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The ARTreach mission is to support the development, funding and delivery of specialized art programs and services to underserved populations; including children at risk, the elderly and disabled. We deliver our programs in collaboration with social service agencies, government entities and school districts and through partnerships with local art organizations to support expanded outreach serving neglected populations.  



The ARTreach Board of Directors met on June 1st and recognized and approved the following agencies and school districts partnering with ARTreach to serve children at risk, the elderly and disabled in Harris, Waller and Fort Bend County in 2011-2012   


Catholic Charities

Rio Bend Foster Care Community in Fort Bend County


Mamie George Community Center in Fort Bend County

Christ Clinic in Katy


Making It Better (Houston ISD)

Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center

Harris County Juvenile Detention Center and post-adjudicated facilities 

Burnett-Bayland Reception Center

Harris County Leadership Academy  

Harris County Youth Village

Coalition of Behavior Health Services

Gulf Coast Residential Treatment Center 


Downs Syndrome Assoc.

Brookwood Community

The Rise School in Houston

Katy ISD
Fort Bend ISD
Royal ISD (Waller)
Texas PTA

a list of local Hospitals, Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centers, Senior independent and Assisted Living Communities in Harris and Fort Bend County 


ARTreach Projects of the Month

May/June 2011

ARTreach Project explores world cultures

Read More and see videos by Crystal Andrus 


ARTreach Diabetes Awareness and Nutrition Workshops

ARTreach will pilot a series of creative workshops this summer - introducing Diabetes Awareness and Nutrition through the Arts at Christ Clinic in Katy

Read More

Rise and Shine!

Read More

Katy ISD Students Window Art unveiled at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus

See video

Cardiff Junior High Legacy Library Mural 

See Video

Mamie George Community Center Summer Art Club for Seniors and Volunteers in Fort Bend County 

Read More 

Click here to see a video of this project and our volunteers






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Grant writing is easier! How to survive the funding crisis and still deliver strong outreach


ARTreach partners with local art agencies to support the delivery of professional outreach programs to children at risk, special needs groups and the elderly. For any art organizations that are seeking collaborations and grants to successfully deliver their programs to a higher number of needy children and adults this year, please contact ARTreach.  

Outreach collaborations with ARTreach to serve indigent and neglected populations are very successful.

This is because ARTreach supports agency relationships and the program development process to address severely limited budgets and very specific needs of social service agencies and school districts. ARTreach combines this with on site delivery support and documentation. These are key outreach services provided free by ARTreach to qualified art organizations focused on outreach development.

The ARTreach board of directors recently approved a policy to support strategic partnerships with a list of qualified art organizations with outreach divisions that align with our mission and goals to expand outreach serving neglected populations in 2011-2012.  
The partnership goals are:

  • To aid stronger outreach and programs delivery to reach a higher number of individuals served
  • To share the administrative and development workload associated with outreach
  • To record mutual benefits related to sharing outreach costs and assurances tied to each organization's primary mission and core competency
  • To support collaborative grant writing 

ARTreach Strategic Partnerships will include the following local non-profit art organizations in 2011-2012 READ MORE

Healthy Lifestyles and the Arts

Artist Danny Russo just completed a 10 week residency at Frost Elementary, Houston ISD. His new program "Art, Paper and Painting"...features papier-mâché and mural projects that focus on the environment, healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Thank you also to Artist Judy Malone-Stein who also just completed a Young Audiences residency about Alexander Calder and "Art that Moves" (mobile making) at Shadowbriar Elementary, Houston ISD. 


These wonderful artists were teaching in an ARTreach Mentoring through Art Program serving children at risk - made possible through a partnership between ARTreach, Making it Better and a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts. Artists involved are professional teaching artists offering programs available through Young Audiences of Houston with additional support for artist fees provided by the YAH Assistance Fund.


Volunteering in an

ARTreach Program is a work of

Professional artists and musicians are invited to join ARTreach in our community service campaign to reach out and improve the lives of others through music, dance and art as volunteers   


Public Arts funding in Texas is limited. Schools and social services have been impacted and the private sector needs to respond. This includes volunteers.  Many health and human welfare needs can be addressed through arts teaching practices. Please share your time and talent in ARTreach Programs supporting health and human services. ARTreach features a roster of professional artists, photographers and musicians who are making a difference in the lives of others by mentoring and teaching in a variety of ARTreach Programs serving children at risk, the elderly and disabled.  


ARTreach Volunteers are making a difference by presenting workshops and performances in assisted living communities, medical care centers, youth shelters, detention and rehabilitation centers in Fort Bend, Waller and Harris County.    


Volunteers make a difference! Bringing Health, Heart, ART and Happiness. Our professional ARTreach Teaching Artists, Dance and Musicians who also volunteer saved our organization over $5,840 in artists and performance fees this month to assure the health, education and wellness of underserved populations. Thank you for your support. Click here for a list of the ARTreach volunteers of the month donating more than 5 hours a week in our community service programs.


Featured Volunteer Program of the month- ARTreach Programs at Mamie George Community Center in Fort Bend County  - CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO of this program and our great volunteers 



First Tuesday Fundraiser at 

Fish City Grill 

LaCenterra in Cinco Ranch

23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd. Katy, TX 77450

June 7th

See flyer- please invite friends

Lunchtime Concert featuring composer and popular musician Michael Guevara


Fish City Grill

Student Volunteers can paint for a worthy cause 2-4PM Click here for flyer details

The board also prioritized program development for 2011-12 and is seeking funding for "Within My Reach" ARTreach Enterprise Program for graduating high school students with Downs Syndrome and other special needs. Contact Christine Stilwell to help. Click here to order a jar of Nolan's Sweet Heat to support the program. 

Within My Reach logo banner
Within My Reach- Sweet Heat!
Within My Reach- Sweet Heat!