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Out & Equal stands behind key legislation to end discrimination against LGBT binational families. Learn more.

Out & Equal's Summit Approved for Recertification

The 2010 Out & Equal Summit was approved by HRCI for HR recertification credit.  The course list showing workshops, credit hours and type of recertification credit is available here.

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October 20
Advanced Course: Out Online

October 28
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Oct 28
Monthly Trainers' Forum
Moderated by Pat Baillie

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Thoughts from Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training & Professional Development

I hope everyone got home safely from the Summit!  It was a fast paced, totally packed week in Los Angeles.  The Out & Equal team did it once again with the help of sponsors, volunteers, presenters and all of you incredible attendees.  There were so many workshops that were value added and even though Stephen, Angela and I made it to a lot of them, there was so much more to learn.  It was also great to meet so many Out & Equal University attendees during the week.  I realized that having my picture on those webinars made it easy for you to find me!  We also added over 50 new trainers to the Trainer's Network with Tuesday's Train the Trainer LGBT Leadership Diversity course.  Thanks to all our trainers - Sheryl, Terry, Ann, Jamison and Julie - who made the Out & Equal workshops so sucessful.  Be sure to join us on Oct 28 for our 2010 Summit Wrap Up Town Call to review all the highlights.

Besides the programming, the Summit is so much about the people and networking.  My highlight moment was when one ERG president  thanked me for the insights in these editorials that helped their ERG get through some tough times!  We sometimes don't realize what a difference it makes to share ourthoughts.  Take a few minutes to reflect on your Summit "highlight" moments and share them on the professional network, Out & Equal Workplace Summit Facebook fanpage, email or the old fashioned way - talking to someone.  Our stories make a difference and the energy we bring back from the Summit helps us get through our own tough times and reach the next level in our personal and professional lives.  

Didn't make it to the Summit?  We are going to select the top workshops and run a webinar series we will call the "Virtual Summit" through Out & Equal University in 2011. The knowledge we gain is vital to making changes in the workplace and making it easily accessible expands our reach and impact. 

I look forward to hearing from each of you!



Pat Baillie
Town Call  

2010 Out & Equal Annual Summit: 

That's a wrap!

We are talking more and more about metrics and using them to advance LGBT workplace equality.  If you attended the Summit, wanted to or are already making plans to attend in 2011, this town call provides the metrics and highlights of 2010.  It is hard to explain the Summit experience but if you go, you know it is more than the sum of workshops, plenary speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.  See what it was all about, add data into your trip report and see what's next during this month's town call. 


When: October 28, 2010
Time: 12:00 p.m. Pacific; 1:00 p.m. Mountain; 2:00 p.m. Central; 3:00 p.m. Eastern
Duration: One hour
Where: Live webinar
Cost: Free
Registration: Click here
Upcoming trainings

Out & Equal University Webinars hosted by: Pearson's logo 100x36

Advanced Course - Out Online: Exploring the Unique Opportunities and Challenges of Using Virtual Spaces to Further Workplace Equality
Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 1:00pm Pacific

Register here


Webinar Information:

Duration: 75 minutes
Where: Online with teleconference
Cost: $49.95 regular; $34.95 nonprofit (contact us for group or other discount pricing)

Instructor: Dr Eve Shapiro


Advanced Course -Coming in January/February - 5 part Ally Development series by David Hall!

Classroom trainings

LGBT Diversity Leadership Train the Trainer Course

Wednesday, November 22, 2010,  8:00am -5:00pm Pacific

Register here

Training Information:

Duration: 9.0 hours
77 Beale Street, Conference Room 323
Cost: $100.00 regular; $75 nonprofit (contact us for group or other discount pricing)

Non-profits, small businesses and government organizations welcome!

Instructors: Pat Baillie/Angela Wilson

[Out & Equal courses are usually submitted to the Society for Human Resources Management's Human Resource Certification Institute.  Check to see if you can received continuing education credits for your participation.]
Trainers' corner

News for Out & Equal certified trainers

Welcome to our new Out & Equal trainers.  Over 50 attendees got a chance to learn the business case material from the LGBT Diversity Leadership material as well as concepts, terminology, training, facilitating, telling your story and insights into the LGBT local, state, federal and global perspectives.

The Trainer's Network is growing and is there for you to expand the work of LGBT workplace equality.  If each trainer taught some portion of the material each month, we would build understanding, create allies and find ways to make changes within our corporations and organizations.  We asked this class of trainers to name the Number #1 issue for LGBT employees today and let us know what they needed to move forward on their goals.  Watch for this report soon as we share our insights.  If you want to send in your perspective, drop me an email with your thoughts.

This month's Trainer's Forum will look back at the Summit and what we learned and then what we still need to learn about.  Whether you attended or not, join in the discussion as we begin to shape our 2011 training plans! 

Trainers' Forum Teleconference
Thursday, October 28
2:00pm Pacific

Contact Pat Baillie for more information

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