June 23rd, 2010    
Liberty In America is still a concept some here have never known. 
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Liberty In America is still a concept some here have never known. For some among a whole generation, The Man is so loathed that one might as well be hobbled - hobbled in spirit.
But it is not the Man who hobbles others. Lady Liberty is partisan; Lady Liberty is not The Man. She is partisan for freedom for all, not dependency for all, not Churchill's definition of Socialism: equal misery. When Lady Liberty is muted or smeared, it is by those who do their small part to hide the keys to the chains of others. Lady Liberty does not hold the keys to anyone's chains, she holds her lamp by the door. Her lamp is before many doors.
You see some new faces today in our liberty lineup in our mission of safer streets and safer futures. American Liberty is an aggregate of various values which become safeguards of the nation. For all.
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Love of Liberty,
John Longenecker
David Codrea     Second Amendment
Panel divided on keeping all remaining jailed Hutaree behind bars.
An appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling to free all Hutaree militia members pending trial. From The Michigan Messenger: A three-judge panel for the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court ruling granting a release on bond for the five remaining members of the Hutaree 9 still in custody pending a trial on charges of seditious conspiracy. More . . .
Michele Malkin   National Security 
Club Fed for illegal aliens.
Ensuring humane treatment of detainees is one thing. This, on the other hand, is beyond ridiculous. Detention centers should be clean, safe and temporary way stations for illegal immigrants on their way out the door. These proposals turn the immigration detention centers into permanent Dave & Buster's-style comfort zones for illegal aliens biding their time until the next amnesty. More . . . 
Dennis Prager  Discernment as patriotism. 
When good people do bad things. 
Almost 30 years ago, Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," a powerful book that propelled him to national and international renown. Though we have differed on some important theological matters, many of the book's insights have been indispensable to me in understanding God and suffering. Today, we need another book that uses the words of Rabbi Kushner's classic work, but addresses an entirely different issue: When Good People Do Bad Things. More . . .
Dan Bidstrup  Second Amendment
Second amendment freedom riders. 
BIDSTRUPThe Freedom Riders were brave blacks who rode buses across the south to challenge segregation. The Interstate Commerce Commission had already technically removed the "separate but equal" rules but interstate bus companies still segregated people. The law was on the freedom riders' side, but the practice in general in the south was to continue to segregate. The riders forced the country to face the laws and enforce them as they were written. It took brave men and women to finally get the equality the laws had given them.  More . . .
Larry Elder  Independence from our public servants.   
Obama learns limits of government - Oil spill kicks his hope and change.
LARRY-ELDERObama, the former asbestos remover, rejects the Founding Fathers' vision - codified in the Constitution - of a federal government limited to and restricted by its enumerated powers. Under Obama's vision, the ability of government to transform lives is limited only by our imagination. More . . .
Bob Parks Independence from our public servants. 
 To berm or not to berm.

BOBPARKSIs the administration operating out of environmental advocacy at the expense of the Louisiana coast? The federal government is shutting down the dredging that was being done to create protective sand berms in the Gulf of Mexico. The berms are meant to protect the Louisiana coastline from oil. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department has concerns about where the dredging is being done.

While there is an argument to be made...  More _______________________________________________________

Gerard Valentino   Middle class conservative. 
 This is how freedom died -- by choice.
Two stories that any liberty-minded American should know about sneaked by unnoticed last week because of the overwhelming negative reaction to the health care debacle. Both were indicative of how little value some Americans put on their personal freedom and how some people are willing to turn over their well-being to the government, instead of taking responsibility for their personal safety. More . . .
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