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March 7, 2012

Contact:  Willard R. Helander


 Registered Voters Admitted to a Hospital
14 Days Before Election May Vote


WAUKEGAN, Illinois - Lake County Clerk Willard Helander announced today that registered voters who are admitted to a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center within 14 days before the March 20 General Primary Election may qualify for personal delivery of a ballot, subject to statutory conditions.


The voter must complete a request form titled Application for Ballot for Qualified Voter Admitted to a Hospital, Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Center. The voter's physician is required to complete the accompanying Affidavit of Attending Physician. Forms are available by contacting Mary Ann Potter of the Lake County Clerk's office at 847.377.2311.


"The 14 day timeframe to request a ballot for delivery to a healthcare facility is very helpful to anyone who is seriously ill," Clerk Helander advised. "In the past, when the period was shorter, some patients who were not well enough to travel to the voting site were unable to qualify to vote." Helander added.


All required forms must be completed and returned to the Lake County Clerk's office prior to the voter's certificate of application and ballot being issued.


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