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September 2011


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Town Calls


September 29 - Business of Change Update Report

 October 20 - Creating LGBT Minority Business Programs (NGLTF)

November 17 - Transgender Workplace Issues

December 15 - Health & World AIDs Day Issues

Classroom Trainings/Events


September 13 - Train the Trainer, Tampa Bay RA hosted by Raymond James 

September 14 - Building Bridges toward LGBT Diversity, Tampa Bay RA hosted by Raymond James

Oct 25-28 - Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Dallas, TX Day long leadership seminars on Oct 28th.   

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Online Training

*All courses will be recorded and available on demand after the class date   


Sept 14 -  Part II of 

Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality from Theory to Reality! insights from Brian McNaught on where we came from, where we are today and where we need to go to advance our global human rights movement 

(Part I is available via recorded webinar)   


Trainer's Forum

Monthly Trainers' Forum 

September 22 at 10am (Pacific) 

Moderated by

Pat Baillie

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Featured Webinar Archive

Allies - 5 Part Series with David Hall 

[Out & Equal webinars and classroom courses are usually submitted to the Society for Human Resources Management's Human Resource Certification Institute. Check to see if you can receive continuing education credits for your participation.]

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Monthly Insights
Thoughts from
Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training & Professional Development
I can tell the summer is over! My email is filling up quickly every day as we move into the fall and look ahead to the Summit. I hope to see many of you there, but I know the economics of the times can prevent being able to attend.  Have you been able to make the business case with your boss on why this is important?  So many companies are implementing tax equality, self-identification and reviewing global processes to include LGBT employees. Companies have begun to benchmark in their sectors and across businesses on who has the best practices for LGBT equality work. What is amazing to see is the level of sharing between companies on what works and how they implemented the new programs. Recently several companies advised senior executives through teleconference meetings on how they made the next steps and why it was important to their business case.

Competition, when used to make changes in policy, benefits and climate is an important tool for Employee Resource Groups to use when looking at their next steps within the company. The Summit is obviously a great place to get the details on what's next but never fear if you aren't going to join us in Dallas! Give me a call and we can set up some time to review how your company is doing and who might be able to provide insights from the field on where to go next to bring even higher levels of LGBT diversity awareness and action into your company!   



Pat Baillie

September Town Call

Business of Change    


Join us at this Town Call as we talk to nonprofit and corporate representatives about successful partnerships and collaborations, the steps they took to get there, and the advice they have for others. We'll also introduce the Business of Change website and social media sites, and discuss how you can best use them.

Read more about this month's FREE Town Call here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Noon Pacific | 1 pm Mountain | 2 pm Central | 3 pm Eastern
One hour in length        

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Classroom Trainings   

Brought to You by Out & Equal Tampa Bay 


Sept. 13 - Train the Trainer - Registration now open!
Hosted by Raymond James   

Train the Trainer for LGBT Diversity Leadership is a trainer certification course that is designed to break down barriers and fosters communication between all employees.  


Sept. 14 - Building Bridges - Registration now open!
Hosted by Raymond James

The course is designed to help employers get the most from all employees, LGBT and non-LGBT.  This training fosters increased awareness to develop a healthier and safer workplace where all employees are engaged in the mission of the organization, increasing the level of comfort for all and improving communication between LGBT and straight employees and the customers they serve.


*Both of these classes have been HRCI approved  


Workplace Summit Leadership Seminars  

Join us on Friday, October 28, for the following Leadership Seminars at the 2011 Workplace Summit in Dallas, Texas. 

  • Cultural Competency/Humility for Leaders
  • Developing a Strong LGBT Ally Program
  • ERGs Working towards Success Across Affinities
  • LGBT Diversity Leadership Train the Trainer Course
  • Implementing Transgender Inclusion: Comprehensive Programming to Ensure Workplace Equality
  • Inclusion At All Levels - From the Board Room to the Stock Room


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Out and About

Out & Equal at Conferences and Summits  

Oct 13 - OutServe Conference in Las Vegas 
Out & Equal will be attending


Oct 24 - SHRM  Diversity Conference in Washington DC
Out & Equal's Pat Baillie will be presenting


Trainers' Corner

News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers


We will be doing a series of webinar meetings this month for Summit & Leadership Seminar presenters. They will be organized around the various topical tracks that are scheduled for the Summit. The sessions will be recorded in case you can't make the meeting for your track. We will cover some general goals for what we hope to accomplish at the Summit, best practices for presenting and submitting your slides so they can be available on the website prior to the Summit (saving trees as much as we can!).  


We will also let each of the presenters talk about their workshops so we can maximize learning content and hopefully avoid duplication of topics. Even if you aren't a presenter this year at Summit, this series of webinars will be a great chance to talk to and hear from the presenters who will be at the Summit and improve your own knowledge about key LGBT workplace equality topics. 


Join us to discuss if your company is going to the Summit and a Summit Overview at the monthly Trainers' Forum Webinar on September 22, 2:00pm (Pacific Time Zone). Contact Pat Baillie for more information.


Out & Equal Workplace Advocates™ is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Out & Equal is committed to ending employment discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. We believe that people should be judged by the work they do, not by their sexual orientation or gender identity. Every day, we work to protect and empower employees to be productive and successful-so they can support themselves, their families, and contribute to achieving a world free of discrimination for everyone.