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April 26
Tax Equity from Theory to Reality!

May 31 - Bullying: From the School Yard to the Work Place - What's the Connection?

June 28 - Pride's Eye View from the Top: LGBT Executives Speak Out

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April 12Ball Aerospace & Technologies (Broomfield, CO)

May 3 - Employment Development Conference for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Federal Operations (OFO) staff

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April 17
2:00 pm (PT) - (Part III of the series) Dialogues on Gender Identity (3-part webinar series) with Jamison Green and Ann Dunkin) - $119.95 registration ($89.95 for non-profit, government or educational groups)

April 30, May 7 & 14 
  12:00 pm (PT) - Workplace Bullying (3-part webinar series with Dr David Hall and Melissa Regan) - $119.95 registration ($89.95 for non-profit, government or educational groups) -

June 5, 12, 19
1:00 pm (PT) - Coaching Intensive (3-part webinar series with Terry Hildebrandt, Lyne Desormeaux, Dr. Tim Kincaid) - $119.95 registration ($89.95 for non-profit, government or educational groups) - links to register available soon 

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Thursday, April 19
2:00 pm (PT)  

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Pat Baillie 

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Monday, May 21
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Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training & Professional Development

I had the chance in March to travel to our Connecticut Regional Affiliate with our Director of Community Empowerment, Nancy Mace. We met with the Regional Council in the morning and partnered with them as they created their strategic plan for the year. In the afternoon, we taught a course on "Building the Value of Employee Resource Groups" for almost 60 participants. We were excited to have people from a variety of types of ERGs beyond just LGBT ERGs and were able to provide insights about the next steps for ERGs. Together, we worked on developing an action plan and networking opportunities.


This 4-hour course was a great first step to define the issues and resources for ERGs but it was also very clear that so much more is needed. The power of the Regional Affiliates is to bring together ERGs at all levels of the organization. Some of the companies represented there were just beginning to address adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their non-discrimination policies while others were hungry for the next frontier to make a difference for their LGBT employees. Most of them felt key issues were executive support, workplace climate, and succession planning. I know in my own life, I have felt like I have made amazing advances with an organization and then came back several years later to find them stuck or struggling to keep the doors open. What can we do to prevent that outcome within our groups? We want to work hard and make a difference but at the same time we need to develop the leadership that will follow us.


Letting new ideas emerge in a group can be really challenging to leaders. When I like the way things are going, it is easy to anticipate the issues and next steps and I am comfortable. But when a new voice or approach is raised, what then? When I can avoid a "we tried that before"" line of thinking, I can encourage a different way of seeing the problem and expand our potential for solutions. Whether in our lives, our teams, our ERGs, or our community, it takes work to create a vision that is larger than just ours alone. Thanks to each of you who keep the growth alive with ideas and energy as we meet the next challenges to LGBT workplace equality! I'm there with you!


Pat Baillie

Trainers' Corner

News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers


We want to take a moment to thank those of you who have contributed to the training blog so far. Here is a link to March's Training Viewpoint blog: Women


Think about workplace situations and how you can use them as training moments and stories in your own workplace. Here are a few thoughts of how you can use the things that happen around you to educate and create deeper understanding and add allies.
  • How does your team/office check in about their weekend or time off - is there room for LGBT employees to share their weekends without hiding who they are?
  • A new person comes into the workplace and employees aren't sure if the new employee is a man or woman - what can you do to stop the office commentary and provide a safe space for the new employee?
  • It's the annual office party and a co-worker brings their same sex partner to the event - they are holding hands and socializing - what's your reaction, and how can you make sure they want to come back again?
  • A new benefit program is being planned and you are in one of the meetings that talk about who can use the benefit - how do you open the discussion on how to include LGBT employees in the program?

Take some time to think about your responses, and even talk about best practices for your workplace. Share these situations and create diversity moments on a regular basis. These might be good topics for Pride month discussion or publications!  


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2:00 pm
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