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July 2009 
I am always on the lookout for new and better ways of keeping my children interested and motivated to learn.  
This month's featured idea/link: 
Old Time Radio Shows: Listen to dramatizations of American History! (WARNING: There are old beer commercials at the beginning of some of the shows!)
 This month I am dedicating this corner to all things American.  Games and educational sites - something for all ages!
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The Pope's Prayer Intentions for July 2009
General: That the Christians of the Middle East may live their faith in full freedom and be an instrument of peace and reconciliation.

Mission: That the Church may be the seed and nucleus of a humanity reconciled and reunited in God's one and only family, thanks to the testimony of all the faithful in every country in the world.
Have you stumbled across a new and wonderful (or old and just as wonderful) way of passing on the faith to your children?  
Do you have a favorite way of celebrating a Feast Day as a family? 
Have a meatless Friday Fare recipe to share? 
What are your favorite Catholic websites?
Email me with all of your favorites! 
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Activities and Info for July Feast Days
July 11  St. Benedict
July 16  Our Lady of Mt Carmel  (scroll down to the link on the Brown Scapular)
**HDO = Holy Day of Obligation
 Giggle of the month:
  "You look pretty dirty, Susie."
"Thank you.  I look pretty when I'm clean, too!" 

Dear Family, 

 If the color of our lawn indicates what season we are in, then brown certainly means summer in Oklahoma!  The heat wave  has started and we will most likely not return to reasonable weather until September.  So what will we be doing during this heat wave?  Having fun!
We will be spending a great deal of time with the Saints this summer, reading about their stories, learning their prayers, and preparing our own souls for Sainthood.  The books in the  Vision Books for Youth series are excellent reading for all family members to listen to and discuss, as are the Windeatt books.  Even the littles can understand the basic story lines as long as you or your older children are able to explain what is happening.  And exposure to these wonderful stories at an early age inspires them to become holy souls like the Saintly heroes they hear about during storytime.  The sooner you instill a love for the Church in all her truths and traditions into their hearts, the more they will grow in the ways of our faith.
July is dedicated to the Most precious Blood of Jesus.  Many fascinating and inspiring miracles and stories revolve around the Precious Blood and I have renewed my love for the Real Presence in my research as I prepared the links for you.  I hope you and your family learn and grow through thses resources as much as we have!
This month we are offering a greatly reduced special to help you keep the faith alive during the dog-days of summer.  We know money is tight these days, so we are finding ways of helping you to bring the faith into your home in fun and educational ways, yet make it affordable, too.  And future products will be geared toward electronic downloads to help you save even more!  News on these developments will be found in future newsletters, so keep an eye out!
Finally, and as always, be sure to explore the Activities and Info section for the July Feast Days.  By spending just a few minutes discussing a Saint or working on an activity together really helps to build the love and pride in our Catholic faith we all hope to pass on to our children.  Enjoy!
We hope this newsletter finds you and your family in happiness and health.  All of you continue to be in our prayers - please keep us in yours as well!
In Him,
Jay and Cassandra Poppe
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 We Believe! ... Or Do We?

The feast day of St. Thomas is on July 3.  St. Thomas does not appear too often in the bible, but when he does, his testimony is powerful.  He is best known for being the "doubting Thomas", requiring physical proof of His Resurrection.  It was only by touching the Precious Wounds that St. Thomas' faith was restored and he could finally proclaim Jesus' divinity.  Jesus' reply to him was "Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed."
Jesus' message is simple:  have faith.  Believe in Him. Believe that He has risen.  Faith allowed me, even as a child, to believe in His Resurrection.  So, that should have put me right in the middle of the "blessed are they that have not seen" category, right?
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July Feast

