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December 2011


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 December 15 - Health & World AIDS Day Issues

January 17 - Summit RFP Information Call

January 26 - 2010 Census and LGBT Workplace Equality: What's the Connection

February 9 - Summit 2012 Kickoff

February 23 - What's all this about coaching/mentoring?

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 January 25-29 - Creating Change Baltimore, MD -
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*All courses will be recorded and available on demand after the class date   

January 17, 24, 31 at 2:00pm PST - Building Bridges toward LGBT Diversity (3 part webinar series on cultural competency, LGBT business case and action planning) - $109.95 registration ($89.95 for non-profit, government or educational groups)    

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December 12 at 10am (Pacific) 

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Pat Baillie

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Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality from Theory to Reality - 2 Part Series with Brian McNaught  

[Out & Equal webinars and classroom courses are usually submitted to the Society for Human Resources Management's Human Resource Certification Institute. Check to see if you can receive continuing education credits for your participation.]

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Monthly Insights
Thoughts from
Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training & Professional Development
I hope you were able to listen to the recent speech by Secretary Clinton in recognition of International Human Rights Day. Along with President Obama's recent Memorandum on International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons, these two events signify a major shift in framing of the discussion of what it means to be LGBT on a global scale. It also provides Out & Equal with a chance to conviene those companies who want to make a difference in the world. 

In January, I began my fourth year at Out & Equal. When I first arrived, the training program was classroom-based and focused on the tools needed to start companies on the path to LGBT workplace equality.  Each year, along with the all the departments of Out & Equal, we have grown. Today, we are looking at online training and global outreach.  

Here are the training highlights that were included in the end-of-year Executive Director Summary regarding training:

  • Training income increased 57% in 2011, including a 93% increase in sponsorship (Pearson, Bayer & KP Pride) and added in-kind donations of from our training partners.
  • Live webinar courses increased from 30 to almost 50 with more than 2000 attendees; and we expanded theOut & Equal University and Town Call archives.
  • We worked with the federal government, supporting the OutServe Conference representing newly recognized LGBT active duty personnel and increasing federal agency presence at the Summit (CIA, NSA, NASA, FDIC, Federal Globe and OPM)
  • Consulting model for training and advocacy frontier was validated by Bank of America in 2011 to make a difference in advancing workplace equality, and highlighted when Bank of America won the ERG of the Year award.
  • Increased Out & Equal outreach by attending conferences, including (for the first time) the SHRM Annual Conference; input business contacts into the development data base for resource leads; opened up new training opportunities.
We hope to continue to grow this year, and to provide you with the tools you need to make a difference. We still have the core course to get you started (see the side panel on our new Out & Equal Workplace Certification program), but we are also looking to develop more in-depth assessment tools for you to use to reach the cutting edge on the LGBT advocacy frontier.

I hope we all can take some time over the holidays to rest and remember why we do this work every day. Thank you for all your support, and see you in 2012!


Pat Baillie

Trainers' Corner

News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers


As trainers, we get a chance to share our expertise in not only training, but LGBT cultural competency and building business cases for change. Now is the time to review how your company did on the Corporate Equality Index and see what's next. Self-ID, transgender health insurance and tax equality are all gaining ground. Global equality will be a strong focus in 2012, as well as following the US federal government's lead on how to work around legal limitations we see here in the states, and around the world. We need to start dreaming about what can be possible, and what we need to do next.

We will start 2012 off with updated statistics you can use in your workplace and information about how we can move up in the companies we work in. Also in 2012, we will be building a more professional training group through the trainer's network and the Request for Proposals process for the both Annual Summit in Baltimore (October 30-November 2) and the Global Summit in London (July 4-6). We have a good handle on the basics, but we are being asked to go into more depth on how to make changes in the workplace, and provided advanced topics. We will be hosting a RFP process call on January 12 at noon (PT) so we can begin the discussion. If you have workshops or ideas for workshops, please join this call!

We also are going to add more voices into the training discussion as I host a monthly blog titled Training Viewpoints. This monthly blog will feature guest writers who will share their thoughts on how do the basic courses we teach come across to underrepresented communities in our workplaces. Let's start learning from each other. I hope that, as trainers, we can add to that expertise and set the example for what is possible. Watch for the 2012 schedule in our January newsletter.


Join us to share and hear each other's stories on the next monthly Trainers' Forum Webinar on December 12, 10:00am (PT). Contact Pat Baillie for more information. 


Out & Equal Workplace Advocates™ is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Out & Equal is committed to ending employment discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. We believe that people should be judged by the work they do, not by their sexual orientation or gender identity. Every day, we work to protect and empower employees to be productive and successful-so they can support themselves, their families, and contribute to achieving a world free of discrimination for everyone.