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August, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Virtualization for Everyone!
CIO's New Website
Review of Windows 7
Did You Know?
Employee Spotlight

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Welcome Note From Our CEO

We are pleased to launch the first edition of The CIO Exchange. This newsletter will be a  connection to CIO, alerting you to new services, company highlights, and links to valuable information.  We hope that you find value in this newsletter and welcome feedback and suggestions.  
John Petote
CEO, CIO Solutions
Virtualization for Everyone! 
Andrew West, CTO

Andrew West, CTOSome days at work are definitely more notable than others, and today is one of those exceptional days. We've been providing fully-featured virtualization solutions to our clients for a number of years now, mostly with VMware's ESX (now called vSphere in version 4 of the product line).  Traditionally, these solutions were reserved for organizations with "a lot" of servers (5 or more) and more of an IT budget, since features such as vMotion - the real-time migration of a virtual server from one physical server to another with zero downtime - were only available if a pricey shared storage solution was more
CIO's New Website --- Check it Out!!
CIO has recently launched their new and improved website. See what's new at On the new website you will find valuable information regarding our services. Our website also features knowledge blogs and articles, written by our very own engineers. Clients can now access the customer portal from the website and request a remote session. In addition to all this, there are client testimonials, links to our partners, and a plethora of useful information.
Review of Windows 7 - Mike Shinn, Central Support Engineer
  Windows 7
Mike ShinnI am currently testing Windows 7, Microsoft's new operating system that will replace Vista. You may have heard some negative comments about Vista from friends, or even experienced it yourself.  Microsoft has heard your complaints and is rushing to replace Vista with something that you can be happy with. If you are already using Vista, good news! This is so similar to Vista that you won't notice the difference in functionality.  The parts that you will miss are things like the annoying pop-up warnings at every turn.  You will also notice that your computer works about twice as fast and on about twice the battery life of Vista - all of the benefits that you were used to with more
August Tip of the Month

Did You Know? August Tip of the MonthDid You Know? August Tip of the MonthDid You Know?
You can snap a picture of your computer monitor

It's called a screen capture and it's a free feature in Windows.  Whenever you want to take a picture of something happening on your monitor, just press the PrintScreeen button on your keyboard.  This button is located on the right side of the keyboard near the Page-Up/Page-Down buttons above the arrow keys.  After you have pressed the PrintScreen button, open up a Word document and Paste (Control-V).  A picture of whatever was on your screen will appear.  This is a very handy tool that can be used when an error message or something suspicious happens on your screen.  You can take a screen capture, paste it to word, and email it to us to help diagnose whatever might be giving your computer trouble.
Employee Spotlight  - Gordon Thompson, Central Support Engineer
gordonGordon Thompson is our newest Central Support Engineer. Gordon has been part of the CIO team for a little under six months now but has quickly become part of the "CIO family". Gordon made the decision to come to CIO because "CIO provides a large challenge from which there is a lot to learn". Gordon also says that CIO "has a bunch of great people". Gordon was born and raised in Goleta, he finds himself to be "lucky enough" to have found opportunities that have allowed him to stay in his hometown. He is a UCSB graduate. In his spare time Gordon enjoys running, hiking and traveling. His favorite sports are auto racing and football. He's happily married to his wife Elke and they have a beautiful 17 month old daughter, Gabriella.
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