Most Precious Blood

I have included a few links, in no paticular order, to get you going!
Ministrations of the Precious Blood 
crucifixion  The forces and beauties of nature tell to all who will read, the story of God's omnipotence, goodness and love.  Day by day as the vast horizon of human science is extended, we learn more and more of the incomprehensible wisdom and power of Him who holds the universe in the hollow of His hand.  Revelation tells a story more wonderful still, a story of the universe of spirits, whose beauty and power and unimaginable splendor surpass all the glories of the material world.  But the greatest story man has ever heard is that told by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.  It is a story of infinite, Divine love.  St. John relates it to us in a few words in the 19th chapter of his Gospel: "One of the soldiers," he says, "with a spear opened His Side, and immediately there came out Blood and water."  This Divine Blood, which speaks more eloquently than the blood of Abel, tells of the excessive love of the God-Man, who shed It to Its last drop for the ransom of souls.
From a wound of love this Divine Blood streams forth in glorious, grace-giving fountains.  It is the redeeming Blood that flows from the sacred Side of Christ; It is the cleansing Blood that seeks to wash away the filth of sin; It is the fructifying Blood which is poured out to irrigate the soil of immortal souls; It is the vivifying Blood that gives new life to the tender shoots of virtue, that fills the veins and causes strong and vigorous growth, bringing forth bud and blossom and ripe fruit; It is the sanctifying Blood that wells up in a thousand chalices each morning to give the Divine Life of Christ to souls, and to give it in all its abundance.
Who of us, hearing this story, does not thrill with joy and love?  There is not a soul now living, or that will live in future ages, for whom this story is not told.  One generation after another appears in this world.  And of all these human beings, not one, save the Virgin Mary, is born without the blight of original sin on his soul, not one is free from the evil consequences of this sin; not one without the need of the only remedy which can heal the wounds of his soul - the Precious Blood.
To redeem the souls of mankind, to open for us once more the gates of heaven, to regain the graces lost by our first parents, to procure for us manifold blessings, our Savior poured forth His Precious Blood unstintingly, to the very last drop.  But even after Redemption, countless millions of souls are still in need of salvation and sanctification.  The Blood of Jesus still comes to the rescue.  It comes in the sacraments with Its wonderful power of moral regeneration, and lo, sin and the contamination of sin are washed away in the divine rain, and the barren earth is refreshed and renewed by Its gentle dew.
The Precious Blood ministers to us all.  We all are in need if Its Divine healing and invigorating powers.  The hundreds of millions of sinners need It for their cleansing; the countless souls in danger of grievous sin need It for their strengthening; the innumerable lukewarm Christians need It to reanimate their fervor; the hosts of souls striving after perfection need It for their perseverance; the hundreds of thousands dying daily need It for their sure pledge of salvation; the suffering souls in purgatory need It for the assuagement of their pain and for their enterance into paradise.
Christ redeemed us by a single act - His death upon the Cross.  But the work of our sanctification is not completed by this unspeakable mystery.  This work must and will be carried on continually till the end of time.  All souls must share in Christ's Redemption by having His merits applied to them, if they are to attain salvation.  It is the office of the Holy Ghost to make this application of our Savior's merits and graces, but the means He uses is the Precious Blood, applied through the sevenfold stream of the sacraments and the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Precious Blood of Jesus, the Blood shed upon the Cross and mystically shed upon the altar, is the treasury of the Holy Ghost.  The Sacrifice of the Cross is the fountainhead of all grace, the source of all spiritual aid.  From it all graces receive their power and efficacy.  The sacraments and the Mass transfer this inexhaustible fountain of grace and salvation from the past to the present, from a distance to our immediate presence.
Holy Mass holds the first and most important place in this dispensation of grace, because of its relationship to the Sacrifice of the Cross.   For this reason Holy Mass is the cherished means by which the Holy Ghost sanctifies souls.  When the priest offers the Holy Sacrifice and elevates the Host and Chalice, the Blood of Jesus is distilled like a gentle rain upon the souls of all present.  Nor is Its gracious influence confined to the good and pious; It is extended also to sinners.  It purifies and embellishes the souls of the just, and makes them fruitful in good works.  If they are weak, it strengthens them; if they are threatened with temptation, It weakens the forces of evil; It effects in them all the good of which each one is capable.  The Precious Blood seeks to convert those who are not Christians; It softens hard hearts; It corrects evil inclinations.  To those who are enemies of God, It offers reconciliation and peace.  For obdurate sinners, who refuse the proffered graces, the Precious Blood pleads with God and arrests the arm of His Justice.
In the oblation of the Precious Blood lies our chief means of reparation.  Its power and efficacy extends to sins, punishments and satisfaction.  It appeases God's anger on account of our sins and ingratitude, and once His anger is appeased, we may hope through the power of the Precious Blood to obtain graces and favors from His mercy.  We are all poor sinners, deserving of punishment rather than favors, but if we interpose the Blood of reconciliation between ourselves and God, the Heavenly Father cannot be otherwise than merciful to us.  The life-giving stream of the Precious Blood, penetrating our hearts, obtains for us a lively grace of conversion, and a lively faith and confidence to urge us on to good.
Christ came to conquer.  He conquers by becoming man and shedding His Blood.  The trophies of the Precious Blood are the souls saved and sanctified.  In the secrecy of souls, the Precious Blood works hiddenly and there It achieves countless triumphs of grace which will never be known until the day of judgment.
The pent-up love of the Heart of Jesus yearns for the oil of His Precious Blood to overflow the earth and spread the fire of love and sanctity.  Daily, Jesus is offering the best He has, his life's Blood, for the salvation of souls.  With bleeding hands, as it were, He points out to us the harvest fields where souls "sit in darkness and the shadow of death."  The ransom for these souls is upon the altars.  If they are not saved, it is because we are remiss in our oblation of the Precious Blood in their behalf.  "It is to be feared," said St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, "that the impenitence of sinners is in proportion to our idleness."  Oh, if we will but offer in their behalf the Precious Blood of our Savior, God will bestow countless and extraordinary graces through the merits of the Precious Blood, so that the prodigal children who have gone astray will be softened to repentance, the sorely tempted will be saved from falling, and untold glory will redound to God through the sanctification of souls.
Since the Holy Church sets aside the month of July for special devotion to the Most Precious Blood, may every Christian, buy the veneration and oblation of the Precious Blood, in thanksgiving, reparation and petition, particularly in the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, hasten Its triumph in souls and promote the coming of Christ's Kingdom of love.
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