picon
Nicholas Picon grew up in Southern California and moved to beautiful Santa Barbara in 2006. Nick has grown to be one of our top engineers, working with some of our biggest clients. Nick is very competitive and loves to play golf with his co-workers and clients. He also enjoys music and going to the beach. If Nick could have a super-hero power it would be x-ray vision; to help catch the bad guys of course! Nick's dream vacation would be traveling to the sunny French Riviera and then to the beaches of Southern Spain. His favorite food is Mexican, in particular carne asada burritos.
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