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September, 2009 - Vol 2, Issue 2
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Online Security: Tips to Stay Safe
Allworx: A New Budget VoIP Phone Solution
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Hosted Email: A Cost-Effective Solution
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John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions
Online Security: Tips to Keeping You Safe
Chase Christian, Engineer
Chase Christian, EngineerOne of the key issues plaguing both PC and Mac users alike is the proliferation of spyware and malware programs on the internet. Spyware, which is designed to capture your information and display advertising/popups, has grown from a rarely seen issue to a daily occurrence for those of us working on the Web. Its malicious brother, malware, is designed to hijack Internet Explorer and Firefox, and take over other functions of your computer. They can also manifest themselves in other ways, such as changing icons or your desktop background, and creating false security alerts read more...
Allworx: A New VoIP Offering for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Hannah Rich, Professional Services Coordinator
HannahCIO Solutions is proud to announce that they have recently started carrying a second VoIP (telephone over computer network) phone solution. CIO decided to partner with Allworx because of the value their product provided. Allworx delivers a fully functioning VoIP phone solution that is geared towards small and medium sized businesses. CIO believes that this alternative option augments their other VoIP phone solution, ShoreTel, which is better suited for medium to large companies who require more sophisticated functionality read more
September Tip of the Month

You should have an email address for work, one for personal and one for junk. Your work emails are the property of your employer.  Mixing your personal emails in with your work emails makes managing your email account more difficult for your system administrator.  What's more, if needed, your employer could gain access to your work email account and unintentionally discover personal information that you would rather no one know about.  It's a good idea to get a separate personal account; for example offers a free and easy personal email account. Another good idea is to establish a third, junk email account. You can use this account to sign up for special offers or when you sign up for a new service that requires a one-time verification of your email.  Typically this account will fill up with junk mail and spam, but because you only check it when you're expecting something, you don't have to worry about cleaning it out.
Hosted Email: A Cost-Effective Solution
Gordon Thompson, Central Support Engineer
Gordon SingleThis article discusses the advantages of using an offsite service to host your company's email.  Within the SaaS (Software as a Service) community, email hosting is one of the most popular choices.  This is largely due to the fact of how simple it is to implement and this simplicity is very attractive to small and medium sized business. Three advantages will be discussed read more...

Employee Spotlight  - Ryan Popke, Shipping/Receiving and System Builder
 Ryan Popke
Ryan Popke's one year anniversary with CIO is coming up in October. Ryan fills many roles here including Shipping and Receiving manager, Delivery Driver and System Builder. Ryan grew up in Escondido, CA and moved up to Santa Barbara about four years ago. After working with his father at the local fireplace store Ryan came to work for CIO. He enjoys CIO's culture here, especially the fact that we work hard and play hard. Ryan appreciates the creative freedom he is given and noted that he is grateful for the accessibility of our management. Outside of work Ryan's hobbies include building high-end custom PCs, taking long road trips and playing various online games. If Ryan could have one super-human power it would be the ability to speak every language. This way he could travel anywhere in the world and be able to connect with people. One quote that has stuck with Ryan from his childhood is "Alone we are mighty, together we are legends."
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