June 24th, 2010    
Liberty In America is still a concept some here have never known. 
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Is an oil spill ineptness, or something that is taught in Leftism 101? Chaos is an element of social change; it is taught. Professor Walter Williams' analysis is with us today.
Self-determination is our heritage, and short-circuiting that also makes for adverse, unwelcome change. Undermining the Vote is also taught in Leftism 101.
David Codrea, Dave Workman and Stratfor's Scott Stewart all emphasize how dangerous chaos is, whether it is environmental protection, legislative action or terrorist robberies for needed cash. Gun Control is fundamental as an early interference with a society's ability to protect itself from all sorts of boondoggles;  Leftism 101.
Glad to have you with me.
Love of Liberty,
John Longenecker
John Longenecker   Safer Streets 
Break it first, then claim it's broken. Leftism 101.
MEOil spills can be oil spills, but every incident has the potential to worsen our freedoms by so-called remedies. These remedies are almost always ready, it seems, while safety was not. These urgent 'remedies' are so unnecessary but for the historical fact that the most effective safeguards in place have been neutralized a priori. An oil spill today might never have happened if energy policy were much more in the interest of the United States than the interests of the left who have an interest in making things hard on people.
This is no sarcasm. Making things hard on people is an element of unrest and chaos for social change.
The fact is that this formula is cloned: destroy a safeguard, and when something happens, you get the social change you always wanted. Otherwise, a free people would never permit it. Changing conditions under which we live -- removing the working safeguard - is the first clue to abuses of powers. This explains a lot.
Shortages is one such early example; shortage of food, shortage of energy, shortage of armed self-defense. Of course, the fact is that there are no shortages. There are no shortages of food in the U.S., no shortages of energy here either, and there is no shortage of a will for armed self defense; there are only restrictions which give the illusion of shortages. 
Calling liberals names such as Socialist or Marxist for puzzling edicts and programs has not been effective; what is effective is to describe socialist or marxist styles and methods and to see them at work. Then, you can see what is happening.
The important thing to comprehend is that making things hard on Americans is taught. Because it is taught in leftist classes, books and papers, it seems most unlikely to pass the test of reasonable expectation that all of these crises are a spell of mismanagement. 
Understanding this may save the country this November. Understanding this would also mean safer streets.
David Codrea     Second Amendment
Why should 'disrupting' turtles result in lifetime gun ban?
"Private property or not, state wildlife experts say two women illegally disrupted a turtle nest. The nest is on a private beach in Englewood, and the women are now facing felony charges," Tanya Arja of Fox 13 News tells us. Juanita Schultz, 73, has owned her beachfront property for 37 years. All she wants is privacy.  More . . .
Walter Williams, Ph.D.  Independence
Government aggravated tragedy. 

Professor WilliamsWhen Thomas Paine said, "(G)overnment, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one." He added that when it's self-inflicted, "(O)ur calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer." The Gulf of Mexico disaster has been made worse because of Washington acts similar to Great Britain's tyrannical acts that caused our founders to rise up in rebellion in 1776. Let's look at it. More . . __________________________________________________

Dave Workman   Self-determination.
'Disclose Act' leaps back to life as desperate Dems scramble for votes. 

WORKMANThis is bad legislation, period, no matter who gets an exemption.

After liberal activist groups rightly shrieked about the NRA exemption, House leaders expanded it to include the Sierra Club, AARP and others. To its credit, the Sierra Club continued to oppose the bill. "We've opposed the carve-out on the principle of a carve-out," Sierra Club spokesman David Willett told More . . .
Intelligence     National security 
Criminal intent and militant funding, by Scott Stewart.
STRATFORAs we got deeper into that project, one of the things we noticed was the group's increasing reliance on criminal activity to fund its operations. In recent months, in addition to kidnappings for ransom and extortion of businessmen - which have been endemic in Iraq for many years - the ISI appears to have become increasingly involved in armed robbery directed against banks, currency exchanges, gold markets and jewelry shops. More . . .
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