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July 2011


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July 19 - International -   

LGBT Refugees 

July 28 - The Business Case for Marriage Equality

August 25 - A View from the Top: LGBT Executives

September 29 - Business of Change Update Report

Classroom Trainings/Events

July 26 -
Dr. David Hall      Ally Empowerment Tour,  Houston, TX 

July 28 - Dr. David Hall      Ally Empowerment Tour  Chicago, IL   

August 25 - Dr. David Hall   Ally Empowerment Tour      Los Angeles, CA   

September 13 - Train the Trainer, Tampa Bay RA hosted by Raymond James 

September 14 - Building Bridges toward LGBT Diversity, Tampa Bay RA hosted by Raymond James

Oct 25-28 - Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Dallas, TX Day long leadership seminars on Oct 28th.   

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Online Training

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  Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality from theory to reality!
2 part series at 1:00pm Pacific
with Brian McNaught

Sept 7  - Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality from theory to reality!  (Part I)

Sept 14 - Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality from theory to reality! (Part II)


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Trainer's Forum

July 29, 10:00am (Pacific)

Monthly Trainers' Forum
Moderated by Pat Baillie

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Monthly insights

Thoughts from Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training & Professional Development

July 25 marks the day when New York State will officially recognize gay marriage. While New York is the latest state to champion equality for the LGBT community, the gay marriage debate continues to play out across the country. Hopefully, California will join the ranks soon.

I often wonder just how much more time, money and energy we as a community will have to expend to achieve marriage equality. Then there is the battle for workplace equality for service members with Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) repeal, and the movement for workplace protections for all of us through the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in the United States. And beyond our borders, in countries such as Uganda, death threats remain a part of daily life for LGBT citizens.
But the LGBT community is expansive and diverse, and at times we don't understand why other community members are not as energized as we are on a particular issue. I, for one, feel passionately about DADT repeal, but am less engaged in the struggle for marriage equality.  And, of course, workplace equality is an issue I work on every day at Out & Equal! Recently I have begun to learn more on global LGBT issues, and see how our civil rights work, here in the United States, becomes human rights work around the globe. The more I learn, the more I see that can be done.

There are times I need to take a break, take care of myself and enjoy my family, and let the issues pass me by, but it's not long before I see a news item or talk to someone who is doing amazing work and I am back into it again!  

As I talk with ERG leaders, HR professionals and executives, I see the daily work that is happening to make LGBT equality a reality.  

You may not feel you can end the world's problems, but what we do makes a difference. We come together to learn in our workplaces, at the Regional Affiliate events and at the Summit and take back what we learn. We encourage each other and support each other's efforts. I am amazed at what we can do and glad you are along on the journey!    



Pat Baillie

Trainers' corner

News for Out & Equal certified trainers

How do you know if your audience has learned anything when you finish a training, especially LGBT workplace diversity courses?  Traditionally, after a class, we would give a test and score the attendees in the evaluation phase of training, but this isn't a good way to measure the soft skills developed through diversity training. We might get some comments from participants on how they enjoyed the course, but we want to find out if the theories we are teaching change behaviors and have raised awareness.

One good tool is the use of role playing exercises to see if participants can engage the material and apply the theory. At the end of the course, you can set up some common workplace scenarios and let the class pair up and see the workplace through LGBT eyes. Possible ideas could be bringing a same sex partner to an event, telling a co-worker that you are changing your name as you transition or telling a co-worker that you are having a child with your LGBT partner.

The subsequent discussion and insights can provide you, as the instructor, with a good idea of who understands the material or areas you may need to emphasize in the next class. These scenarios are also a good source of continuing education that can be used in staff meetings for diversity moments or in newsletters to raise the question of "what would you do in this situation?" Keeping the information relevant and practical is one of the best ways to ensure that learning happens.


Join us to discuss these topics at the monthly Trainers' Forum Webinar on July 29 at 10:00am (Pacific Time Zone) Contact
Pat Baillie for more information


Featured Webinar Archive

Visit our Out & Equal University Webinar Archive and take a class.  Featured this month is: 

Targeted AND Privileged: The Importance of Examining Whiteness in the LGBT Community - How can an understanding about White social identity assist in addressing LGBT issues in workplace settings?  In this course we will examine the intersection of White race and ethnicity with sexual orientation and gender identity. Some LGBT employees may be unconscious of the privilege they carry even as members of a targeted group. Unintentional and unacknowledged privilege can result in behavior that marginalizes others and persistent attention to majority group concerns in the workplace may alienate minority groups and fragment the community. By working on diversity issues within the LGBT community we strengthen our teams and organizations. Attention to this topic can lead to increased participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and aid in recruitment and retention helping to create a more inclusive and effective workplace.

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