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ARTreach is responding to an increase in requests for programs serving neglected populations and limited funding. Please help. Volunteer to teach art to children at risk and others in need, or make a DONATION to support ARTreach today!

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Programs supporting Katy, Houston and Spring Brach ISD
Forum at Memorial Woods and Mamie George Senior Center
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ARTreach Programs supporting the school districts

Cardiff Junior High School - Katy ISD Library Mural

The students at Cardiff have been working on this project for 16 weeks and have completed the first phase of the mural panels that will border the Cardiff library. Artist Elizabeth Linder facilitated the project with assistance provide by Carolina Dalmas. The completed panels will be unveiled this Friday, April 15th Gallery Night! The public is invited! The Cardiff Library Mural project was made possible by a grant from Texas Commission on the Arts, Librarian Melanie Poncick, Principal Rick Hull and the Cardiff PTA. Gallery Night is made possible by Consolidated Communications, individual donors, and ARTreach volunteers. Click here to see photos of this work in progress.


How does an artist teach students about the importance of creating balance in their lives? Houston ISD

By introducing the art of mobile making!  Creating balance. This is a pretty simple idea for mobile making artist, Judy Malone-Stein of Young Audiences of Houston.  Malone-Stein will be visiting students enrolled in the "Making it Better" After school mentoring and tutoring program through May 26th to show the young students how to make "Art that Moves" as inspired by the work of Alexander Calder. The students not only have a chance to learn about the work of a famous artist, but they also will discover through Judy's artistic example- that for every action there is a reaction, with every choice comes a consequence, and the best lesson of all, for every down there is always an up! Learning life lessons through the art of mobile making? This engaging interactive workshop introduced science and geometry as well as basic social and life skills as only a creative artist could do it... Judy Malone-Stein teaches this workshop as an opportunity to learn about mobile making through the eyes of an artist named Alexander Calder. Her workshop is available through Young Audiences of Houston and can be booked as a residency program available to kids of all ages.  This program is available through ARTreach to support children at risk in the school districts.  Judy Malone-Stein and her "Art that Moves" Workshop at Shadowbriar Elementary is made possible by Making it Better and grant from the Texas Commission of the Arts for innovative ARTreach programs serving children at risk. ARTreach provides additional support in partnership with Young Audiences of Houston.

ARTreach adopts the Katy ISD Sister Schools to bring the arts to all! 

Please donate to ARTreach and help us bring free cultural arts presentations and art workshops to children in underserved schools! All children deserve to experience the arts. Active PTAs are helping in many schools, but not all schools have an active PTA or the volunteers that help assure their students cultural arts education. ARTreach will help the schools in need. 

Does your school have a sister school? If your school or PTA has booked a cultural arts presentations for your students, ARTreach will work with your PTA to bring the same presentation to your sister school for free!


ARTreach will support matching funds to make a catalog of quality cultural presentations available to schools in need, including programs offered by Young Audiences of Houston, including Dan Egger-Belandria of Austin, and Katy's own KVPAC Books Alive presentations and programs offered by Main Street Theater.

All children deserve to experience the arts.

 Please donate to support quality arts education

April 2011
ARTreach Programs serving seniors, elderly and individuals with Alzheimer's  

Post Impressionist Series offered to seniors at the Forum at Memorial Woods 

Artists Kelly Dillard and Karen Eisele have been teaching a Post Impressionist Series for seniors designed by City Art Works  at the Forum at Memorial Woods. 

The residency covers pointillism, Seurat and landscapes as well as  other impressionist techniques over a six-week period. This course includes a field trip for the seniors to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to see the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Art. This specialized program is made possible by ARTreach in collaboration with City Art Works to bring the arts to seniors in independent and assisted living communities.


ARTreach and Several Dancers Core will be visiting Oakmont Medical Care Center on April 28th and The Harris County Juvenile Detention Center on the 29th. Contact t.bieber@artreachonline.org for details. 


Mamie George Senior Center in Richmond - ARTreach offers free art workshops and master art classes every Thursday 10:30-Noon. Volunteers are needed! Click here to see more photos!

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ARTreach Programs serving youth in foster care

 Gulf CoastGulf Coast Artgulf coast Art

ARTreach brings innovative programs to the Gulf Coast Residential Treatment Center.

This is an ARTreach Mentoring through Art program for youth in foster care and made possible by a grant from Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Gulf Coast Treatment Center. Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the theme of the project. Teens are learning they can illustrate their ideas and their feelings through a variety of mixed media. This project is facilitated by artist Vickie McMillan " I am encouraging the students to pursue their dreams and passions not letting anything hinder them from succeeding in life" explains Vickie,  "We also discuss how making healthy choices will help them accomplish those goals.  See more photos


Post Emancipation Programs help young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.

The transition to adulthood is an intimidating prospect for all teens and young adults. But for older youth in foster care it is more difficult than most people imagine. Emancipation literally means liberation, and many foster youth look forward to the day they are freed from the System. But with emancipation comes the immediate end of programs, caseworkers, and foster homes that were tasked with providing for their basic needs.   Whether you call it aging out, emancipating, graduating, or transitioning, leaving foster care and being thrust into the world at large can be a scary and dangerous experience, and the research reflects this. Former foster youth are more likely to become homeless and less likely to attend college. They are also more likely to use drugs and less likely to find employment.   There are barriers and obstacles faced by youth aging out and ARTreach is responding. ARTreach Post Emancipation Programs focus on vocational art training, creative writing, web design and photography training. Young Adults who have aged out of the system and in need of art training can apply for a specialized ARTreach Program. Contact Terri Bieber at t.bieber@artreachonline.org. Training Programs sponsorships are $720. Please donate to support students applying for photography, speech and creative writing courses at this time.

Above the Influence

Above the influence

Coalition for Behavioral Health Services and ARTreach  "Above the Influence"  Collaborative Mural Project - Spring Branch ISD 

Students participated in a unique ARTreach project to create a collaborative mural representing the Above The Influence (ATI) campaign. The project goal was to educate and advocate for the prevention of drug abuse and build awareness for both the positive and negative influences in a child's life that will impact personal decisions. The creative concept allowed the teens to illustrate their interpretation of a healthy brain. They could use paint and every day objects and materials including caulk, joint compound, molds from household paint, wood shavings, organic plant life, cheerios, pins, necklaces and magazine clippings.The completed mural depicts sections of the brain and brain stem for students to easily identify and understand their function.  The design incorporates a logo/symbol representing the "Above The Influence" campaign. The final work of art will be displayed at Memorial City Mall in Houston. This was an ARTreach "Mentoring through Art" Program facilitated by artist in residence Vickie McMillan.


Project funding made possible by ARTreach and a grant from Texas Commission on the Arts, Coalition Behavioral Health Services (CBHS), and ONDCP and Fleishman-Hilliard.  Click here to see more photos of this incredible work in progress 

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